‘Mujuru apologised to Nkomo over Econet insult’

Former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s newly-launched Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) has responded to “efforts to resurrect her misunderstanding” with the late nationalist Joshua Nkomo over awarding Strive Masiyiwa a licence to launch telecommunications company Econet.



ZimPF information and publicity committee chairperson, Methuseli Moyo, told NewsDay that Mujuru had apologised to Nkomo and the nation at that time.

“The apology was accepted,” he said.

Moyo said it was hard to understand how “someone decided to resurrect that issue.”

“If they have the energy to resurrect insults against the Ndebele, then they must resurrect all the insults against the Ndebele, and (President Robert) Mugabe tops the log, followed by Grace (Mugabe),” he said.

In 1997, Mujuru, who was then the Information, Posts and Telecommunications minister, turned down an application by Masiyiwa for a licence to operate a cellular network company. Masiyiwa sought the assistance of Nkomo, the Vice-President then.

Mujuru defied Nkomo’s instructions to award Masiyiwa the licence, suggesting the Econet owner could have taken advantage of the Vice-President’s old age and diminishing mental faculties.

Nkomo died two years later aged 82.

“If people were really angry about insults against the Ndebele, the person they should be angry at is Mugabe, who said Nkomo was a cobra,” Moyo said.

“Mugabe has called the people of Matabeleland cobras, and recently he said the Kalanga are uneducated.”

Mugabe described Nkomo as a head of a snake that needed to be crushed in the heated days leading to the Gukurahundi carnage in Matabeleland.

In fear Nkomo fled to the United Kingdom.

Mugabe has never publicly apologised for the Gukurahundi killings, but at the burial of Nkomo in July 1999, he expressed regret, describing the five years between 1982 and 1987 as a “moment of madness”.

“They have certainly scored an own goal here. They thought they were attacking Mujuru when they were attacking Mugabe indirectly,” Moyo said.

The Nkomo family, two years ago, said they had forgiven Mujuru for describing the late nationalist as senile.

There had been suggestions that Mujuru’s slur would be her major handicap, particularly in Matabeleland were Nkomo is revered, triggering the strong response from her party.

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  1. And such issues are supposed to help our empty tummies. Hopeless

    1. you can say that again. If we were to dig into past statements by politicians none of them will be electable

  2. Abadala bathi indlala idlis’anyala! Kambe nguMethuseli lo osesebenza laboMujuru? Hehehe Kapula Vumabalanda!

  3. Indlala idlisa amanyanyala….

  4. It’s the mentality yechi short sighted ina Joice – yekutadza kuona what Econet was for. It’s the foolish wisdom of having upholded the values & stayed that long wth Zanu that makes Joice an opportunist whose only real reason for contesting against Zanu is they fired her. Joice was never for the people but herself, I don’t sympathize wth her at all. Had she been a whistle blower, had she resigned – maybe.

  5. mwana wenyoka inyoka saka hutsinye hwapera here nhasi what was your many reason

  6. mwana wenyoka inyoka saka hutsinye hwapera here nhasi what was your many reason I don’t sympathise with you a short sight you will do it again hatidye ma Apologies

  7. Joice tiudze how you rigged tsvangirai fullstop maizviita sei

  8. Tell us who killed Chitepo, Tongogara,Border Gezi ,Solomon Mujuru and many more

  9. Methuseli, Methuseli, Methuseli …!!


  10. ngaruro wa kiriro

    If its a dirty game how can the players be clean? That is how all of them do it- withdrawing statements and working on others’ weaknesses. Vamwe vakaonekwa kuti vanodawo vakadzi, ndipo pavanourairwa. But we just need someone who can lead us from these difficulties and lets not expect him to be infallible. The moment that peron becomes spotless, he/she ceases to be a politician

  11. Mhahiyo awa owes us many apologies. She should come out clean on how they rigged the elections. She should also apologise for the atrocities committed by erstwhile thugs in Chiadzwa and inthe run up campaign in 2008 not mentioning the period prior to that

  12. Usativhara joice tokuziva in and out ….vote MDC 2018 chete

  13. 1/5 Mujuru says the corruption allagations against her are false but cannot explain her wealthy which place her amongst the richest in Africa
    2/5 Mujuru has sorrounded herself with people with history of graft(corruption) eg Bright Matonga,Mutasa etc Explorers & Revisionist with a repetition of fraud
    3/5 Dr. 10% Mujuru can not explain the cover up on a culpable homicide charge case when her daughter run over and killed pedestrian (abuse of office)
    4/5 If Mujuru was not dismissed on corruption & abuse of office …she would not have formed a party
    5/5 I remember in 2013-2014 when graft(fraud) scandals started, Mujuru said”People who are fighting corruption want to destory ZANU PF from within because they know what keeps Zimbabwe moving” I do not know what bshe meant by that.
    I ARREST MY CASE…this woman is not & will never be a presidential material…PASI NA Dr. 10%

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