MDC-T youths petition Chihuri, Chombo over police conduct

MDC-T youths yesterday wrote to police in Mbare to register their displeasure over the disruption of their scheduled rally by Zanu PF youths on Sunday.


The youths accused police of being biased after it emerged no Zanu PF youths had been arrested following the skirmishes, which left about 30 MDC-T supporters injured.

All hell broke loose after MDC-T youths, who had booked Ground Number 5 in Mbare and obtained a police clearance letter to use the facility, found Zanu PF youths playing a “social” soccer match at the venue.

“We refer to the above as an urgent matter that must come to your attention concerning the disruption and violent attacks that occurred in Mbare at Ground Number 5 around 12pm on March 6, 2016,” the letter, signed by MDC-T Harare provincial youth secretary Denford Ngadziore and addressed to Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and Home Affairs minister lgnatius Chombo, read.

“There were attacks that led to several youths of our party being seriously injured and hospitalised.

“Since no action was taken by the police, we, therefore, demand the rightful action and immediate arrests of the perpetrators for justice to prevail.”

According to MDC-T, one of their youths, Chamunorwa Mushauripo, was kidnapped and tortured at a Zanu PF base in the suburb, while other opposition youths lost valuables and money during the melee.

Zanu PF secretary for youth affairs Pupurai Togarepi referred all questions to Harare youth leader Edson Takataka. However, Takataka’s mobile phone went unanswered.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the disturbances, but said no arrests were made, as the youths dispersed when police officers arrived at the scene.

“I understand there were some clashes and the police reaction team went to the scene and the people dispersed,” she said.

Charamba said the MDC-T letter was not addressed to her and she was unaware of it, although she said the opposition party youths should expect a response from the office they sent the letter to.

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  1. I am being suprised that we have got some other people who are still fighting for Zanupf, the party which has destroyed the lives of many people as well as those of the future generation. When are we to learn that we are being used by these politicians in power especially those from Zanupf? Can we fight so that Mugabe can rule till his death? What of essence has he done for all the nearly forty years on power.? Lets us use our brains not to be used by these greed politicians. God help us to see that we are being used.

  2. hameno havo

  3. “I understand there were some clashes and the police reaction team went to the scene and the people dispersed,” she said ……and there were no arrests made.

    God for how long shall these thugs continue running our country?……sure there were no policemen at a political rally that had police clearance.

    The reality is our country is in the hands of “mafia” ! No wonder there is a complete breakdown of law and order…..accidents, corruption, injustice, poverty, people who are a law to themselves. No wonder why the country is being controlled by Kizitos and Zvwayos.

    Oh God remember Zimbabwe.

  4. Those who are fighting on the side of ZANU (PF) know exactly what they are doing. They do not do it for patriotism as we are always told but for material gain.

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