Mugabe’s obnoxious Zaoga offer fetid

To any sane observer it seems that in the past few weeks President Robert Mugabe has been working hard to decampaign both himself and his Zanu PF party among Zimbabweans — first his shame India trip which never was and his unfortunate ignominious land donation to Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga)’s Ezekiel Guti in Bindura last Friday.

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For Mugabe to even dangle a carrot to the Zaoga church members, offering them additional land for expansion of the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University and “writing off” the $2,3 million the educational institution owes to Bindura Municipality, is criminal to say the least.

It is extremely hard to imagine that Mugabe, whose role is upholding the country’s Constitution, chose to subvert the very same supreme law to curry favour with the church’s followers.

Curiously, Mugabe’s directive for the church not to pay the required $2,3 million for the land the church built its unsanctioned university on is that the case is still pending at the High Court where the owner of the land, Charles Chakumba, got a shortlived reprieve recently.

But with Mugabe sealing Chakumba’s fate, it is clear pursuing the matter is now academic.

Where is rule of law here, Mr President? Does Mugabe (92) realise he is putting Zimbabwe in an unenviable position for political expediency?

Mugabe should learn to respect the rule of the law in no uncertain terms. In a democracy, the three arms of government — the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature — should be given a chance to conduct their duties independently without overstepping each other.

How could Mugabe “pre-empt” the outcome of a matter lying before the court for personal interests?
The President should know that breaking the laws of the country will not earn him more friends, but hordes of enemies such that whatever hasty decisions he is making will come back to haunt him.

Mugabe’s behaviour amounted to autocracy and personal rule. Does it follow that anybody who wishes to have their way in Zimbabwe should simply court the attention of or befriend the First Family or their extended family? This is detestable and should not be allowed in a democracy like Zimbabwe.

In this case, Guti and his church should follow due process in the courts of law and pay restitution according to the country’s laws and not pander to Mugabe’s cheap politicking, which has the potential to dent their otherwise good standing in society.

No doubt Zaoga must pay compensation for the private land with interest and not be fooled because Zimbabwe is greater than Mugabe. Otherwise Mugabe’s action is tantamount to lack of respect for the rule of law and property rights in Zimbabwe.

Is it not a fact that Bindura Municipality has been short-changed by Zaoga’s refusal to pay $2,3 million while the land owner, Chakumba, is dispossessed?

Clearly, Mugabe’s action explains why Zimbabwe’s economy is such a mess with poor financial management of the country’s purse, resources and misgovernance. One wonders where our morals have gone when a church encourages invasion of private property.

We wonder how Mugabe could ask an intruder to pray against moral decay when the same church has exhibited disregard for good morals.

The world-class gaffes Mugabe has been involved in over recent months are a clear indication that this is the time for Mugabe to rest and enjoy his well-deserved rest, and not the abuse he is enduring under the factitious Zanu PF camps that are threatening the peace prevailing in the country.

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  1. zaoga bought that land from bindura municipality. where is the $2.3million coming from now? the municipality was being greedy. if the land is not zaogas, why charge then a second time?the writer should be factual and objective and not emotional on matters he/she is ignorant on.

    1. sorry they didn’t buy.They were given by the State but the land belongs to Bindura Municipality

  2. Where you see a church meddling in political issues be very afraid.

    1. Petros Magomazi

      The church invited the President to officiate in his capacity as the state president. Does that amount to dabbling in politics?? All the farms that people received via the Lands Ministry, did they pay for those farms? Now Zaoga builds a university that will benefit many for years to come and you find fault with that!! Are you now opposing for the sake of opposing?? You are going to lose relevance soon!!

  3. Mr Opinion maker, u are lost in this whole matter. Did Zaoga allocate its self land? Did Chikumba allocate himself land? Why dd Mr Chikumba withdraw his case from the High Court yesterday? We need facts from this paper and not emotion about H.E R G Mugabe. Separate the church from politics, executive arm of government from the other arms of government. What role was Mugabe playing when he opened the university? In what capacity was he officiating?

  4. I dont cee the church meddling in politics here

    1. the guy who claim to own the land were was he since 2008 to spraut this year to say its my land don’t u cee he just want to be greed realising kuti ZAOGA are working towards expansion of the university
    the same applies to Bindura council who at first agreed on giving the land to the chrch and this year they want 2,3 million since 2008 actually the amount was 4million and the chrch had to negotiate to 2.3 million because the council is cash traped they now want to milk the chrch.

  5. Vanhuwe, musapotsa kuona kuti Simba Chikore, mkwasha wa President, mwana wemaElders eZaoga. Saka izvi zvakataurika kuri kumba chaiko. Tezvara vapa vakwasha vavo land. Chete.

