TelOne to kick-start $98 million project

TelOne is finalising documentation to kick-start its $98 million network mordenisation project which is set to be completed in the next 12 months, an executive has said.


TelOne signed a $98 million loan facility with China’s Exim Bank to finance its network modernisation programme last year. The signing ceremony was done during the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping in December.

Speaking at the TelOne call centre launch in Borrowdale recently, TelOne managing director Chipo Mtasa said the company was looking at providing a unified service that apart from the fixed services would introduce mobility.

“We should kick off the projects this year and it has a 12-month implementation, we already have the contractor and the funding. All we need now is to just go through the necessary documentation that will facilitate to start the project,” Mtasa said.

“We are at the preparatory stage for some of the TelOne projects, we are finalising so that the projects can kick off, but it is all work in progress.”

She said TelOne was looking at providing services above its traditional voice service such as enhanced data services.

“We will be giving a fixed mobile convergence where we should be able to provide our customers Internet from a mobile device or where ever. Where the telecommunication sector have moved is that there is no longer importance of saying this is fixed or this is mobile, it’s all about universal unified services,” she said.

Apart from the services that TelOne is offering, she said the company would be able to offer broadband services, Internet with speed not being experienced at the moment.

She said TelOne was looking at providing unified services such that a landline number could be used on the mobile phone.

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  1. TelOne, you encouraged your customers to pay up, collect points and win devices then you collected the completed forms with the points and shut-up….where are the devices????

  2. TelOne still practices per minute billing, yet all cellphone service providers were ordered to charge calls per second. This means that if I call for a 15 seconds, TelOne charges me for a full minute. Ripping off customers has made them prosperous, now they are embarking on multi million projects with the money they milked from us.

  3. At least they are using the money to improve and expand their network! Cold comfort I know.Anyway, can’t you migrate to another service provider?

  4. thats good news but may you please STOP dragging citizens to court over debts. no Zimbabwean citizen enjoys having those debts, its only that times are hard on everyone. encourage people to pay, no matter the amount but as long as they pay every month. VANHU HAVANA MARI

  5. AS long as it’s not another stuff up like the digitalisation project a few years back! Look at the manner in which poles and cable were placed and the state of it now.

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