Mugabe held prisoner by G40: Mutsvangwa

A FACTION of the ruling party led by First Lady Grace Mugabe, known as Generation-40 (G40), wants to “frighten” President Robert Mugabe out of his intended meeting with veterans of the liberation struggle, former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa claimed yesterday.


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The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) leader’s claim came as it emerged that his predecessor Jabulani Sibanda had indeed been offered a ministerial position as bait to rejoin Zanu PF.

Mutsvangwa, who lost his Cabinet position two weeks ago in the aftermath of his three-year suspension from Zanu PF for allegedly undermining Mugabe, called on his party tormentors to “leave me alone”.

“G40 wants to frighten HE (His Excellency) the patron out of meeting his fellow war veterans. They are now holding him prisoner away from his own life,” Mutsvangwa said.

Along with his wife Monica, Mutsvangwa was cut loose as part of the latest purge of party leaders perceived to be aligned to another faction reportedly led by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in a move he claimed was forced through by G40.

The former Cabinet minister seemed to hint he was on his way out of the ruling party.

“I thought where I go politically should now be the least of their worries. Why should they break their celebration party to concern themselves with party-forsaken Mutsvangwa? This is the clearest indication of their insecurity in a party they would want to steal from its historical and proper owners in broad daylight,” he said.

Mutsvangwa added that Sibanda had indeed been offered a ministerial position as bait to rejoin Zanu PF.

“Shamed, the pot now wants to call the kettle black. Hell hath no fury like a politician scorned,” Mutsvangwa said.

Sibanda would neither confirm nor deny the claims.

“I am not a member of Zanu PF and would not want to be dragged into their fights. Let them fight and when they are done, I can comment,” Sibanda retorted when pressed for comment yesterday.

As brickbats continue to fly in the ongoing scrap for Mugabe’s “throne”, Mutsvangwa accused Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi-Moyo of being a “parrot”.

“Let her take over from where I supposedly failed and do something for women ex-combatants and widows of war veterans who are wallowing in abject poverty. Sandi-Moyo was appointed to rescue Bulawayo’s economic fortunes, not to repeat by rot recitals from a vapid and vacuous professor,” Mutsvangwa said.

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  1. And the battles continue. Sisi Gire taurai kani!! Manyanya kuti ziiii asi zvave kupisa??

  2. Idzi dzafarisa manje idzi. Kunyarara hamugoni vaMutsvangwa, manje mukadzingwa munoenda kuti when you have antagonized everyone including your former Cdes in the pretender PF.

  3. Right from its inception, ZANU (now ZANU-PF) was marred with internal strife in its rank and file. From the 1960s, there were factions emanating from regionalism. There was the Karanga camp which comprised of the likes of Rugare Gumbo, Simon Muzenda and others. On the other hand there was the Manyika camp which comprised of the likes of Herbert Chitepo, Edgar Tekere and so on.All internal disputes which characterised the the liberation struggle emanated from these differences. To this date the strife goes on and it has taken a new dimension with factionalism taking center stage. The “Gamatox and Zvipfukuto” factions dominated the scene prior to and after 2013 general elections. This ugly phenomenon had its own victims and among them Cde Teurairopa and may others. Currently the so-called G40 and Lacoste factions are tearing into each other like hell. Regionalism still rears its ugly face as we heard Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko saying it is not given that a Karanga person will succeed President Mugabe. As long as ZANU-PF exists internal strife will dominate its everday life.

  4. As long as it does not split and die or weaken like MDC.

  5. Imagine if Mutsvangwa had made similar noise when a fellow ex-combatant, JTRM, was being savaged! Am sorry Baba Chris you made it clear in 2014 that war vet harina basa. You are the one who even started questioning the exploits of war vet and told all and sundry kuti hakuna helicopter yakadonhedzwa. Very soon Mugabe will be telling us that those in the bush never did anything significant, it is only him, his education and flent English that won the war for Zimbabwe. Makapusa!!!

  6. True gunguwo. Bob knows no war was ever won bcoz the coward war vets were engaging in hit and run. It was his skill at lancaster which won the day hence his sole ownership of the country. Nyararayi vana mukoma.

    1. True, is it even remotely possible to think that our Cdes had the tenacity and skill to defeat the mighty British Royal Army.Please.

  7. mazidhandanda ,mazigogonyora mazidindindi kunyambotukwa kana kudzingwa ese mazidofo anongoita bootlick mugabe and protect himyet iye mugabe haachavade ,vanongomunamta havatomboone kuti mugabe ndiye problem

  8. ma cde itai serious nenyika onai isu ma born free toku kudzai sei imi pachenyu kana muchizvidzana tichapedzisira tafunga kut zvekut hondo hondo ya itori fiction .coz tinonzwa kut ndege yakadonha imiwo va Mutsvangwa moti akuna ndege yakadona .Be serious with this nation dont play fun tactics with th people we need a way forward look w are struggling in securing jobs,industries are closing parents are failing to pay fees for children and you are busy fighting since 2014 hee gamatox,hee lacoste hee G40 its all weakening the basic standards of living to the people .We need DEVELOPMENTS IN ZIMBABWE UNITY OF PURPOSE if u cdes become serious with o own pple

    Concerned me tosvikepi Jeso

  9. When did Mutsvangwa find out that President Mugabe is a prisoner of G40? And all along we thought he was the president…Is Mutsvangwa sure of what he is saying?

  10. If Mutsvangwa really feels that he’s a war veteran par-excellence than others and he has support which he thinks he has, let him go ahead and form his own political party to prove that he’s really worried about the situation in government and the plight for war veterans.

  11. Please give us a break with those lies Mutsvangwa. Sibanda is still appearing in court for insulting the President and first lady. Now who do you want to fool by such naked lies, is it publicity seeking? OR its the typical behavior of a psycho who surely has not taken his medication. No wonder why you were busy stealing women”s underwear whilst others were fighting. By the way which front did you operate and who was you commander. Now the truths is needed. WE ARE NOT DESPERATE TO LET ROGUE ELEMENTS BE IN GOVERNMENT EVEN AFTER MUGABE. NEVER AGAIN.

  12. ma cdes we are a disgraced lot, we are not united, and mugabe knows that, and has used that to devide us. Devide and rule tactic has worked for mugabe. we have always been used like toilet tissues when done with the big job we are discarded. we are the ones who have kept mugabe and his cronies in powr for all these years intimidating and butchering innocent pple kuti mugabe arambe achidya nemhuri yake, The pple of this country tinonyadza and we dont behave like takafunda. dzese mbavha dzakaba dzinofanirwa kusungwa; international court of justice mst drag these thugs, selfish pple to the Hague. We are in this mess bcz of mbavha dza mugabe kuhwanda nekufoma political parties kuti murambe muchidya nehama dzenyu. Kusanyara.

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