Picture:Lazarus crumbs…

An unidentified woman helps herself to cake crumbs that fell off the VVIP table after President Robert Mugabe’s lavish 92nd birthday party in Masvingo last Saturday. The host province has been hit hard by this year’s El Nino-induced devastating drought.

Pic by Columbus Mavhunga
Pic by Columbus Mavhunga

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  1. What irony.
    This picc tells a lot. Thanx Newsday.

    1. This is probably the saddest picture i have seen this year. Seriously this is what our government has reduced us to. Not beggars but people who survive on left overs and bread crumbs from the rich!!! Guys I am so hurt!. What are we doing as a people to alleviate this?? Honestly does that make sense that a father whose children are dying of starvation and cant go to school because they dont have school fees, can afford to throw a lavish party? That father deserves to burn in hell.

  2. Kunhongerera zvepasi here vakomana? Was she not invited?

    1. Everyone was invited…but what about tmrw…she is picking for tmrw. Tmrw is just as real as the day before the bash. Am sorry to see this Zimbabwe, am very sorry.

  3. Not fit to sit and part take in the feast.
    I will eat the crumbs falling from your bits
    I seek not to tantalize my taste buds
    Only to fill my tummy for this day .

    A Zimbabweam Ode.

  4. vanenge vanonyimawo kudya vamwe vakatarisa kkkkkk.

  5. vamwe vonarara nenzara, vamwe vachifa nekuguta. kumwe vanopera nemvura, vamwe vachifa nezuva. kutungamira nekutungamirwa tiri vana venyu. ivai nesu Mwari Baba.

    1. Joseph Musemburi

      Love that song , R.I.P Chiwoniso.Very sad picture!

  6. happy birthday mr president

    after party

  7. Umm soo sad,

  8. that shows how evil our leaders are . thats so sad.

  9. send officers to look for this woman.she shames the nation.its easy to identify her. she is carrying a white pillowcase and must be holding soggy cake crumbs in her left hand

    1. @Mtshayisa common sense is very remote to you.

  10. Tanga Wakumbira

    Wotonzwa mumwe munhu achitaura zvekuti mwana wangu akabira i-phone 6, heee chii chii…. This is so sad… and to think pamwe the same woman in this picture also lost relatives, sons, sisters during the war and after the war she loses more to hunger and diesease zvinogwadza for real

  11. Animal farm. The sheep eating the crumbs which fell from the tables of the pigs yet year in year out the pigs uses the sheep to remain in power and advance their luxury lifestyles. The sad realities of African politics.

    1. The pigs resort and rely heavily on dogs, which they use to coerce, maim and where necessary kill disobedient sheep. Some sheep are keenly aware that the pigs are changing the laws to suit their agendas and are feasting, even with humans, but there is no hope as the dogs are well-nourished sometimes with flesh of sheep and will not hesitate to take down the sheep. It is necessary therefore for the sheep to develop courage and work in unison like lions, who take down even a bull elephant. The lions are not physically stronger than an elephant but it’s just the attitude and belief system of the lions. They were told by godmothers since kindergarten that an elephant is lunch, no matter how big, intimidating and menacing.

  12. poor we.

  13. Poor People’s Land

  14. kusanyara kunoita vakuru vasins mwari muhupenyu makuona mega

  15. Nongai zvenyu mudye mhai mungatomama nezhara mazivanhu aya haakupii chinhu

  16. The story is clear. I wish the picture was clearly showing this woman placing the crumbs into her mouth. But whatever the picture to bring that out – this is the reality of our situation. What then?

  17. Conrad Changaira


  18. very sad indeed . so the bigwigs just go and expect somone to clear their mess?

    1. its a staged picture, there was more than enough food for everyone and more than enough leftovers

  19. bright mabureza

    bank manager did you give this old lady a bag of maize for the morrow

  20. Reminds me of the biblical Lazarus & the rich man. God did something to the two

  21. more than enough ….for who how about tomorrow.. the so called bank manager is a fool

  22. The Manure Plough

    This is what we call the ruling party.And of course coming from a Socialist like Robert Mugabe you wander whether it was worth getting rid of Rhodesia!

  23. There such be justice and one day we will all be free….it it written

  24. #tongogara jnr brown

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