Wife killer jailed 25 years

A Hwange man, who brutally stabbed his wife eight times before leaving the 20cm-long kitchen knife stuck in her back after discovering a love message in her cell-phone, was yesterday slapped with an effective 25 years imprisonment.

By Tinashe Mungazi

High Court judge Justice Francis Bere, sitting during Hwange Circuit Court, said Tendai Nkomo’s actions were callous and brutal as he had repeatedly stabbed his 23 year old defenceless wife, Sithembile Lupahla, while their three year old son helplessly watched.

“Deceased died a painful death at your hands. It was a callous and brutal murder done in front of little boy something that will have a psychological effect on him for years to come,” Justice Bere said.

In his defence Nkomo (31) had told the court his wife went into the kitchen and armed herself with a kitchen knife before stabbing him on the thigh.

He further said this was after the two had an altercation over the love message and in order to protect himself and their son he turned the knife on her.

“Deceased (Lupahla) got aggressive after I asked her about the love message I had seen in her phone and she told me to mind my own business before she asked for her phone back,” Nkomo said.

“I refused to give it back and that’s when she went into the kitchen and returned armed with a knife before charging and stabbing me once on the thigh. Fearing for my life and that of my son who was next to me I wrestled with her for the knife before turning it resulting in her stabbing herself several times.”

Nkomo told the court he was not in full control of his actions as alcohol and pain of discovering his wife’s alleged infidelity had hit hard on him.

The court heard on 10 September last year at around 6: pm Nkomo went to Lwendulu Flea market where his wife worked and later escorted her to her elder sister Rachel Lupahla’s home.

Nkomo’s wife was now staying with her sister he tried to persuade her to return back home after chasing her away.

On arrival the two had a misunderstanding over their relationship and Nkomo is said to have assaulted Lupahla with fists and stabbed her several times using a kitchen knife.
She was rushed to hospital by neighbours who had heard her screams for help but she died on admission at Hwange Colliery Hospital.

The witnesses, Moses Sanudi and Weston Chemere told the court they found Nkomo battering his wife while she was lying on the ground with a knife stuck on her back.

They said they apprehended Nkomo before checking on deceased whose face was swollen and clothes soaked in blood and was asking them to remove the knife from her back.

However, the three agreed not to remove it fearing it would increase the bleeding. They sought transport and rushed her to Hwange Colliery hospital where she died on admission.

Nkomo was represented by Tonderai Mukuku while the State was represented by Namatirai Ngwasha.

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  1. Only fools, cowards and people of self esteem do kill their partner for infidelity. If you discover such a thing, why not leave the person and move on peacefully with life. Now you condem yourself to 25yrs of becoming other men’s woman in jail, the wife is dead and the sad victim of all this myopic thinking is now the 3yr old child remaining with traumatic visions of that horrible day hanging a dark cloud on his mind.

  2. Thank you Cde Hondo. If your wife has cheated and you catch her in it, then you make a decision that you no longer want her,, why kill her? Why would you kill a person you no longer want to be with? You should send her away or you go away depending on who is staying at which place!
    Killing her is not only evil, it complicates things for you. You become a wife in prison, you stay there for a very long time you ruin the future of the child/children. Controlling our emotions is the greatest challenge of all, yet it is the most important. BY the time he comes back, the boy will be 28 or so, unable to go to university, most likely and with nothing meaningful to do. The wife is dead! You are murder,,you need to start again at around 50 something.
    It just don”t add up!

  3. Cmd. Hondo you are plain idiot, would you attempt in your most drunken stupor, even under the severest of libidos sodomise a murderer? if you succeed that is you will escape with a charge of beastiality because this Nkomo is a beast. I turn to Rt. Brigadier who is sucking your @#*#!! hole in the public, pontificating about adding up and university degrees my foot. Couldnt you think something of your own. I hope your are not Joseph Chinotimba you simpleton

  4. Mhepo zvayo iyi

    @Stokononzi, iwe ndiwe Idiot chaiyo. Ko varume ava urikuvatukirei? Asi wakambosungwawo ukaitwa mukadzi mujuri? Sei urikutuka vanhu vaisa ma comments avo? Iwe just post your comments usingatuke vamwe. AM SURE YOU KILLED YOUR WIFE SOME YEARS BACK AND YOU WERE JAILED AND RELEASED THIS YEAR, SAKA YOU FEEL OFFENDED KANA UKANZWA VANHU VACHI BLAMER MA WIFE KILLERS.

  5. When people get married, they have a Covenant. “Till death do us part ” means that tinoparadzaniswa nerufu, kwete nechikomba. Saka mumwe wedu akaita gumbo panze ndikafunga kusiyana naye kureva kuti ndinotofanira kumuuraya acoording to the Covenant. Batai izwi iri hama dzangu. If your marital partner cheats on you, waurawa because the covenant has been broken. Saka whats good for the goose……..ndatenda hangu.

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