Mujuru, Mutasa, should just tell the truth and be free

RECENT claims by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who is now president of the newly-formed opposition Zimbabwe People’s First (Zim PF) and former State Security minister Didymus Mutasa, that they were not at liberty to expose Zanu PF’s dark past lest they play foul to the Official Secrecy Act, cannot go unchallenged.

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Zimbabwe People First Leader Dr.Joyce Mujuru
Zimbabwe People First Leader Dr.Joyce Mujuru

It’s no secret that Mujuru, Mutasa et al at ZimPF played a pivotal role in ensuring the Zanu PF party stranglehold on power by crushing dissenting voices over the past three decades.

Now that they have crossed the floor, they owe Zimbabweans nothing else but the truth in order for them to gain public acceptance by the electorate in the opposition camp.

A passage from the Bible, the English Standard Version (EVS) on John 8:31-32, will be of great help to both Mutasa and Mujuru, if they entertain any hopes of winning the hearts of the electorate, especially ahead of the crunch 2018 elections.

In case, the two do not find time to read the Bible, the passage hewn from John 8: 31-32 partly reads: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The message in that piece of scripture demands that Mujuru, Mutasa and many others in their trail should open up and tell the truth of what used to happen and by so doing they might win the hearts of the masses.

It’s no point for them to want to be accepted as democrats without publicly exorcising the Zanu PF ghost that has been associated with them for the past 34 years.

Why would the duo seek to hide behind the fears of the Official Secrecy Act, if they claim to have the mandate to emancipate Zimbabweans? Why do they think the masses will believe them if they do not sacrifice their own positions to let the people of Zimbabwe know who has been behind so much atrocities for over three decades.

Of course, the duo may decide not to divulge the perpetrators of such heinous acts, but this could seal their own fate. Zimbabweans cannot be taken for granted, they may seem naïve, but truly speaking they are more vigilant and have gone through thick and thin and are now politically mature.

It is not in dispute the violence perpetrated on the masses, torture and abduction of members of opposition parties, has for decades been sanctioned by top government and Zanu PF officials, all in the spirit of retaining power.

If the truth be told, senior government officials, at all material times would be alive to what would be on the ground across the country and in some instances, being the ones directing operations and giving instructions for certain individuals or groups of people to be tortured, victimised and/or abducted.

Mujuru and Mutasa need not forget that you cannot curry public sympathy if you maintain your penchant of telling half-truths. What’s the point of remaining subservient to an obnoxious piece of legislation while pretending to have parted ways with its evil machinations? Just tell the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Food for thought.

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  1. Mujuru and Mutasa, only the truth will set you free

    1. Mutasa and Mujuru are lying and hiding behind a finger. The Official Secrets Act is not a blank cheque for the state to torture or murder innocent civilians. The kidnap, detention and torture of Mukoko was a criminal act, plain and simple. No judge is going to send Mutasa to jail for revealing the names of the CIO thugs who kidnapped and tortured Jestina Mukoko.

    2. They must promise the nation that a Truth, Reconciliation and Justice Commission shall be set up once they wrestle the reigns of power from their former ZANU-PF

  2. Reururai imi. Reururai

  3. Haikona kugara ne Bundu mumwoyo , rinokuuraya Bvisayi Bundu iro muve vanhu vakachena.

  4. Yaaaa true. They were in the Presidium for that matter. Nothing would go without their express approval.
    So this hiding behind the finger will not win hearts and minds of a country which is in pepertual moaning of the death if democracy they presided for a good three decades. Food for Thought For Real.

    1. Vakomana,please get real! Do you really think a government like ours that is steeped in violence as means of solving issues will allow damaging revealations being aired at it’s expense??? Haikona.that will never happen.Expect instead a rise in the number of car accidents and mysterious house fires !

    2. Tururayi tumatundo twenyu (singing) tikuregerereyi. Otherwise no deal

  5. “fall foul to the secrecy act????” what utter bull dust. I pray God blows the lid on the whole foulsmelling bucket of Zimbabwe’s lies and deceit. What a wishy-washy excuse from typically weak leaders. All of us in Zimbabwe need to repent and change our sinful ways. the taint that is ZPF has stained the whole nation. How dare Mujuru say she can’t come clean!! How does she expect us to trust her??? And God Himself expects nothing less than the truth! For all of us.

