Scared Mugabe resumes rallies

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is today scheduled to address a Zanu PF rally in Bindura to counter inroads by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) in his party’s strongholds, NewsDay understands.


According to top Zanu PF and government officials, the rally could be a way to prop up First Lady Grace Mugabe, who is set to resume her rallies soon as her Generation 40 (G40) camp solidifies its stranglehold on Mugabe (92), Zanu PF and government structures.

“She (Grace) will soon mostly likely start with Manicaland province and move to Matabeleland. The President will also be addressing (parallel) rallies throughout the year as the party looks forward to 2018,” the source said.

Mugabe’s rally, according to top party officials, was calculated to douse fissures threatening to tear his governing party apart.

This comes as the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) – the party’s mainstay — is divided along factional lines with its members reportedly plotting to ditch Mugabe as its patron.

Zanu PF Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson Dickson Mafios yesterday confirmed that Mugabe would officiate at the opening of the Ezekiel Guti University in Bindura today and later address a rally at Chipadze Stadium.

Commenting on the threats by war veterans to remove Mugabe as ZNLWVA patron, Mafios said: “We cannot have the (war veterans chairman Chris) Mutsvangwa story every day. We don’t want a person like him who creates a crisis for the economy when he is a crisis himself. We want people who are keen to build the economy, like the President.

“You can’t come here to tell us that the President must go when he appointed you. If he appointed you, he has the powers to fire you and you are gone for good. As Mashonaland Central, we are behind the President and we are confident he will lead us in the 2018 elections.”

Mafios, however, said Mugabe would deal with Zanu PF factional fights, the economic morass, anxiety and the El-Nino-induced drought as well as pay homage to the province for “steadfastly rallying behind him” in all previous elections.

“He (Mugabe) will first officially open Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University and proceed to address a rally in Chipadze Stadium,” Mafios said.

“He is bringing a special message to the province, as you know that it is the stronghold of the party. He will also address the political situation in the country and assure us on the agenda to improve the country’s economy.”

Mafios said thousands of Zanu PF supporters were expected to attend the rally.

The governing party is experiencing a new wave of factional turbulence pitting the First Lady’s G40 group against Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies. Axed War Veterans minister and Norton MP Mutsvangwa is reportedly aligned to Mnangagwa.

According to party sources, Mugabe was likely to use the rally to lash out at Mutsvangwa, who recently addressed a joint war veterans meeting with his predecessor Jabulani Sibanda in Bulawayo as well as Mnangagwa loyalists.

“At the Bindura rally, the President will likely use the platform to rebuke Mnangagwa and the groups of war veterans and youths fighting in the Vice-President’s corner attacking the First Lady,” the source said.

The source added Mugabe was also increasingly fretting over Mujuru’s party, which was reportedly targeting Zanu PF supporters, and this could trigger several rallies by the veteran leader to woo back the lost supporters and expelled party officials.

Mujuru’s allies, on the other hand, said they were aware of Zanu PF’s “sinister plots” to curtail their campaigns through the use of propaganda and violence, but vowed to fight on and dislodge Mugabe in the 2018 polls.

After he was suspended and recalled from government, Mutsvangwa declared that he neither cared for his politburo nor Cabinet positions.

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  1. Tired horse.

  2. He should use the rally to say that he is now too old and will not contest the 2018 elections. We have had enough of this clueless cruel guy.

  3. He should use the rally to say that he is now too old and will not contest the 2018 elections.
    We have had enough of this clueless cruel guy.
    He should leave power to others esp when he is such a failure.

  4. josphat mugadzaweta

    the reason why Zimbabwe is this situation is because an average Zimbabwean doesn’t want the truth. below are some of the truths that people routinely circumvent:
    joice mujuru was the main driver of corruption in zanu with her late hubby rex. she owns a number of farms, mine and buildings around the country. she has no positive contribution to make to the country given her horrendous performance in govt for the past 35 years. she is a liar who wants us to believe that she always had differences with Mugabe yet she begged him to stay on the eve of her official cashiering. the fact that on top of her priorities is the chasing of solo’s killers shows that she is in it for her own benefit and not for national benefit. tsvangirayi lost his wife in dodgy circumstances but never has he said that he wants to avenge that. also, joice consistently said that she has no ambition to become president now she is lying that people requested her to be president. the day we learnt to accept and tell the truth, our country and ourselves shall be liberated!!!

