Mugabe must explain diamond revenue looting

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s claims last week that $15 billion was looted from diamond revenue by mining companies made for interesting reading. Initially there was a muted response to the claims, but now a lot of dust has been raised and ordinary Zimbabweans are now crying for accountability.

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$15 billion is a lot of money and it could have gone a long way in removing Zimbabwe from its economic mess and Zimbabweans have every right to shout blue murder.

However, while we demand accountability and transparency, there is need to interrogate Mugabe’s claims and not take them at face value.

A Nigerian adage says when a leopard wants to eat its young ones, it first accuses them of smelling like goats and we fear Mugabe’s statement was meant to justify the closure of the Chiadzwa diamond fields and shut the companies down.

While we will not take the side of the diamond mining companies, the timing of the accusations is also interesting.

If Mugabe and his government were sincere that such an amount of money had been looted, then they would have acted long back rather than first try to consolidate the nine companies into one and when that had failed, force them to shutdown.

Mines and Mining Development minister Walter Chidakwa must explain why he wanted the nine companies to consolidate into one if they were stealing so much money from Zimbabweans. The logical thing to do would have been to ensure that these companies were prosecuted and their operations shut.

However, the way Mugabe and Chidakwa have gone about it will instead raise more questions than answers, because this is high level corruption and these miners should not have been given a second chance.

Mugabe’s statement had the effect of condemning the diamond mining companies in the court of public opinion and somehow absolving his government from the alleged looting.

The statements also call for more scrutiny considering that the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) owns a 50% stake in all the diamond mining companies and questions must be asked on where they were when all this money was being looted.

Mugabe’s statements were meant to generate outrage against the diamond mining companies, but this has boomeranged spectacularly and now Zimbabweans need answers from the President, ZMDC and all the ministers on how they could turn a blind eye to looting of such an unprecedented scale.

To put into perspective the money that Mugabe claims was looted, Zimbabwe’s budget is just over $3 billion and $15 billion would have been enough to finance the country for four years, yet the President had to wait until his birthday interview to make such startling allegations.

This raises the spectre that, if indeed these companies had looted so much, they had the blessing and the protection of the government.

When former Finance minister Tendai Biti raised allegations that diamond money was not making its way to Treasury, he was accused of lying and political rent seeking behaviour. Three years later he has been vindicated, but at what cost to the government?

The government’s hands are not clean and Mugabe must take action rather than just blaming the mining companies that now look like the convenient fall guys.

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  1. Mugabe & Zanupf are fast asleep on the wheel. Its far much better to let in the illegal miners, at least the money will benefit Zimbas one way or the other



  2. 1/3 (ZANU PF) President Mugabe should be commended & supported; thanks to him we now know Zimbabwe lost over $15bn from a diamond industry and the issue is now being tackled and this is a chance to clean up the sector & hold it to account.The disclosure that Zimbabwe has lost over $15bn from diamond industry is a result of work President Mugabe tasked Mines Ministry to do in 2013.

    2/3(MDC-T) Morgan Tsvangirai was Prime Minister & chaired Council of Ministers during some five of the seven years that the 15 billion saga issue.Prime Minister Tsvangirai was having fun in the Legends of the Seas and Open zip policy when diamonds were being looted and MDC-T should deal with it.

    3/3(PDP) Some people are saying Tendai Biti warned about the diamond looting…hold your horses; Is this the same Tendai Biti who as Finance Minister had the nerve to abuse and loot Zimbabwe’s IMF SDRs…he also looted from Group 5.

    4/4(ZPF) The diamond miners in Chiadzwa has Chinese, Russians, South Africans & Australians & ACR-African Consolidated Resources (the Mujuru family up there).They’ve been heavily involved in diamonds in Chiadzwa through ACR & their involvement in the saga yet to be known.

    Let approach this issue with sober and mature states ….not open mouth and shut minds.Those who served in the GPA govt should not point fingers but must also take responsibility.The responsibility must be collective.

    1. Comrade Humbwa

      Ndimi ana baba vaye vanoti mwana akauya achiti bhutsu dzangu dzapera imi moti ana Tendai vepa next door Havana bhutsu wani.Take the bull by yourselves comrades handiti ndimi muri panyanga here,ana chematama takavaita dead and bury kudhara dhara,takatokanganwa.Gadzirisai mess yenyu or else muri kureva kuti moda matama akugadzirirei.