  6. Simply create a ZimLeaks website and information submiited let them submit information in confidence. No sources will be divulged.

  7. josphat mugadzaweta

    the reason why Zimbabwe is this situation is because an average Zimbabwean doesn’t want the truth. below are some of the truths that people routinely circumvent:
    joice mujuru was the main driver of corruption in zanu with her late hubby rex. she owns a number of farms, mine and buildings around the country. she has no positive contribution to make to the country given her horrendous performance in govt for the past 35 years. she is a liar who wants us to believe that she always had differences with Mugabe yet she begged him to stay on the eve of her official cashiering. the fact that on top of her priorities is the chasing of solo’s killers shows that she is in it for her own benefit and not for national benefit. tsvangirayi lost his wife in dodgy circumstances but never has he said that he wants to avenge that. also, joice consistently said that she has no ambition to become president now she is lying that people requested her to be president. the day we learnt to accept and tell the truth, our country and ourselves shall be liberated!!!

  8. hapana chavanofanira kutaura apa ,hantiti munoziva zvaiitika saka chii chamurukuda kuti vataure??? mutemo ngautevedzwe sezvazviri ,vakataura vanosungwa then zvozodii???MDC yo ganer ground?? hapana arikumanikidzwa kujoiner PF,kutaurisa kunouraisa hapana asinga zvizive ,takazama all those kind of tack-tics and we loose so hapana chatinodzidziswa ne ma reporter e news day we know what we are doing

  9. What was her salary as a vice-president?
    How rich is she now?
    Subtract the first from the second and you will see why she has no interest in any sort of truth coming out.

    1. True that

  10. You can never be in breach of the official secrets act and get away with it. Zanu PF is waiting to pounce on them once they do that. In fact by so doing (breaching the official secrets act), ZPF would suffer a still birth. They will have to be patient and wait for the most opportune time.Unless if somebody is wishing them to disappear you cannot continue pestering them to reveal anything soonest.

  11. I keep aportioning blame on these ‘saviour-turned-sycophants’ who now want to attain back power less than two years after their unceremonious dismissal by their master. What new do they purport to offer while they still seem to downplay their role in the historical injustices that have faced the people for long. How do you expect truth, justice and reconciliation while you still remain adamant about your haunting past with blood still on your hands? The people have persevered for long and sooner rather than later another option to offset themselves from the current political quagmire will arise instead of reinstating the same oppressive leadership through the back door. PF is not the better option yet.

  12. Ngachiputike. Thanks J Mukoko for opening the page.

  13. They should tell the naked truth that’s the only way elections can become free and fair and bring hope for a true democratic dispensation .

  14. This truth will go a long way in thwarting unjust mechanisms and Mukuru,Mutasa and core are the one’s tasked with this burden of spilling the beans .

  15. Petros Magomazi

    Let us be real ladies and gents. They will only be in a position to say some of things after the current government has been deposed. If they were to spill the beans now, we all know what will happen to them. Some of the people who are clamouring for the truth should be very careful as some of them had real cases to answer for. As much as it would be exciting to hear the names of those who managed the rigging machinery and those who kill and torture people on behalf of the party, I am still cognisant of the dangers that we will be exposing Mujuru and Mutasa to. When the time is right they will sing all the tunes.

  16. @ Petros: But they are squarely part of Zanu PF’s intolerance only that this time they are the prey,

  17. I’m f­i­n­a­l­l­y g­e­t­t­i­n­g 9­3 ­D­o­l­l­a­r­s­ ­a­n­ ­h­r­,­.­.­..I­t’s ­t­i­m­e­ ­t­o­ ­t­a­k­e­ ­s­o­m­e­ ­a­c­t­i­o­n­ ­a­n­d­ ­y­o­u­ ­c­a­n­ ­j­o­i­n­ ­i­t­ ­t­o­o­.­I­t­ ­i­s­ ­s­i­m­p­l­e­,­d­e­d­i­c­a­t­e­d­ ­a­n­d­ ­e­a­s­y­ ­w­a­y­ ­t­o­ ­g­e­t­ ­r­i­c­h­.­T­h­r­e­e ­w­e­e­k­s­ ­f­r­o­m­ ­n­o­w­ ­y­o­u­ ­w­i­l­l­ ­w­i­s­h­ ­y­o­u­ ­h­a­v­e­ ­s­t­a­r­t­e­d­ ­t­o­d­a­y­.­.­.­. ..


