‘Looted’ $15 billion comic video goes viral

AWARD-WINNING rapper Prince Noble Butau aka Noble Styles has added another cap to his illustrious entertainment career after trying his hand at comedy, hitting a purple patch on his first attempt.



The rapper shot an approximately three-minute long video in which he comically questions the whereabouts of the $15 billion worth of diamonds that President Robert Mugabe said were looted in Chiadzwa.

The video had 40 000 hits on its debut on Facebook last week and it has since gone viral on different social media platforms.

In the video Noble Styles jokingly asserts that every citizen is entitled to at least $1 000 from the missing money, given that Zimbabwe’s population is close to 15 million people.

He challenges parliamentarians to reveal the whereabouts of the allegedly looted resources.

“Ndiani akapedzisira kuiona? (Who was the last to see the money?). I am going to Parliament to demand my $1 000 share. My daughter also needs cereals,” he says in the video with tears trickling down his cheeks.

Noble Styles told NewsDay he was stunned by the overwhelming response to the video. He said: “I am an artiste and when I read the papers about the alleged looting of $15 billion worth of diamonds, an idea just popped in my mind.

I then decided to take a light-hearted approach to the harsh realities of life.”

He said the only politics he cared about was putting food on his table.

Noble Styles is a wordsmith of repute as evidenced by the punch lines in his songs.

He is currently pushing his debut album, Masofa Panze, which was launched last year.

“The idea of naming my album Masofa Panze is derived from our African culture of putting the couch outside whenever a funeral occurs. So in the Zimbabwean hip-hop circles, I am killing the game, it is a mass murder I am bringing,” he said.

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  1. I wonder if Noble Styls wrote this article personally

    is this journalism or marketing

    1. Could someone upload the video

  2. This old thief by the name Mugabe should answer for his crimes together with this diamond loote Joice Mujuru. How can anyone sit and watch his country loose while he fills his pocket is ridiculous.

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