Teachers reject audit findings

TEACHERS’ representatives have rejected findings of a civil service audit, which established that there are ghost workers in the education sector.



A Civil Service Commission audit report presented to Cabinet unearthed massive rot in President Robert Mugabe’s government, where millions of dollars are allegedly being spent on salaries for ghost and idle workers.

The report named the education sector as the chief culprit being overstaffed by 5 588 teachers.
But Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe president Takavafira Zhou said the audit had glaring inconsistencies and was not a “true reflection” of the civil service.

“The report was compiled by people who have an agenda to cut the wage bill, but using the wrong formula.

“For example, as far as we know as teachers, we are understaffed, we have 2 000 schools that are understaffed and you hear someone alleging that we are overstaffed, where did these people come from?” Zhou asked.

According to the report, a total of 12 392 people were found to be rendering services to government yet not appearing on the payroll, causing an unbudgeted expenditure of $81 147 840 annually.

But teachers’ unions said government should target the idle Youth ministry officers, who were gobbling State resources yet were not doing any work.

“We know that these youth officers are useful to the regime during election time, but this is coming at a cost to the teachers.

“Secondly, the people, who conducted this audit, do not appreciate the teacher-student ratio and how the schools ought to be administered,” Zhou said.

Richard Gundani, the Zimbabwe Teacher’s Association president, said the recommendations were unprogressive and could stall development in the education sector.

“You can’t stop a teacher from going on leave after working for seven years without leave, you can’t abolish posts when it is expected that people need to be promoted, this will not work. We urge government to relook at the report and consider its findings carefully,” he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition MDC has demanded that Mugabe and his Cabinet step down for overseeing the rot in the civil service that is draining millions of dollars from Treasury.

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi said the report exposed the level of deterioration of corporate governance and accountability in the civil service, which was a huge contributing factor in this country’s economic crisis.

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  1. I think what needs to be clarified is the difference between a ghost worker and an individual engaged in teaching levels that are equal or above his qualifications. This is common in polytechnics and I have no doubt the Ministry is aware of that. Hexco is fully aware of that.

  2. Our government is on the brink of collapse and such efforts to unveil unscrupulous images in grime are welcome.let us all be hands on so we can collectively bring back the situation to normalcy. Gimmicking at this stage is mediocrity and blatantly ill use of time.

  3. The youth ministry should just be disbanded; of what help is it to the nation except that it’s a Zanu pf campaign ministry fronted by a trusted muzukuru ?

  4. wage bill is said to cater for about 500 000 of which about 173 000 are said to be members of the civil service/Public service. l just wonder where the other 327 000 are engaged becoz my understanding was that, the uniformed forces were and health employees were a small fraction as compared to these other sectors.

    in addition to that l have noted with concern that trainees in the ministry of health, with the exception of doctors, are given a full salary plus bonus. such trainees will be at college full time or rather are on full time studies and reward with full salary. however, as for employees under civil service, employees are given half salary even when attending block programmes. surprisingly these health trainees are not employed at the end of the training programme! what a waste of resources. govt should make these trainees pay, just like teachers and other trades other burden the fiscals with unnecessary expenditure!

  5. do u even hev an idea of the horrible thingz that such trainees perform for the health of the general
    populace . They develop every cent they are getting ! Gvt shld mobilise more resources for its programmes :-period

  6. they deserve , sorry for the typo

  7. They deserve .Sorry for the typo error.

  8. Gandanga, if you cannot differentiate a ghost worker and an employee of the Public Service

    engaged with the said qualifications,but teaching levels that are equal or above his/her qualifications,

    then you are beyond help. What is your agenda? If you Gandanga have an MBA and still teaching,

    then that was a waste of resources and time.

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