Mphoko questioned over hotel stay

VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko

VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko was yesterday quizzed in the National Assembly over his continued stay at a five-star hotel in Harare, at a time the country is living from hand to mouth and when thousands of Zimbabweans are staring hunger due to the drought.


Itai-Dzamara 2

Mabvuku-Tafara MP, James Maridadi (MDC-T) challenged Mphoko to explain his nearly 15-month stay in the hotel, but Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda ruled the question was not a policy issue.

“Honourable VP Mphoko, you have been staying at Rainbow Towers since you were appointed VP in 2014, and you know that the economy of this country is not performing and cannot allow you to do that,” Maridadi said amidst fierce interjections from Zanu PF members and applause from opposition MPs.

But before Mphoko could reply, Mudenda advised the opposition legislator to put his question in writing.

Mphoko seemed eager to respond and kept beckoning to the Speaker that he wanted to give a response, but Mudenda did not allow him to go ahead.

In another matter, Mines minister Walter Chidakwa said a forensic audit will be carried out to ascertain if $15 billion diamond revenue had gone missing as alleged by President Robert Mugabe recently.

Meanwhile, debate on a motion moved by Kuwadzana East MP, Nelson Chamisa on the disappearance of democracy activist Itai Dzamara over a year ago hit a snag for the third time after Zanu PF MPs trickled out of the House before it was reintroduced to ensure there was no quorum of 70 legislators.

Chamisa said a Zanu PF MP had alerted him that a ruling party caucus had directed the legislators to walk out to ensure that the Dzamara issue is not debated.

“It is totally unacceptable that we try to evade debate on such an important issue. What is embarrassing is that they are leaving the two Vice-Presidents in the House while they walk out.

How callous and cruel it is,” he said in disappointment.


  1. Zviripachena kuti makororo ezanu pf anoziva kuna Itai.Why vachibuda muparliament kana pava kutaurwa nyaya iyoyi????They should know that come 2018 a different story will be told about Zimbabwe.

  2. why does Mudenda protect Mpoko for his extravagance whilst the country is burning. This the problem with appointees, they see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil on those that appoint them. Its a shame.

    • Dzamara disappeared on the 9th of March 2015 and Mujuru left Zanu PF party and the Government in November of 2014!

  3. hotera inonakidza kugara zve 2 minutes, kwete 2 years! apa no beer, no small house. unenge uchimboiteiko pese apa??????

  4. Vanhu ava imbavha chaidzo havana basa nevanhu. Ikozvino mukuru wavo anoti 15 billion yema diamonds yakabiwa asi ndiye akapa directive kuMbada kuti iite fund the 2013 Zanu PF election campaign. Mhlanga ayingoita macoupon efuel ekunokora kana mari chaiyo achipa vanhu vaimiririra zanu PF. Magonyeti 15 to 20 echikafu ayi endwa nawo kuma Province imari dzeMbada but today they profess ignorance varivo vai funder musangano. Am an Eye witness. Was in Zanu Pf then but contemplating joining Tsvangirai anenge ari nani and ane good image internationally.

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