Wife accuses hubby of ‘dead’ manhood

A HARARE man has unsuccessfully attempted to evict his wife through the courts after she accused him of being impotent.



This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court on Monday when Simbarashe Chingonzo made an application for a protection order against his wife, Fungai Chitima, whom he said was “a stubborn liar”.

Chingonzo told the court that Chitima was often untruthful and that he had never really loved her as it was Chitima’s sister who arranged their marriage.

“She is a liar. I cannot stay with her anymore and I pray that the court orders her to leave my house,” Chingonzo said.

The court also heard that Chitima and her relatives always threatened and insulted Chingonzo, saying whenever the former ever falls sick, they would make him suffer.

“She told me that my manhood does not function, while her relatives promised to kill me if Chitima dies before I do,” Chingonzo said. “At one time when we had a dispute, she brought her mother, who pretended to be her aunt and I later discovered that they had lied to me.”

In her response, Chitima said Chingonzo was actually the one who had accused her of barrenness four months into their marriage.

“I later went for traditional treatment and as we speak, I am pregnant,” Chitima said.

Chitima further told the court that after telling Chingonzo of the pregnancy, he began talking about evicting her from their matrimonial home.

“He says that my pregnancy is a mistake and that he wants me to go back to my parents’ house,” Chitima said.

Magistrate Barbara Mateko dismissed the application, saying Chingonzo was trying to abuse the court.

“In your claim, there is no evidence of abuse at all, but it is clear you do not want to take responsibility of the pregnancy and, therefore, your application is dismissed,” the magistrate said.

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