No vacancy: Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has effectively ruled out anointing a successor, saying he would remain in contention for the 2018 general elections and lead his ruling Zanu PF party into the 2019 elective congress.

Mugabe (92), in a delayed traditional interview with State media normally broadcast on the eve of his birthday, also scoffed at suggestions he wanted to pass the baton to his sharp-tongued wife First Lady Grace.

“Some are talking of successor, why? I am still there. I did not go into the 2013 elections for someone to complete my five-year term which ends in 2018,” Mugabe said.

“Where has that happened (having a wife taking over from the husband as President)? Even in African culture, leaders left behind chose the successor,” the veteran nationalist said.

Mugabe indicated he was aware of their schemes to use her just to get to power and later dump her.

“There are even those saying go in first and I will take over — those are wild suggestions. A leader is elected properly by the congress. It is only the congress that chooses the next leader,” Mugabe added.

Mugabe was elected for another term as Zanu PF leader at the raucous 2014 congress where his then deputy, Joice Mujuru, and her allies were unceremoniously booted out for allegedly plotting his ouster.

The next Zanu PF congress is set for the end of 2019 and by then, Mugabe would be 95.

Zanu PF is currently in the throes of a vicious internal power struggle centred around Mugabe’s successor.

Two distinct factions — the G40 and another one believed to be led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa — are jostling to position themselves to succeed Mugabe.

Mnangagwa has been viewed as Mugabe’s heir-apparent after serving as his special assistant since the days of the liberation struggle over five decades ago.

G40 also boasts among its ranks senior party members like Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and secretary for science and technology Jonathan Moyo.

Grace, who was turned into a blunt object to hound Mujuru out of both Zanu PF and government, has turned her swords against Mnangagwa in a final assault for the country’s top job.

Given the reports of rampant corruption among his lieutenants that he has not denied, Mugabe seemed to suggest that none close to him would take over.

He said his preferred successor must be “ideologically clear and untainted by corruption and scandals”.

“The person should be one that the party regards as having the qualities that leadership demands. First, to unite the people and to ensure that the people’s interests are carried out,” he said.

Mugabe laughed off reports of an impending coalition of opposition parties to challenge him in 2018, saying: “You cannot come together just for the sake of regime change. If that is what they are up to, they are lost.”

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  1. I am sure he was later slapped down by his wife for insinuating that she is not already in power. Who goes against the Second Lady and gets away with it?

  2. The president must not mistake endorsement by a handful of bootlickers as national popularity, old age is here to stay & his days of glory are long gone

  3. This country is heading to total disaster if we think Mugabe is going to do anything. How can he, at 92, revive the economy which he had worked hard to destroy. The best way for the Zimbabweabs is to beg him to hand over pay to somebody who is energetic so that this suffering may stop. He refused to do that through the ballot box. We thank him for what he did for this country. As for now he is no longer relevant to the today today running of the country.

    1. Mugabe has never had any interest in the economy, those who have benefited from his policies have done so merely by coincident…..

  4. Chatunga will take over in 2023 he will be 25 years old VaMugabe chete chete watch this space what happened in North Korea ???Readers fellow Zimbabweans Zanu pf congress in 2019 will elect Chatunga to take over from his father

  5. There is one RGM who wis seeing zvipoko pose pose iyezvino ko kuzoti 2018 anenge akutoona dhimoni chairo kwete kurinzwa but kruiona.But akati vanodawo kita president varikuda iyezvino ndiyani pamwe vakatomirirawo 2018 yacho kana ku zanupf kune democracy let people choose their candidates.

  6. problem yatinayo muzimbabwe ndeyevanhu vakarwa hondo vese zvavo. vanofunga kuti nyika yave yavo and every1 else shld do wht they want. magamba itai hunhu makapera panonaka mese henyu ndosaka makarohwa ne reaction team mune dzungu

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