  18. One point people are confusing is that the secret act protects dealings done by the government and it’s agencies. By nature Mutasa cannot reveal what happened during his tenure as security minister or what mujuru knew of the security sector missions.

    But what they can reveal is how elections where rigged, how the rigging machine works. Yes zanu never uses the same method twice but at least answer questions people need answers to. zanu is a political party with majority in government and what happens in zanu is not protected by the secrecy act, only government secrects. and what government does is not all secret especially if it was criminal.

    her problem is she is a benefactor of corruption and she cannot reveal much least she implicates herself. in the court of law you can chose not to give testimony to evidence which implicates you. i guess thats her silent defence.

  19. listen hapana asingatadze weather big or small, imi murikuda kuti vataure , makambotaura zvenyu ?As long as they are against zanu its all good, you are the same pple nana Tsvangirai that dihumanised Simba Makoni until he didnt do well, if he was zanu as u and chematama claimed then why didnt he go back by now.Learn to accept new things and be tolerant ,we are all Zimbos

  20. hasati mabata tave kukuzivai majourno emuno hakuchina and cash svinai Mujuru achabudisa

  21. wakeupasmellacoffee

    Typical MaZimba you want to have your cake and eat it too! This is Zim lethal politics not one of your Magaya type confess and be saved episodes. The official secrets act is real. Bob and Co are just waiting with glee for JM and DM to spill the beans before unleashing a lethal purge of ZPF. The reason why Zanu PF will never be removed is becoz Zimbos think their salvation must only come from MDC. How many times has Morgan won elections and still didn’t become president. That must tell you something that in Zim presidents are not born of popular politics but abuse of state machinery. JM and DM are far from saints but for once the opposition has insider knowledge to work effectively against the rigging. Its not essential for the naming and shaming to be down at this delicate stage it won’t reverse the murders tortures and rapes that were committed yet it will greatly weaken ZPF’s prospects due to the Official secrets act. Lets not be naive people!

  22. Vatotanga kare anaKasukuwere, varikuti Joyce akatorwa ma “video ” nema drone camera umo maanoonekwa achirara nevarume vemuZPF. Ma drone camera aya anonzi akaiswa mu bedroom ma Joyce neMilitary Intelligence. Hanzi chikonzero chekurara nevarume ava kuti vave “loyal ” kuna Joyce.
    Mai Mutasa naMai Gumbo hero guhwa.

  23. Haaa kkkkk face yamutasa uningoona woga kuti iyi imhondi hapana chinobuda apa. Yes we want change but iiiii not nedhara iri

  24. I for one would respect clean official secrets but not dirty ones which involve state murder thieving etc.It would be like respecting gangsters oaths of secrecy like that of mafios.

  25. Game of thrones

    Kuna Wakeupasmellacoffee. I don’t agree with your analysis.
    Saka you want us to embrace ZPF because they are supposed to be ‘insiders’ that know the workings of Zanu PF? Mujuru and DM are denying any involvement in any wrong doing or stealing of elections. What makes you think that once they’re in they won’t use the same tactics that Bob used? Are you forgetting that the entire lot begged to return to zanu pf even after they’d been fired? What’s so special pana Mutasa or Mujuru anyway? What have they achieved?
    At least with MDC we know that we’re starting on a clean slate. They’re our only hope. Zimbabwe needs a total upheaval of the Zanu way of doing things in every sphere of society. ZPF is just another Zanu pf clone. MDC iri nani.

  26. Game of thrones

    Mai Mujuru must first give up her stolen farms, mines, companies and all other stolen loot before we can take her serious. This ZPF project is doomed to fail before it even got going. Given a choice between ZPF and MDC or Zanu pf I will still vote MDC. The choice is obvious.

  27. umfokazingelwayo

    munopenga mdc is a coward taurai mhosva dzenyu

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