Video of People First leader Joice Mujuru presser

Watch Zimbabwe People First party leader Joice Mujuru address journalists in Harare on Tuesday morning.

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  1. Nothing all. Tell us how you rigged elections when you were in ZANU, tell us why you kept quiet when people were torched, tortured, killed, maimed, displaced in 2000, 2008 and 2013, tell us why 20,000 Zimbabweans were butchered when you were still in government, tell how you looted and looted whilst povho was struggling and still is struggling to make ends meet, tell us why you are only telling us about jobs now, tell us why you chased us from our informal businesses during Murambatsvina operation, tell us every sin that you were part of…and tell us who killed Chitepo, Parirenyatwa, Rex, Rukarwa, and many others.??? If you Joyce are to repent please tell it all, now or never. Hisimbabwe Enough is Enough. Tell us how you think we will fight a brutal regime with our words and hands. Remember that the majority in Zimbabwe were born after 1980 so most of us have no sympathy to your history, what we know is that we have a dictator who was your boss for 35 years and you Joyce personally used to raise your hand and said pasi neMDC, pasi maMorgen, pasi nemharadzi etc etc. Nhasi zvaita sei??? Apart from you having lost your job and maybe a divorced husband!!!!!!!!

    1. Chigiyo Chegorero

      You have said it all but vanonzwa here?

  2. Gari you are as angry as many of us.. the only tragedy that i fear is that we may find ourselves entangled in anger and bitterness and fail to progress as a people..
    Lets give her a chance to work together wth Morgan, its a real opportunity for Zimbabwe..

  3. That’s true Joe what we currently need is to be out of this mess. All opposition parties purporting to be interested in the welfare of Zimbabweans this is the chance to unite and unseat the current unrepentant regime. Our main hope all along has been MDC but it is disintegrating at an alarming rate. Hero worshiping and boot licking is now the order of the day in my once democratic and vibrant party. Tsvangirai is drifting into another Mugabe by thinking that him only is the messiah to liberate Zimbabwe hence the disgruntlement within the rank and file of MDC. To be honest if Tsvangirai had accommodated Ncube in 2008 he could be ruling by now but the big boss mentality failed him to notice that Ncube had a small but significant following which got bigger after uniting with Simba Makoni and Dubiso. Zanu PF is at its weakest and if we fail to dislodge it this time then we should never blame the Lord for our own disillusion.

  4. I’m not convinced at all. She should ask Gushungo to tell her how to present a speech. This is neither motivating nor inspiring. She needs to have a vibe if she is to get that support that she needs. She talks of scars. OMG. I’d rather vote for Gushungo hangu.

  5. Bangomwe of the Zambezi Valley

    Zimbabwe is going through a political transitional period from a dictatorship to a genuine multiparty democracy. It is pragmatic to work within the confines of the reallities on the ground and that one of those reallities is that we need a Joice Mujuru to take us to this democratic Zimbabwe. Many of you may fail to make the connection that whilst Morgan Tsvagirayi may have made some tactical mistakes here and there his achievements must be acknowledged as a genuine contribution towards our national dream of a peaceful and democratic Zimbabwe.

    However like the biblical moses Tsvangirayi has reached his mount sinai, a Joshua in the form of Dr. Joice Mujuru must take us to our promised land.

    While other users may choose to use this platform to hurl insults motivated by years of oppression and frustration the unavoidale truth is that , we should use these platforms to rebuild Zimbabwe brick by brick lest we risk regressing back developmental another 50 years.

  6. Give her a chance. She was quiet coz she had not choice. Do you remember how well things were starting to get from 2009 up until late 2012. We were on the road with zanu and mdc working together. The truth is there will never be a transition that does not involve zanu of as the liberating party. Look at South Africa the eff is only gaining so much ground because malema has anc roots. Let’s be out with all the negativity… let’s rally and let’s hope and pray for a better tomorrow.

  7. I think mugabe’s rule is a threat even to party members
    that’s the reason why Mujuru and whoever opposed were unable to say a thing. They fear being labelled traitors or opposition

  8. kkkkkkkk ultimate utter Rubbish from one of the most corrupt politician that Zimbabwe has ever seen. DR 10% ,Marange Diamond Looter,extortionist…this lady is worst than Hitler and Mussolini combined. Her party has very prominently corrupt elders like Mutasa, Mavhayire who Explorers and Revisionist who want to explore ways or opportunities of looting and revise that corruption activities to further their greed ambitions & ill gotten wealthy….PASI NAVO!!!!!!!nonsense mbavha dzevanhu

  9. awwyyaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

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