Mudede contraceptive claims slammed

HEALTH and Child Care ministry secretary Gerald Gwinji yesterday poured cold water on Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede’s recent assertions that family planning methods used by Zimbabwean women are unsafe.


Gwinji told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Gender and Women Affairs that, if anything, the traditional methods proposed by Mudede might result in high cases of pregnancy.

“Contraceptives are safe and reliable and do not cause any defects or infertility, and I would really like to allay misconceptions thrown around in the media and say they are not true,” he said.

“Allegations that family planning curtails population growth are rather misplaced, as population growth is determined by fertility, mortality or migration.”

Gwinji said the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council has been co-ordinating family planning activities, adding Zimbabwe abides by international family planning standards and best practices supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Mudede is expected to launch a book on Friday, which attacks modern contraceptive methods, saying they cause birth defects such as birthing children with big heads, as well as affecting couples’ libido.

“We work with WHO on each new family planning method to collect data on Zimbabwean women. The side effects cannot override the advantages, and when one method does not work for one individual, a trained person can administer another.

“Some 5% of women on Depo Provera can bleed, but we cannot forget the 95% protection that they get,” Mike Chirenje, from the Obstetrics and Gynaecological department, who accompanyed Gwinji, said.

Chairperson of the committee, Biata Nyamupinga asked Gwinji if family planning could affect libido.

“I have no answer to that. It is subject to some study to determine if women and men get those effects. It is an area where social scientists can research on,” he responded.

Chirenje said contraceptives and anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs go through the liver and kidneys, resulting in them competing, but he said there was need for more research to see if they affected sexual libido.

“It is a broad topic and as most men grow older, they take blood pressure medication and it affects libido. There are also some ARVs that affect libido,” he said.

Gwinji said it had been difficult to ascertain effectiveness of traditional family planning methods like the withdrawal method and herbs, given that most herbalists were secretive with their knowledge.

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  1. mazino akaora

    That tobaiwa is a mampala.

  2. really guys.we should be encouraging people to have many kids.why because they are few black people and it increases our chances of having a genius among us.


    Mudede must be supported. We need more people to be a powerful Zimbabwe. Even the Word of God encourages us to increase like stars of the sky. Why employing birth control measures now when we still need more labourers, more skilled professionals, more soldiers, more doctors, more police men, and a larger market for our goods. Look at Nigeria now, its strong population base is driving its rapid economic development.

  4. There is a certain Dr B Chizhande from BMF parirenyatwa who is doing a study on that-contraception and can contact him at parirenyatwa hospital for further information

  5. ummm murikuda kuitira vana ivava ani? can u take care of them? that is why some children wonder kuti sei vabereki ava vakatikudza tichiona nhamo mangwana u want the same kids to give u the good life. u cannot compete with the demands of nature kuti vanhu vakawanda vakudiwa vakuwandiswa newe here instead of managing your own life with the already almost no resources that u hev. ma genius anotorodzwa pfungwa nema resources, fundo zvino kana uine a school of kids kungoshandira kurarama wena. Also u nid to understand the context of the Bible that then there was noone else on earth and there were no traffic jams tsunamis diseases etc, dont judge a fish with the ability to fly.

  6. Bona Mugabe kuMalawi

    We already have too many streetkids roaming our streets, and we would like to dowload evben more in the face of poverty gripping Zimbabwe at the moment, with so much unemplyment, hunger, startvation, govt brutality, no social welfare services….are we even serious about ourselbes…let alone those whom we want to bring to the world? Kwana vana Mudede. Not everyone has access to stolen govt wealth like you and your Nikuv slush fund. The rest of us are just suffering. We cant afford the expensive education. Your govt is not even paying the BEAM and cadetships…and you want us to raise poor and uneducated kids just to give you some more nikuving work at RG? uiRI KATUZVI Tobaiwa.

  7. God said multiply and subdue the earth but never gave a condition to stop when tsunamis,hunger,diseases and starvation comes. Since when did God asked men to add on to what we think He left unsaid

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