Woman’s hens annoy neighbour

A HARARE woman’s relationship with one of her neighbours has gone sour owing to the latter’s tendency of letting her chickens into the other’s yard.


The matter came to light yesterday when Tendai Tsambwa approached the Civil Court seeking a peace order against Nyaradzo Manyaki.

Tsambwa told magistrate Barbara Mateko that since the death of her husband five years ago, she has endured insults and mockery from Manyaki, who accuses her of failing to find another husband because she is possessed.

“She says my home cannot be respected because there is no man living there,” Tsambwa said.

“At times, she sings provocative songs, saying I am failing to get married again because I have evil spirits.”

In addition, Tsambwa claimed Manyaki is also in the habit of releasing her fowls to run free in the former’s yard, eating up her crops and grains.

“She does not keep her fowls in the run and during the day, they come into my yard and destroy my crops and grain that I would have put outside to dry,” Tsambwa said.

In response, Manyaki said she was not the only one rearing chickens at their place of residence and, therefore, one could not be sure whose birds would have destroyed the crops.

“I do have hens, but I cannot say mine are the ones eating her grain because many other people living next to us have hens too,” she said.

The presiding magistrate granted the peace order and advised Manyaki to keep her birds in the fowl run so as to maintain peace between the two.

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