    2. Since you are so clever please solve the problem for us…..The buck stops with that frail fooker Matibili, stop wasting time pointing at those who wanted to present solutions (MDC).Mugabe has been doing what he pleases and running the country like a shebeen…MDC has absolutely nothing to do with the excesses of Mugabe.Morgans a fairs where highly sensationalized and trumped up.No body can spend 24hrs trying to correct the excesses of a militarized regime.After work normal people vanombosununguka, vamwe vanonwa hwahwa vamwe vanofara ne vakadzi vavo etc…just because the meadia is there everytime you are taking a shit does not mean that is all you do in your life…what the papers did to morgan was blatant character assassination typical of Zanu pf.Mujuru and others have been bundled out of the gravy train and are now trying to convince us that they now have the interests of the people at heart.What I know is that even two faced Mujuru wont go far.Tsvangirayi’s contribution to the democratization of Zimbabwe cannot be trivialized.He has done a lot of good at personal cost for the country.While working for the betterment of Zimbabwe he is also allowed to be a human being.Mutsvangwa tried to make noises and brandish his war credentials ..where is he now? Zanu pf thrives on its autonomy over state machinery and one cannot blame any democrat who comes short of arresting the situation.No revolution should be left up to the efforts of ONE man.The MDC in its totality, its supporters including the entire region were cheated by Zanu pf.Zanu pf operate outside of democratic parameters and they are the authors of Zimbabwe’s plight…..

      1. Good comment. However, the region was not cheated because they (all SADC heads of state and government) advised MDC-T and Tsvangirai not to contest the July 2013 elections at least until after the voters roll has been cleaned. It was Tsvangirai and his kitchen cabinet who refused to listen to wisdom and proceeded with fictitious confidence to go into battle with ZANU PF. At that stage ZANU PF was at its lowest point and limping heavily, so that’s why vakuru vakati ukaona kamwana kadiki kachiti huya tirwe, tiza nokuti kanenge kakatsika bomba!

    3. Am I correct to say that you are Jonso?

  3. 4/4(ZPF) The diamond miners in Chiadzwa has Chinese, Russians, South Africans & Australians & ACR-African Consolidated Resources (the Mujuru family up there).They’ve been heavily involved in diamonds in Chiadzwa through ACR & their involvement in the saga yet to be known.

    It has just occurred to me that it is ZPfs plan to stop Mujuru inflows of funding for PF…obviously they suspect her of having claims there i.e her interest in ACR.

    This is a polical move by Zpf as always.

  4. diamond looted. So whats left to benefit Zimbabweans. All diamonds looted and now benefiting foreigners. Its a shame

  5. Mabhunu muchapera

    CDE humba seriously how dare you defend the undefendable, about time one stopped using one’s behind to think. RGM fully knowns who looted and is involved. People of Zimbabwe need clarity on this matter isu wana wasu benefited nothing while fat cats running this country looted. Since you mention the 15billion loot not exonarate you in the grand scheme of looting. Tiwudzeyi kuti mari yekuvaka Dairy ne zimba ku borrowdale yaka bvepi. This one is a shuwa must answer.

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  8. In zim the law is crafted for everyone except Zanu and its members. If the looters were not Zanu they could be behind bars as we speak. Zanu has 50% shares in all these mentioned mines, so how do they cry foul? They accuse everyone but themselves, Mujuru was accused and sentenced in the Public arena, for what? Just to direct attention away from them, how do you think they finance the overseas holidays and expensive birthdays? How much do they earn to afford such a lavish lifestyle?

  9. huruyadzo chidhakwa

    Good people, go to Prof Jonso’s twitter. This is were this moron Cde Shumba got all this trash. He has just copied everything, word by word if he is not Jonso himself

  10. With a Commission of Inquiry into the Marange diamond fiasco, we will determine exactly the quantum and value of diamonds looted. The $15 billion is too conservative a figure. My projections are that between $30 billion – $50 billion raw diamonds were looted from Chiadzwa. The figure could run to between $100 billion – $500 billion if we consider the whole value chain, given that in Surat, Gujarat – India Chiadzwa diamonds created not less than 60,000.

    1. …60,000 direct jobs from polishing, cutting and selling Chiadzwa diamonds.

    2. Never Zanu Pf

      $15 billion kupiko…kurotomoka kwa Sekuru Mugabe

  11. haiwa imi munoti vakawanepi mari yekuriga maelections a 2013 ne kuprinter mat shirts anokwana nyika yese .zvingori pachena se nhasinger yembudzi


  13. Musatinyaudza ant diamonds. Mamwe acho were looted in DRC. The military knows where most of diamond money went. Kana Rex was involved that is why he took over RiverRange diamond mine which was not producing any real diamonds serve as a conjute to legalise DRC diaminds. Mai Mujuru nevana vavo were bust looting and extenalising diamonds and money. Hypocrites the whole lot..Muga e, Nhongo, mai Teurai , Obert Mpofu, Chiwenga, maC10 etc etc. Give us a break you idiots

  14. Its tough looting country resources????????

  15. Never Zanu Pf

    Its as clear as mud ..the diamonds were looted by Zanu Pf and its cohorts……Dont be fooled that foreigners looted them…Its a political gimmick period…The money was externalized by our own people and that the truth

  16. C10 yemuno its rubbish. Kungonetsana nema activists nyika ichibirwa mari. Rtd Col Tshinga Dube’s sons were buying diamonds at his house in Eastlea and God knows where they ended up. Mugabe must shut up. He knows fully well were the diamond money went.

  17. I believe that these loot must be very well explained.

  18. kid marongorongo

    it was given to chamisa by Mugabe in Dubai im sure if you ask him about it he will be in a position to answer leave the oldman alone.



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