Murder cases escalate as 13 killed in 1 week

Police have raised the red flag over the increasing number of murder cases with statistics indicating that at least 13 people were killed countrywide in just one week.


National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said most of the murders were due to domestic disputes, drug abuse and other social misunderstandings.

“According to statistics gathered from February 9-16, 2016, a total of 13 murder cases were recorded across the country. Mashonaland West and Matabeleland North had three cases each, Midlands and Matabeleland South had two each, while Bulawayo, Masvingo and Mashonaland Central recorded one case each,” Charamba said.

Police-sporkesperson,-Charity-Charamba-adressing-members-of-the-media-yesterday-at-Police-Headquaters-Pic-Shepherd-TozvirevaSenior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba [/Caption]

“Consequently, people use dangerous weapons such as knives, machetes and stones to commit these offences. In most cases recorded, accused persons are stabbing their victims using sharp objects.”

The police urged people to resolve their differences amicably as many disagreements and conflicts resulted in domestic violence, which later turn into murders.
Charamba said some of the murder causes were from mere misunderstandings such as fights over girlfriends and other minor issues.

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  1. Murder cases may certainly increase, now that we are making moves to abolish the death penalty. There will no longer be sufficient deterrent.

    1. @ machakacha. Utter nonsense. The death penalty has never been a proven deterrent in murder cases.Most of these murders usually accidental or people losing their senses. Very rare it’s deliberate calculated killing.

  2. vanhu vane nzara

    1. sky saka urikuedza kuti vari kudya vanhu here???

    2. Mukumbi uyu.Amarula wine.

  3. Its mostly economic pressures where a couple feel the heat and resort to disagreable means of survival. My advise is that the economic pressures that Zimabweans are facing are a world wide issue. Daily the European countries especually Grees are flodded with mostly economicrefugees.
    Saka there is more to life than money. A husband and wife must not tread accusations to each other and must not stand on the way of the other in working their way out of porverty. Happiness is key to economic emancipation

    1. Naome kwana. Apa u have said it all. On top of that people should learn to live within their means. be satisfied with the little we have if need for more lets find it together as a couple, find your ways out, communicate religiously and in utmost good faith. the economy is in bad shape lets share the burden. if u re married, respect the institution u joined voluntarily. no police officer or judge will come and provide for you in a marriage union. u have to find ways, together as a unit. zvekutengesa miviri izvi rufu. The reward for sin is death. you abuse God’s temple, u die.

  4. @ naome,you are a great liar know that,in south africa and other countries people are not hungry but why the crime rate is much more higher than Zimbabwe. Where there are many people or with differences violence or murder it’s a likelihood. Each and every country has it’s statics of this situation, people are lazy waiting for. A spoon feeding from the government…….wake up and be creative than politicising everything……….these are the end times take time read Matthew 24 you will realise that it’s a prophecy.

  5. this is a misleading analysis

  6. Willard Mubvumbi

    Women are immune from prosecution and if you get deeper you will find out that most of these murder cases are committed by women. Women can kill and get away scot free. In South Eastern Zimbabwe, people there do not use ‘dry hands’ when fighting, but knives, just check the statistics.

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