Opposition parties slam Mugabe’s popularity boast

OPPOSITION parties yesterday angrily reacted to Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe’s claims that the majority of Zimbabweans did not want him to relinquish power but hang on despite his failing health and advanced age.


Mugabe (92) bragged during a Press conference in Japan on Tuesday that he was still popular, adding Zimbabweans would get angry if outsiders challenged him for overstaying in office.

The veteran politician has been Zimbabwe’s sole leader since independence in 1980, although his successive electoral victories have been marred by allegations of massive rigging.

“You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand down. They will be angry with you,” Mugabe reportedly said.

But MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Mugabe was being misled by his handlers into believing that he still had the support of the majority.

“It’s quite possible that a few Zanu PF sycophants might be misleading him into believing that the people of Zimbabwe still want him to hang on as President. The brutal truth, however, is that these sycophants are lying to him. In their heart of hearts, these political malcontents know that Mugabe is way past his sell-by date. He is no longer fit for purpose,” he said.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said it was ironic that Mugabe bragged about retaining power illegitimately.

“The man has been in power through brutality and inhuman and degrading treatment of opponents in the country. There is nothing he and his party won’t do to remain in power,” he said.

Pishai Muchauraya of the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe challenged Mugabe to “just hand over power and rest”.
“His utterances in Japan can only be attributed to his advanced age, where he often has frequent memory lapses,” he said.

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi weighed in, saying the utterances were an attempt by Mugabe to hoodwink the international community about the state of affairs in Zimbabwe.

“Reality is that Zimbabweans want Mugabe out with immediate effect. Zimbabwe wants Mugabe to step down today to enable the country to move on. $15 billion has disappeared during his tenure and until today he cannot satisfactorily explain to the nation the circumstances that led to the disappearance of the money. The international community should ignore Mugabe’s lies and wait for a new Zimbabwe in 2018,” he said.

National Constitutional Assembly spokesperson, Madock Chivasa said: “He (Mugabe) is struggling with old age and that’s why in his own hallucinations and daydreaming he believes things contrary to the truth. He is responsible for running down the Zimbabwean economy and has caused untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.”

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  1. How can Mugabe belittle & insult Zimbas on such an international stage like this? This guy is now a serious hazard & liability to the country

  2. As for me, I wish if God The Almighty can just take away this Matibili guy away from this world!

  3. Is it a case where u cannot tell the emperor that he is naked! Everything about Zimbabwe is bad and all the blame is on Mugabe’s shoulders as CEO of Zimbabwe. Mugabe has overstayed his welcome and most Zimbabweans want him gone now. Mugabe is now a liability to Zimbabwe. Period.

  4. kkkkkkkk our dearest and loving president nid tobe reminded that it is not the Zimbos who hired NIKUV and that it was his own soldiers as commander in thief who brutalised Zimbos for him to return power. If he wants his popularity to be tested in a scientific way let him do a free and fair election like the first round of 2008. I hope those Japanises who were being told this trash must have broken their ribs and had their lungs out laughing as these must just have been tales like tsuro na gudo.kkkkk

  5. G2 they didnt laugh but they felt pitty for Zimbabwe for being led by a 92 year old prez. Its as if there are no sane pple here. It also demonatrates that Zanu PF has successfully managed to blind Mugabe so much that he cant the difference between black and white. Mugabe , your better day are behind you kurawo undozorora sevamwe you are a disgrace to the human race!!

  6. If u look at the video of Mugabe dozing next to the Japanese PM then u realise Mugabe is stubborn and does not want to come to terms with his advanced age. Mugabe’s body is tired and he needs to take a rest. Instead of waiting to be dethroned Mugabe should offer to retire and handover power to a younger and energetic person. That will be a good legacy to leave behind.

  7. Lets be factual & real.Numbers don’t lie.In 2013 opposition took people for grunted & ZANU PF being people centred capitalized.The President won a “resounding” solid election on the 31st of July 2013.The majority of clever and highly educated Zimbabweans would rather vote for Revolutionary Nationalist & Pan-Africanists(who think ahead in policy making…have generations at heart-indigenisation & empowerment) than to vote for reactionary sell-outs who suffer from false & treacherous belief that the Western racist & neo colonialist and imperialist are the only solution to our economy & democracy.

  8. @ Cde Humba, You must be hallucinating like Bob. On what planet or curve are you hiding from the reality? What the hell would you make a claim that Bob won resoundingly? Bob is nothing but a looser that preys on the weak, and robbed the whole country and next three generations of their wealth, by having bankrupt policies that has impoverished the whole nation, used all the state resources to buy his patronage, and used the state army and secret police to kill and maim his opponents. You should be ashamed of yourself, Humba, by just altering those crazy claims.

  9. i dont see were your problem with President Mugabe is as much as u may like a change the man is popular and he has the mandate to superintend this country until 2018 lets not allow our hatred for him blind us ,he was speaking the truth he is popular thats y he won the elections period .After a match no beaten finalist will be remember but the winner .

    Zimbabweans despite being highly learned we fail to grasp basic and elementary facts ,and then get noise from rubble rousers as facts .U believe Mutsvangwa akatiza ku Manicaland achiuya ku Mash East nekudyiwa achisiya mukadzi ku Manicaland na Jabulani asati ambowinner election when they say Mugabe is not popular .

    Biti admitted it while still in Mdc that Zanu pf Manifesto endeared them to the voters while MDC’S JUICE was not clear and unpopular thererby not practical .

    hate him or like him Mugabe is ppular

  10. Zvakaoma hazvo , zanu pf ichangoramba ichikunda on every election , nekuti all oppositions parties anongoramba wachi taurisa pasina chawarikuita, I see zanu pf through in 2018

  11. Tendai Chaminuka

    Mugabe ndizvo.He is very correct maZimbos love him

  12. Idiot. Explain.why only 2million Zimbabweans vote in a country with over 7million adults.
    Its selective voter reg. Simple otherwise Mugabe shd hv gone long bek.

    1. Tendai Chaminuka

      Ko tatukana here.Ipfungwa dzasiyana. Ha Bob isimbi manje.

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