Woman jailed over fake child birth record

A 32-YEAR-OLD Zengeza woman was yesterday slapped with a two-month jail term after she was convicted of supplying the Registrar-General (RG)’s Office with a forged birth confirmation record copy in a bid to obtain a birth certificate for her child.


As if that was not enough, the convict, Lillian Toga, whose child was born in Kadoma, allegedly lied to the officer-in-charge at Sadza Police Station that she had lost her child’s birth record and that the child was born at Chitungwiza General Hospital.

Toga will, however, not do time in jail after Chitungwiza magistrate Takundwa Mutetwa suspended the jail term on condition she paid $100 fine.

Prosecutor Takundwa Koropi told the court that on March 9 this year, Toga approached Shadrick Takuranawo at the RG’s Office with a view to obtaining a birth certificate for her daughter.

The court heard she produced a copy of the notice of birth of a child form that were completed at Sadza sub-office in Chikomba District and the forms were accompanied by birth confirmation record, which was issued by Portia Gomwe, purporting the child was born at Chitungwiza Central

On cross-checking with Chitungwiza Central Hospital, it was discovered that the child was not born there and that there was no Portia Gomwe at the institution.

The court heard it was then established that the child was born at a hospital in Kadoma and the birth confirmation record had been forged, prompting the RG’s Office to report the matter to the police.
Toga was subsequently arrested.

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