Pasuwa announces Warriors squad

Warriors coach, Kalisto Pasuwa has recalled some of the players who have been mentioned in media stories as allegedly involved with the on-going match fixing scandal.

By John Mokwetsi

Zimbabwe plays Swaziland in Mbabane on 25 March in the first leg of the Africa Cup of Nations 2017 qualifiers.

Players like Partson Jaure have been allegedly linked to the match fixing scam. It is alleged that Zifa board member, Edzai Kasinauyo, former Zifa CEO Hendrieta Rushwaya and assistant coach, Nation Dube among others have been co-ordinating throwing-away of the Warriors’ Africa Cup of Nations 2017 qualifiers against Swaziland.


Washington Arubi
Tatenda Mukuruva
Donovan Bernard


Partson Jaure
Eric Chipeta
Coster Nhamoinesu LawrenceMhlanga
Hardlife Zvirekwi
Bruce Kangwa
Onesimo Bhasera
Tendai Darikwa
Brendon Galloway
Elisha Muroiwa


Willard Katsande (capt)
Marvelous Nakamba
Ronald Chitiyo
Kudakwashe Mahachi
Marshal Mudehwe
Tafadzwa Kutinyu


Knowledge Musona
Nyasha Mushekwi
Curthbert Malajila
Khama Billiat
Evans Rusike
Matthew Rusike

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  2. We have a new name for Jaure. He is now – Moolar

  3. Squad is gud but arubi haaiti mkuruva is better than all………………..Arubi akatipondesa pa Giunea
    So who is the first choice?

    1. blame our poor, hard and bumpy pitch at Rufaro not Arubi, all our foreign based players were not comfortable with it. And evn if it was Arubi, would u change your goalkeeper bcoz of one mistake. if that was the case then Aqenal would have returned Cech to Chelsea after his first leagu game.

  4. if those new faces come e.g Bonnie,Galoway and Darikwa accept the call we will be saying good morning to Gabon

  5. First 11

    1. Good line up except Mukuruva he is not experienced.Washington Arubi is the best goal keeper with vast experience.

  6. Pfeeeee go warriors go
    suspect ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ARUBI

  7. I wonder what is happening to Tatenda Chibhero at Manchester City. He could be another good add on to the warriors

  8. first 11

    galloway (RB)

  9. Good squad coach Pasuwa but maybe you should also consider Olando Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro. Otherwise wish you the best during the forthcoming matches against Swaziland. You have a very good squad make the best of it

  10. Tawanda Runyenyo

    a very good squad on board….thank u for being fair but we need two strikers to shoot the opponents

  11. This is the best squad we’ve had in ages.go boys go….siyanai naChiyangwa who is trying to make a good name by throwing baseless accusations. He knows edzai,is a threat

  12. What more does Zimbabwe as a nation needs ,this is a good squad indeed. These allegations of match fixing are being blown out of proportion. I don’t think, after having been pardoned people would go back to it. I am not saying its impossible but its highly impossible. These are serious issues that might end the youngsters’ careers.Even if these people are cleared of the allegations, psychologically they would be affected. If a thief approaches me and I declined do I have to be labelled ‘a thief’? To me it doesn’t make sense.

  13. Go warriors this squard must overtake the dream team of the likes of Peter (sukhuzonke)

  14. Ko midfielder we Harare City uyu Manunuvire Raphael akavengerweiko? He is currently on top of form chiiko newe Pasuwa? Kushinga kutora Mahachi????

  15. Zvakaitwa na coach ndizvozvo its meaningless to take big names in our local clubs yet they dnt hv experience look wat they did ku Chan we want maximum points not wat we thnk are good players & to my own opinion thats the best squad, guys dnt forget soccer is only played ne vanhu 11 saka uriiwe waibvisa ani woisa manivire upi asingaiti kumastrikers ikoko

  16. Yah pakaipa apa let’s wait but we need maximum points for us to qualify .Prediction zim 2-1 swaz

  17. Jaure Man of The Match!!!! kkkkk

    1. Jaure will ‘fix’ them

  18. Luciano solido mwala

    Wi hav solid squad,bt wi want coach pasuwa 2 put players according to his current form…

    1. Arubi is the best with experience but now we want Mukuruva, Mahachi must start at bench

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