Mukoko blasts Mutasa for ‘protecting’ abductors

Human rights activist and Zimbabwe Peace Project director, Jestina Mukoko

HUMAN rights activist Jestina Mukoko has blasted former State Security minister Didymus Mutasa for protecting the identities of officials who abducted her together with several other activists in 2008.


Didymus Mutasa

The Zimbabwe Peace Project director challenged Zimbabweans to hold the State accountable for human rights violations that include enforced disappearances.

Mukoko was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of a publication titled Enforced Disappearances by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) in Harare yesterday.

She said despite an undertaking by the police to charge her abductors, Mutasa issued a ministerial certificate in 2009 prohibiting the disclosure of their identities, resulting in their protection.

“When I disappeared, the police actually made an undertaking; they actually wrote a letter that was signed by their legal adviser Assistant Commissioner Nzombe who said the people who had taken me from home were going to be charged.

“When my lawyer now wanted to know the identities of the people who did this, Minister Mutasa issued a ministerial certificate which said those people were not going to be identified because they were on State business,” she said.

Mukoko added: “So Mutasa knows the people who abducted me, the people who held me incommunicado, the people who handed me over to the police, but he protected their identities.”

Mukoko said the fact that Mutasa was now with the Zimbabwe People First party would not take away the pain and suffering she endured at the hands of Mutasa’s then subordinates.

“The new face does not change anything. It does not rub that I was abducted, I was tortured and I was not protected by the law and the people who did this to me have had their identities protected.

“It does not change anything that he is no longer with Zanu PF and he is now with People First; he is still Didymus Mutasa,” Mukoko said.

“The message to Zimbabwe is that as Zimbabweans, we need to hold people to account. People need to be responsible for their actions because for as long as people are protected, what is there for them to desist from doing these things?”

Mutasa could not be reached for comment yesterday.

ZLHR programmes manager Dzimbabwe Chimbga said the publication was motivated by the country’s long history of enforced abductions with the view of articulating international, regional and domestic guidelines on human rights protection against enforced disappearances.

He said the book also addressed situations where the state reneged in the enforcement of High Court orders and said it was not surprising when the State ignored court orders.

“For us it is not surprising because in most cases of enforced disappearance the State actually participates directly so we are saying when those actions happen it must be condemned and the individuals in the State agencies must be sued in their individual capacities,” he said.


  1. The same actors on Chimukoko are the same on Dzamara, but under different film directors, all the same they cannot divulge the costs involved in the production of the two identical movies, all shot on site and produced in ZIMBABWE.

    • Mr Editor please send a reporter to get a comment from Mutasa on this issue, even if it means camping outside his house. We need answers- Mutasa cannot get away with a mere apology that he did wrong. We need facts and the truth. There was a very good reason for the Truth & Reconciliation Commission in SA and Zim should have one to bring to book all ZanuPF people who have committed atrocities since 1980. Mutasa was in charge of the CIO and he knows a lot- he should disclose all the information even if it means he will go to jail.

      • Yes we need very active human rights groups and they should also probe the Americans for the suffering being endured by innocent children of Zimbabwe.

  2. Spot on Jestina. This man’s crimes are so heinous that it’s surprising ZPF is putting him in the forefront of its activities. When one thinks about how he was the key architect and participant in the despicable political violence during virtually all elections in his constituency since the formation of the MDC, one’s blood runs cold. The memory of 12 yr Christpowers Maisiri burnt to death by Mutasa’s emissaries should not be allowed to die. This man is despicable.

    • Its a fact remember this is the same MUtasa who boasted that ‘we will be seeing you in your bedrooms” they are not SAINTS this is what will make their zpf a flop.

    • @Well said Abbie. This is the very reason why many are skeptical about Joyce Mujuru because she has surrounded herself with all the criminal elements expelled alongside her from The Cult. People like the notorius Jim kunaka and Jabu Sibanda were all said to have been linked to her Gamatox faction. No self-respecting emerging opposition leader would want to co-opt a notorious mafioso like Dydmus Mutasa because they risk being tainted by the blood he has spilled.

  3. Saying that Mutasa was not available to give comment is not enough..You are our eyes and ears. Get Mutasa to comment even if it takes a year..The public needs to be told what happened here. Mutasa can not be allowed to whistle this away because he is now People First…He can not hide behind the Official Secret Act either as these criminals who abducted Jestina were NOT doing state work! Just like what he is trying to do on the Maisiri issue he should be put to his defence on this issue as well…Mrs Mujuru project will be shot to Kingdom come if she allows this Mutasa guy to continue soiling its reputation like this..The one way out for Mutasa is to COME CLEAN and get this ugliness behind him..Nothing short of this will do! That Mukoko lady was made to suffer intolerably in a free Zimbabwe and it should just be buried like some are trying to do the Dzamara story!


  5. The guys Mutasa is protecting know about the following 1. The death of Solomon Mujuru 2.the disappearance of Itai Dzamara. I was beginning to like this PF outfit but because of Mutasa I having doubts.

  6. So Mutasa cannot claim to have reformed – he is still old time killer like his Zanu PF so called comrades. Him and his girl friend Mujuru mnust tell us whether the allegations about them are not true. Mujuru is said to have looted in Chiadzwa and other many of her bad deeds. They must come out clean if they need people’s support.

  7. Which state work is that? Abducting innocent civilians? How can that be state work? For People First to have any face they should get rid of people like Mutasa or force Mutasa to tell us all he did as state work.

  8. Mutasa, is it true? Come out clean mdara. We cant worker with killers. Thats why we went to war, to defeat and opppressive colonial system. Abduction is part of oppression. So you were reversing the ideas of the liberation struggle Cde. Comment on Mukoko’s claims please, we give you a short time

  9. the mutasas of this world always gets on with it donno weather its luck or something to be born with kkkkkk

  10. ZPF people should come clean on their past without infringing Secret Act and issue public apologies kunevese vavakatadzira. That needs to be done before they can start canvasing for our votes. Once they do that we are likely to forgive but not forget off course. But to come and pretend as if everything is normal is the height of absurdity and ZPF will be doomed to fail. Alternatively Mujuru should just let the likes of Mutasa stay away from her project as they are tarnishing the image of her party and not involve them in any structure or levels of the party. Mukoko’s bitterness is well understood.

    • even mujuru wacho, she’s very corrupt. They’re bad apples, what they are seeking from the general public is the extension of their previous duties at the expense of us. You can see the quality of a person with his/her mentor, Zanu pf mentored them such dirty games and obviously when we elect them we would have just elected a Zanu Pf branch in the name of ZPF. Tsvangirayi is the only alternative if we are to face reality on our economic progress arena.

  11. u cn die for nothing yu were lucky mkoko……..Plp first is nothing at all they are thieves hu flee frm another grp of thieves

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