Teachers should form professional body: Dokora

PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora has called on teachers to form a professional body to guide their operations and ensure they stick to professional standards.

BY Khanyile Mlotshwa


Speaking to journalists at Bulawayo Press Club on Saturday, Dokora said the proposed teaching professional council would keep a register of all teachers in the country

“Our education has reached maturity. We have reached a point where we should standardise the professionals in the sector. I always use the example of the legal and medical fields,” Dokora said after journalists had quizzed him over government’s decision to deploy non-Ndebele-speaking teachers to areas such as Matabeleland South province.

“You can get yourself a good medical degree, but will not practice in this country unless you are in the register of the Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Council of Zimbabwe (MDPCZ), a professional body in charge of a body of ethics. Once a medical practitioner is registered with this body, it is believed that what they are doing is ethical.

“No one goes into their surgery to see what they are doing. We will take this proposal (for a teaching professional council) to the government, through Cabinet, to codify a council. Here teachers will be taken as professionals. We will follow all the procedures, including Parliament and see it through.”

Dokora said the proposed body would also deal with issues of teachers’ welfare.

“We have just been to a province where teachers, the 11 of them, live in a cottage. A professional, given responsibility to teach our youngsters, will have all these things (accommodation) sorted before they are transferred or deployed to a school. What stimulates professionals is not just a salary, but the environment in which they operate.”

He also questioned the Public Service Commission’s decision to employ temporary teachers while the country was teeming with unemployed graduate teachers.

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  1. Spot on Dokora. This is the only reasonable thing you have said ever since you became minister of education. All you need is follow it thru and not hust say things on public gatherings and leave them there. Remember you once talked of schools forcing parents to buy school uniforms from scools which wil be overpriced and that was that, no follow up in terms of a policy document to that effect. Obviously that proffessional body will be charging teachers a subscription fee for say a year or quaterly and lets hope its not going to be staffed by ZANU PF stoogies to fleece teachers moneys.

  2. The absence of a teachers professional board is not an excuse of having 11 teachers living in a cottage. Cde Minister are you saying by establishing this board things are going to improve? How will the conditions improve? Where will the funds come from when this has been set up? This is a bar talk by laymen who just engulf anything without thinking. Dont think teachers are fools but are but know that Cde Minister you are doing nothing to uplift the people who you must stand up for

  3. There are teachers unions PTUZ, ZIMTA which you dont listen to so why add to that. In truth all you want to do is increase your allowances from those organisations. For those not in the know ministers get allowances from all these bodies under them and that is what he is looking for. There is need for you as the responsible minister to do something positive about teachers welfare which you know is bad already without additional organisations. this is tatamount to make many commissions which bring nothing in terms of positive contributions to the proffession. Tell me you will not act on the bad welfare of those below you (teachers) because of lack of this organisation you talk of? Be serious guys kwete kungotsvaka kudyisa hama makushaiwa kwekudzitsvakira mabasaka?

  4. Saka professional body ndiyo inovaka dzimba for teachers nhai? Mumwewo ndiye aiti mateacher havafanirwi kupihwa holiday. Kungotaura but with a lot of shallowness. Bar talk? I agree.

  5. Dokora, if you have nothing to say, please just shut up. What do you know about teachers? You are against teachers from the day you joined this ministry. You have done nothing better other than bringing hell and threats to teachers. Dont take us like fools. You can learn from other ministers who try to do good and benefit members of their ministries. As for you its just threats to fire teachers for no apparent reason. Just resign Dokora. You have failed and you are an eternal failure. Its a misfortune to have you in our ministry

  6. UYu murwere!!!

  7. I dont know what this body will seek to achieve. Currently, i dont think there is much it can achieve considering that anyone with 5Cs can teach, there are no special entry requirements for one to be a teacher unlike other professions like the mentioned doctors, accountants, lawyers and engineers. In other professions, you are either qualified or not, there is nothing like temporary doctor, temporary lawyer we all know that we have temporary teachers. Whether you are practising or not, this does not take away your professional title and just because you might be doing activities meant for a doctor, lawyer or engineer does not make you one.

  8. For the first time Dofo riya razotaura zvinemusoro kubva zvarakatanga basa. Wakopa bhuku rani asimuka achienda kuchimbuzi? ramba uchikopa kuneiyeye kwete kukopa zvakasiwa na Anus Chigwedere

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  10. What can we expect from this Cuban trained Doctor? He just blunders along and his principal does not seem to care. I for one saw his genius in declaring that all form ones be enrolled on the same day countrywide without having been sieved by entrance exams. Parents had to drive from Harare to Mutare then from Mutare to Mt Darwin on the same day vachitsvakira vana nzvimbo. In the meantime, this Dofo Doc claims he wants to protect parents funds from abuse.

  11. I thought for now the two teacher organisations are enough for us. If we introduce another one it means its existence will be sustained by the teachers ie another deduction from our meagre salaries .I would also be happy to know if the examples you have such as Medical fraternity are you saying all is well for the nurses and doctors because of that organisation. Is it not the same story of very low salaries ,poor accommodation ,no allowances etc?Perhaps as a long term plan it may work.

  12. Minister Dokora’s views should have been aired by teachers themselves! Teachers are just disorganised. So, it is now clear that the current teachers’ organisations are just fund-raising projects! Poor teachers! Poor leadership!

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