MDC-T rallies churches, CSOs against documentary ban

THE main opposition MDC-T has rallied churches, civic groups and other opposition parties to join its campaign to force government to lift the ban on the award-winning documentary, The Democracts, which chronicles the 2013 constitution-making process.


MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said Zimbabweans deserved to be given the chance to view the documentary as there was nothing criminal about its contents.

Mwonzora is also featured in the documentary alongside Zanu PF representative Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana.

The Censorship Board last month banned the distribution of the documentary, saying it was unfit for local consumption.

“We are saying why should they ban it when it contains what the people went through during that period?” Mwonzora asked yesterday.

“People are entitled to know what happened during the final stages of the constitution-making process. Ads

“We want to drum up as much support as possible so that it is unbanned. Every democracy-loving person must take part in the defence of the truth.

“Whether it is Zanu PF, MDC-T or any other party, we want to help each other to preserve history and the truth by making sure the documentary is unbanned.”

The documentary has reportedly won more than 15 international awards, but that has not unfazed the Censorship Board.

Mangwana was recently quoted defending the ban as justified, arguing the documentary depicted President Robert Mugabe as a dictator.

Mwonzora, however, said “this documentary was recorded as the process was taking place and recorded the truth of what happened.

“The attempts to manipulate the process by various State officials are exposed in the documentary.

At the end of the documentary, we learn about plots to murder some of the leaders of the process. Zimbabweans participated in the constitution-making process.”


  1. Just upload to YouTube totora tega ikoko. Why beg Zanupf to see what we said about our country? Whats not fit for local consumption when most of it is the basis of our current constitution. Does this make our constitution unfit for us?

  2. Check on youtube soon….

  3. gone are the whites and their minority rule, now its mgabas turn to vandalize any sign of freedom (speech or action). alongside is grace the real train hoch koch. she even want all anti mgabas to be jailed or hanged( for her to remain the first lady) i predict mjuru is another zanu ext .beware mazimbo imbada inoda ropa mavara haana basa.

  4. Clearly freedom of speech refers to the truth
    In this case i played a part in this constitution by giving evidence.
    this constitution was contrioled by crooks to cover up crime and I know their names.

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