  6. Its sad that instead of you supporting Mugabe for once you rather demonise him for doing something right.Bindura municipality is the one that is suppose to be on the receiving end because of the way they handled this whole issue. The land in question is still state land despite the fact they manage it.Why on earth did they allow the university to continue construction if all the paper work was not up to date ?Are you telling me that they just woke up one day and found the university there ?President made the right decision that the university will stand and will operate.

  7. ZAOGA got the land from the state not Bindura Municipality even Prof Jon Moyo in charge of Universities confirmed that.

  8. For the first time iam hearing constructive arguments here. ZAOGA has never been in the businesss of fleecing land from people. This is coming from a man who has a burden for the people of Zimbabwe to be uplifted in their lives. Thank God the president saw light in this and came to the rescue of a church that was about to be fleeced by both the municipaility and an individual. When you say ZAOGA dont myopicize your mind to think of it as an investment arm of Proff Guti. its a church for the zimbabweans and we are all bound to benefit through the works of our hands. all zaoga institutions have been operating above board and this calls for people to borrow learning leaves and exercise coperate governance. ZEGU is for the zimbabweans, ndookuti indeginesation uku. we are grateful chikumba saw light at the end and did the honorable thing. Dont fight God you wont win. if you fight one in God ‘s side then you are exactly fighting God himself.

  9. Metellus Cimber

    Does it mean that the president is the clerk of state land and all applications for such land go to him personally for approval, and no other bodies are to be in the know how of such translations. Building a University is a very noble thing, but due process must be followed. If you donate goods commandeered from cross border merchants, in the eyes of right thinking citizens, it is theft and not a donation.

  10. We should congratulate Zaoga for being the first indigenous church to build a university in Zimbabwe. Makorokoto to baba Guti, your personal differences with Mugabe should not be brought in this case. Ivhu kuruzhinji not to selfish individuals.

  11. At the end of the day who will really own that university. Who owns zaoga properties. Let not emotional here. The preaident jumped the gun by meddling in a case before the courts full stop. Problem is we always want to see huright hwa bob when jw does something that suits us. Notice how lacoste is crying when same tactics they helped bob use on joice arr used on them.

    1. You’re being the idiot here. The matter was withdrawn from the courts; now what’s your beef. Idiot.

  12. ZAOGA will definitely reap huge profits from this university. Why didn’t the church pay for the land immediately after it was allocated to them by council. They delayed to make the necessary payment so that they would invite Matibili to do an unlawful and unjustified act. The writer is right on this one. Mugabe never consulted council officials. It was a unilateral declaration just like what Smith did in November 1969. That’s what dictators do. ZAOGA should do honourable things like what Prophets Magaya and Makandiwa always do of paying for the land before construction takes place. Where on earth have you seen a person constructing a house before you pay for the stand. The High Court should approve the demolition of that university because the land belongs to an individual. Its private property. Guys, don’t defend what is wrong as you make your comments.

    1. Petros Magomazi

      So you are the judge and the jury?? The Prophets that you are talking about cannot be compared to Baba Guti. They have hardly started preaching or building churches or institutions. Zaoga has properties in every suburb in Zimbabwe and they have dressmaking schools across the country that are benefitting poor people and a hospital. To compare Baba Guti with the prophets that you are mentioning is like comparing a local football club with Barcelona FC. The truth of the matter is that a few of our people are jealousy (The African Demon) of the achievements of this great ministry. If people get farms for free why would it be an issue if a whole church is given land to build a University that will benefit people forever? The fact of the matter is that all land belongs to the state and the piece of land in question also belongs to the state in the same way that all farming land belongs to the state. That is why the president noted that it was unfair to charge Zaoga for land when individuals are getting large farms for free. That is why we have leaders, I am sure any right thinking Zimbabwe would support the president on this one. If you say Zaoga must pay then all the new farmers must also pay for the land that they received.

  13. Born of Spirit

    the writer of this story is michivious jus lik tht fellow ,Chikumba since 1994 he cldnt mine now he wants 2 mine thank God he saw light and withdrew his case by the way guys did yu read wat he said?,and the writer of this story must stop writing hearsay ,we expect jurnos to give us facts in this case hapana wekuBindura municipality kana wekuZaoga ambovhunzwawo shame on yu poor and lazy jurno!

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  15. Religious and political elites are two sides of the same coin!!

  16. I hope this is not the beginning of dirt game in the house of the lord. The Prophet need to cast demons of denial to surrender power and killing of opponents so that our President can be free. The man is prisoner his sins.

  17. So no nonsense about churches paying taxes! The state should donate!

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