Woes mount for expelled Zanu PF trio

THREE expelled Zanu PF youth leaders were hauled before Harare provincial magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe yesterday charged with inciting public violence.

zanu pf youths

Godfery Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central), Godwin Gomwe (Harare) and Vengai Musengi (Mashonaland West) were granted $500 bail each and remanded to April 7.

They were represented by Harare lawyers Tafadzwa Madzingira and Zivanai Macharaga.

State allegations are that on February 16, two days prior to the aborted war veterans’ meeting at City Sports Centre in the capital, the trio sent WhatsApp messages to Zanu PF youths urging them to join the Save Zanu PF Campaign.

Soon after the war veterans’ meeting was crushed by police, the three were allegedly heard shouting “Let’s start a war” while at the same time tearing and burning T-shirts written Munhu wese kuna Amai (Let’s all rally behind mother), an act described by the State as inciting anger against First Lady Grace Mugabe and her sympathisers.

Sebastian Mutizirwa prosecuted.

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  1. Former soccer star of the year n Mr policeman

  2. Nobody is inciting anger against Giresi the South African. Jus go round the world & you will see hw ppl are ‘voluntarily’ angry with her

  3. Grace has made too many enemies and its not good for her post Mugabe rule. Grace needs to extricate herself from Zanu Pf politics if she wants a peaceful life after her husband retires from politics. The writing is on the wall.

  4. z chipamuriwo

    Regai timboona

  5. The trio will pay for their sins of ever joining ZANU PF. It’s interesting how people begin to see real life outside of ZANU PF. Everyone who is booted out appears to realize new things they never saw when they were “inside” the party. ZANU PF is more of a religion or a cult I think. Manje vakomana hamusati. ZANU ichakuputai, igokunwai, yokutsengai, yokushandisai, yokusvisvinai, yokumedzai, yokugayai mudumbu rayo, yozokumamai. After that you will be humus, not human beings.

  6. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    It’s not proper to say a lot when issues are before the courts,but this is miscarriage of justice but also waste of resources supposed to be directed towards the war against poachers and high profile criminal activities injurious to the well being of the country’s society.

  7. Welcome to the other side of Zim gentlemen. This is the injustice that opposition members have had to endure for years

  8. How about charging K Chipanga on war threats he made against war veterans, he actually called for war and predicted a win for youths? Double standards at play because it seems some can threaten others and remain free whilst others should never be threatened or imagine being threatened at all.

  9. Let Zanu do it’s work, they were naive to believe that they could be on Mugabe’s side and not Grace’s.

  10. Yendai Makanyarara

    These guys should just keep silent otherwise they will disappear very soon.Watch this space…..

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  12. Saka what is wrong with burning T-Shirts. Zanu PF Burned MDC T-Shirts how many times? and nobody was arrested. This regime has lost its nuts!

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