Mnangagwa dragged into farm wrangle

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxillia, reportedly confiscated title deeds for a farm owned by a co-operative in her Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency and replaced the co-operative’s executive with Zanu PF appointees.

by Everson Mushava

auxillia mnangagwa 1 (2)

The co-operative’s chairperson, Pio Musambasi told NewsDay that the incident occurred at Wadzanai Farm last Thursday.

Musambai claimed he was forced to hand over the title deeds, chant Zanu PF slogans and surrender his chairpersonship before a crowd of more than 200 Zanu PF supporters, who had been gathered for a rally at the farm.

“A Zanu PF ward 17 councillor came to me and told me that there would be a developmental meeting with the MP at the farm,” he said.

“After addressing the meeting, Mnangagwa then said there was an issue she wanted to solve about the co-operative.

“She said the executive of the co-operative had overstayed and was made up of MDC-T supporters and it has to be replaced.”

Wadzanai Co-operative Farm, according to Musambasi, was registered in 1983 after about 171 families, who had been displaced from the land by the Rhodesian government, pooled resources and bought the landm, where they conducted various business activities.

But according to Musambasi, Zanu PF supporters started pushing to change the commercial property into communal land.

Contacted for comment, Mnangagwa denied claims that she had confiscated the farm’s title deeds, saying she only intervened to solve a dispute that had arisen among co-operative members.

“They have their title deeds, what would I do with them?” she asked.

“They invited me to preside over their differences that arose when some of them decided to support MDC. They had their elections while I watched. I did not interfere and I did not impose anyone. They had a misunderstanding with the executive, which had been in place for the past 14 years.”

This came after some Zanu PF members; Remigio Kunota and Christia Mushore addressed the rally urging Mnangagwa to remove the executive.

The following day, a Zanu PF district official visited the farm and offered to return the title deeds, but Musambasi told them he had already engaged lawyers over the matter.

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  1. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    If it’s true what’s appearing in this paper, it’s then tragic,why should an MP stoop so low and be involved in disputes of this nature.Believe the cooperative,as a registered entity has provisions which spell out how disputes should be resolved whenever they arise.I don’t believe that there is any clause which provides for the invitation of an MP in the event of a dispute.Because of her involvement in the dispute,it is likely to escalate to unmanageable proportions with the likelihood of splitting into several entities or even becoming entirely extinct.

  2. Flying Monkey

    This is the woman whose husband a few weeks ago told white farmers he was protecting them!

  3. What’s wrong with members supporting MDC? Isn’t it a registered legal party. Hope this woman never becomes first lady.

  4. “They invited me” Who invited you madam MP?
    “Some of them decided to support MDC” is it a crime?

    Chaurikutsvaga kuparadza project yanga ichiraramisa mhuri zhinji. Kusanyara kwako Auxillia. Svoadai kana muri vanhu vakuru.

    I would like to urge Musambasi and his executive to follow the legal route and to continue supporting political parties of choice.

  5. wether 1 is MDC or Zanu Pf ikodzero yemunhu wese kuwana pekugara unless tht coop is meant to benefit Zanu pple only. waigadzirisei uno ziva by-law rema coop here iwe .Those pple should seek help from Ministry of Cooperatives hazvidi bato izvo.

  6. So this message about all food aid must be given to all does not apply to those who want to farm for their livelihood? Food aid can be given to all irriespective of party affiliation but working the land for one’s self only requires Zanu-PF members!!!


    There are factions fighting here, its only that the name MDC has been dragged into this wrangle to hoodwink. As a ‘vice first lady’, imagine what will happen when the hubby becomes the president? We also read of a woman(claiming to be Mnangagwa daughter), who went to a white owned farm with a gang armed to the teeth and telling the white farmer to leave or part ways with millions.

  8. Auxillia, you have scored an own goal. You are totally abusing your powers if you have any powers. This co-op is a people’s co-op not a political project.
    As an MP you should unite people and not separate them.
    Your talk of over staying is hypocritical, how long has Mugabe been president? Don’t you think he has overstayed and should also go. Why can’t Mugabe lead by example?

    1. Without even asking about President Mugabe, how long has her husband stayed in Parliament and cabinet? Since 1980? And even when he kept losing to Blessing Chebundo in Kwekwe

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    —-> w­w­w.p­a­y­a­b­i­l­i­t­y­7­0.c­o­m

  10. Auxie wanyadzisa hokoyo na sisi gire manyemwe ese anopera ayo. murume agariswa pasi akumukira muoffice kunoverenga herald kikihaha

  11. Mudhara Wepurazi

    I salute Musambasi and his team. Remain calm and please follow the legal route until you win your case. You are almost there. Keep the fire burning Wadzanai Farm.

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