    1. People like you always miss the plot.The problem we need to face here is a dictator Robert Mugabe.Iwe nanga nanga nevasiri pachigaro.Mujuru ndiye arikutonga?

      Tanga wabvisa wacho arikutonga.Kana Mujuru aita corruption asingasungwi don’t you think the President is to blame for that?Uye how far is the truth yekuti vaiba madiamonds?Une evidence here kana kuti makuhwa epandari catalysed by the CIOs.Mai Mujuru vochiita munda wemadiamond iye Mugabe achishaiwa?Really?

      Itai muchimuka vakomana!

    2. What are u up to Josphat, to discredit Joice, u dont follow politics, do u? Grace Mugabe also said she had no ambition to join politics but huz the ROADTOURER now, after all the issue was about the President and his planned rallies not mai Mujuru, nah m not her supporter but jus trying to encourage u to be logical next tym u sit in front of yo desk top, u hate mai Mujuru personally l see, unedambudziko hama.

    3. we are tired of you josphat. do you have proof, sei kutya ivo. go hang

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  6. An old donkey of 92 years addressing rallies. Haana zvisukuru zvekutamba nazvo here mudhara uyu. Sovereignty, pasi nethis and that whilst Grace is ”addressing” separate rallies but the truth of the matter is that Grace wants an excuse to be separate from Bob to that she gets a squiz from Gono or one of her honkie honkies

  7. The president now needs to rest instead of recklessly gambling with his health on strenuous rallies for which he has nothing new or useful to tell the nation

  8. Vanhu ve zimbabwe vanzwa nekuunganidzwa kunzwa zvituko vakoman, imbovazorodzai vakomana, havana havo ma basa but regai vazorore. Everyday rally apa kungonzwa nhingi achitukwa, totonzwa umwe anonzi VP uyo hanzi he is a devout christian achiti Pasi na Tsvangirayi and devout christian.

  9. There is nothing new you are going to tell us you Mugabe .Kungoti Zimbabweans are stupid ,handina chokuendera pakadaro Mugabe must resign

  10. We will always suffer because we have such low standards when it comes to selecting leaders. How complete and utter failures like Mujuru and Mugabe can still even be considered for leadership positions shows we haven’t learnt anything. As a starting point we select known corrupt characters who have openly practiced and encouraged corruption in public institutions and yet somehow we expect progress.

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  14. Bob will say there’s no vacancy at state house. He is there to rule until death part. He is the one unconquerable centre of power and a life President. Anybody aspring for throne is enemy No.1 and Grace and G40 are there to ensure the status quo remains. Gushungo hooye!

  15. I couldn’t finish the article after reading this part, ” We don’t want a person like him who creates a crisis for the economy when he is a crisis himself. We want people who are keen to build the economy, like the President”, some idiot still thinks Mugabe can build the economy, this Mafios guy must wake up, in reality what he is saying is the opposite.

  16. At this day and age, the country has not run short of young, able leaders to keep ‘redeeming’ the same tired and weary leadership full of elderly fatigue. There comes a time when we accept that the nation is more important than an individual, circumstances notwithstanding. Lets create a reconciliatory atmosphere to avoid this lifetime leadership syndrome intended to safeguard our questionable past.

  17. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Rallies for what? It is clear that those rallies are convened solely to verbally abuse those that he considers to be his enemies.The country is still waiting to be told about those two million jobs which were promised in 2013.So far what has been delivered to the Zimbabweans have been purges of fellow party members on the basis of false treason allegations and gossip.What is the old man going to tell the electorate which is facing drought induced hunger.Very soon there would be reports of deaths of scores of people who can’t afford to avail food for themselves.

  18. Vakomana 92 years old is not a joke, you will be literally very very old,mmmm haa zvakaoma .

  19. josphat huya kuzimbabwe i guess u dont stay here hanti.tikutambura ufunge,akuna mabasa,nzara zvayayo,ma1 kumusha josphat.

  20. Ha ha ha mhani mhani shit shit shit

    1. po po po po p[o po po po po ziii zveduu isuuu hapana hapana tsvagai mabasa u die nenzara muchingochema nezvevamwe vanababa vane mabasa avo ko kubasaka.

  21. This is the time people have to know that gone are the days when people used to fall ZANU PF rallies there are now better things to than ZANU PF politics.

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