Video: ZPF supporters cheer Joice Mujuru

WATCH VIDEO: Supporters of the newly-formed Zimbabwe People First party, cheer Joice Mujuru as she exits a Harare hotel where she had just addressed a press conference

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  1. Hahahahaha kkkk this Press Conf is a joke. Addressed by one of the most corrupt Politician that Zimbabwe has ever seen. For 24 yrs this woman has mingled with one of the most successful Politician in the world yet learnt nothing. An exposure with the public media is a chance to sell your ideal and party bt what happen is a flop…munhu uyu ayisi mbava chete asi idofo zvekare…I give her 0/100. The Party is also made up of thiefs too ana Didymus Mutasa etc. I tell u this ZPF THING IS GOING TO FAIL


  3. same zanu pf style and chief thieves that we have seen for ages,mutasa,butau and company .i dont think we should usher the same faces back into gvt,the very same gvt that they failed to deliver in.i think if this woman cared for this country having been in cabinet for 24yrs and being vp she should just not aim for the same position otherwise she is appearing very selfish and self centered what can she do now which she failed to achieve as minister or Vp .she is the same woman that fought to have econet licenced in 1997.manifesto is nothing we have been abused and robbed by this gvt under her watch,to turn and claim iam new is but only acceptable in a winky D song as habrakadbra zanu pf disappear ini nda people first iam now happy ndisiye..isu toti uri zanu pf ka PF unako

    1. The Manure Plough

      @ Chihombori:But you dont vote cde so how does this affect you?

  4. I see alot of they did that its going to fail and all sorts what have done to change zimbabwe. You just sit and watch and watch and watch as things go to hell and back. I say congradts to them for standing up and doing something about. As for you lot. You can say all u want but that fact that they stand for something shows us the people that u zanu guys are scared

  5. When is ZPF coming to the City of Kings?Can’t wait to hear the game plan.Welcome People First!

  6. A snake will never change this is very Joyce who deputised rigging of elections since 2000 and she wants to hoodwink people into thinking she has changed.If she wants us to buy in she must tell us about NIKUV.tisambo buyzwa hama dzangu makudo ndemamwe.


    Spill blood you looted all the diamonds from Marange. KuZanu Pf hauna kusiya asi kuti wakadzingwa uchakuda. iwe, Rugare Gumbo anova Sekuru vangu uyo akauraya nzvimbo yeMberengwa kumusha kwangu naye, Didmouse mutasa muri vaurayi chaivo. ZPF=ZANUPF same rubbish in different bins

  8. nhai so called cde Humba, how came you say all these expelled members were thieves, in front of the president and all other party members?.can you please shed more light, and also, you said idofo, au sayng that the position of VP can be occupied by madofo?.

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