School head dies from accident injuries

THE headmaster of St Mathias Tsonzo High School in Mutasa district, who was recently seriously injured when he was involved in an accident during a high-speed chase of two unidentified men, has died.


school children

James Mwonzora, who was a brother of MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, died yesterday at a private Harare hospital.

Mwonzora, who was 56, sustained serious injuries on March 6 when his car overturned while chasing after two vehicles which had picked up two boarder school girls at midnight without the school’s authority.

The tragedy had already claimed the life of a school guard, Uzler Nenohwe (24), who died on the spot, while another guard, Greatness Mkwindidza, survived with minor injuries when the Toyota Hilux driven by Mwonzora veered off the road and plunged into a ditch.

Two unidentified men had come to pick up the two female students in the dead of the night and their intentions and identities have remained a puzzle.

On realising the misdemeanour, the headmaster teamed up with security guards to chase after the speeding vehicles, but Mwonzora lost control of his truck at the 41km peg along the Mutare-Nyanga road when he tried to overtake one of the vehicles.

He was rushed to Mutare Provincial Hospital before he was airlifted to Harare
Mutasa Central MP Trevor Saruwaka confirmed the death, saying they had lost a headmaster who was regarded in high esteem in the community.

“He was such a fine man, a giant both in stature (and) in his works where he left an indelible impact on the St Mathias, Watsomba community, specifically Mutasa district and Manicaland at large in general,” Saruwaka said.

“Whatever he touched turned into gold, he arrived at a barely recognised school at district level and left it being counted among the most sought-after schools in the province and in the country.”

Mutasa district education officer Zachariah Chikwangwani said they had lost a dilligent headmaster.

“He was a hardworking man. We are very sad about what happened. Since he came, he had improved the pass rate of our children. We are going to miss him greatly,” Chikwangwani said.

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  1. Chinorwadza itsika dzemwanasikana – mukunda idzo dzakundwa neunhu. Chionai vanhu vari kuuraiwa nokuda kwemukundwa.

  2. rest in peace,,,but if you are not the Police dont get involved in a high speed chase.You are not trained for it and certainly a Toyota hilux is not made for it

    1. You are pathetic. If you are a father seeing your doughters kidnapped and you have a hilux at your desposal and 2 security guards, you will wait for the police? We are robbed of a rare type of headmaster and all you do is criticize.

      1. these two girls had not been kidnapped but had sneaked out and picked by two males .Reporters you were also supposed to have followed up and identified the girls and got deeper with the story

  3. blaz you are inhuman. so they had to wait for the police who would come next year. Kuroad vanenge vasiya nani?

    1. taura hako nhasi ndanonoka kubasa 4road blocks from chikanga to town imagine ”are they looking for the 15bn or wat and the funny part they don inspect the vehicle they inspect the driver and conductor

  4. What a tragedy, Rest In Peace.Nhewa, Tsoka.

  5. Oh what a loss. May his soul rest in peace.

  6. can someone please investigate the girls in this story. did the school do a roll call or something. surely this story is incomplete. please these girls need to be taught a lesson

  7. shakespeare ndlovu

    james mwonzora, you will be missed, remember you from JZ

  8. investigate the girls and you will get your sugar daddies. they must pay

    1. RIP but to all school heads , you are not trained and qualified to chase after vehicles , next time do a roll call led by the matron and identify those missing and follow proper laid down procedures not to lose lives unnecessarily

  9. I’m not satisfied that the identity of these man is not known when the girls that were picked coud be identified. No through investigations were done.

  10. Its not true that two girls were picked. They simply suspected after they saw a parked vehicle in the evening just outside the school gate. That is the reason why they are failing to identify the girls. RIP headmaster. Ko dai wakabata mota yacho waida kuzodii…….sorry to say this they were overzealous. it pains a lot if life is lost like this.

  11. Its called parental instinct…that all living things exercise when their young are threatened. We can sit here in hindsight and give all sorts of advice but if we were in that situation where parents have trusted you with their kids, we could have reacted as such. Thank you Mr Mwonzora for being so dedicated to the school children’s safety to risk your life. RIP sir.

    1. At least there is someone with brains not these “wise” keyboard warriors who always expose their shallow mental aptitude by giving advice such as “call the police”, “follow procedures” “why did you do this” etc.

  12. rest in peace homie…rest in peace tsoka. the community of nyanga nyautare will miss you greatly

  13. RIP Simboti

  14. sad and painful story.May his soul rest in peace. it was better to identify the missing girls and wait for the following day since it wasn’t kidnapping.

  15. Off course the school authorities if handled properly would have known who the culprits are. A roll call could have easily picked the girls who disappeared without authorization and sterner action would be taken against the bastards who are abusing under-age girls. Where is ZRP and school SDC in all this? Should the ‘giant’ headmaster just die in vain? The reporter could also do well with a bit of invetsigative journalism.

  16. May his soul rest in peace

  17. Rest in peace. you are a hero. You did not let it go like what happened when Itai Dzamara was abducted without trace.

  18. sad and painful story, may his soul rest in peace

  19. RIP. I honestly think the proper ay for the head and the guards was to immediately conduct a roll call after seeing the cars fleeing with school girls. that would have helped identify the naughty girls and cld hve saved lives.

  20. The Happy People

    Blaz wakadzungaira wena kutadza kungoti R.I.P itsika rudzii dzaunadzo kusaremekedza mufi

  21. We are very sorry about the sad news that was great concern. may your soul rest in ever lasting peace simboti. we hope and wish to meet you in God’s kingdom. to the general public i think it is out of our cultural values not to respect the departed

  22. Unnecessary deaths. The what ifs are plenty. But the means did not justify the end. Sorry to say this but the deaths can be faulted on the Head not the cars he was chasing or the alleged pupils.

  23. girl child becoming a menace to our society, it is high time we fully employ technology and put all our roads on cctv I am prepared to devote 50 hours per month monitoring our roads on cctv. we have lost a responsible Zimbabwean because of these aids parasites spreading the deadly disease wantonly.

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