Samaita’s second dance with Mozambique

SUNGURA musician Brian Samaita and Murondatsimba Express ensemble will perform at Mozambique’s Independence Day celebrations scheduled for Chimoio in June following his sterling performance that left revellers clamouring for more during last year’s commemorations.



Samaita will share the stage with top musicians from Southern Africa, according to one of the event organisers, Jose Chikolate.

“We know that there are a lot of Zimbabweans in Chimoio and sungura music commands a huge following in our country, so we have decided to choose a musician from Mutare, our neighbouring city, to perform,” he said.

“We have invited again Brian Samaita following his good show last year at the same celebrations. In general, Zimbabwe’s music is dominating the Mozambican airwaves at the moment.”

Radio stations including Radio Chimoio, Radio Sussundenga, Radio Masekesa and Radio Comunitaria deCatandica are playing Samaita’s music.

Samaita said he felt honoured to be invited to perform at the prestigious event.

“Obviously, as a musician I am happy to have been invited to perform at this prestigious event. It’s an honour to be invited to such a big event where you will share the stage with other big artistes,” he said.

“This invitation clearly shows that our music is being appreciated out there. On the other hand, we will exchange some notes on music with others. We are ready for the show and we will continue from where we left last year.”

He paid tribute to Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo, saying his association with the late sungura maestro had opened doors for him.

“I owe everything to Dehwa. Before Tongai died I used to share with him ideas on song writing and we were planning to record an album together, but, sadly he died before we released it,” said Samaita.

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