Nestlé unveils kids athletics tourney

Nestlé unveiled the 2016 Healthy Kids Athletics and Physical Education competitions for primary schools yesterday as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to scale up physical wellness in schools in Zimbabwe.


The competitions which are being held in partnership with National Association of Primary School Heads (NAPH) will be in all 10 provinces in the country during the first and second weeks of March.

“At the provincial level, the districts that will come first, second and third, will walk away with floating Nestlé-branded shields, certificates and medals for children coming out first, second and third,” Nestlé Zimbabwe spokesperson Farai Munetsi said.

“The 2016 grand finale will be held at Torwood Stadium in Redcliff, Kwekwe on March 25 and 26, 2016. All ten provinces will participate in both physical education and athletics disciplines.”

Healthy Kids Programmes is Nestlé’s global initiative for creating shared value focused on nutrition education, health and wellness of children.

“Like in many other countries in the African region, Zimbabwe is facing the double burden of childhood malnutrition and obesity, putting both its current and future economy at risk and reducing the quality of life of her children,” Munetsi said.

“To help tackle this, Nestlé Zimbabwe partnered with NAPH in sponsoring the Healthy Kids Athletics and Physical Education in primary schools. During this period, Nestlé has helped revive physical education in primary schools’ extra-curricular activities.”

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