Local engineers in breakthrough energy invention

TWO Harare-based engineers have invented a simplified hydropower engine and pump for electricity generation.

By Jeffrey Moyo

The simplified version of the dummy or  prototype of the new version of a hydropower plant invented by engineers Edmas Gozo and Jeremia Sundire displayed at a launch held in Harare recently
The simplified version of the dummy or prototype of the new version of a hydropower plant invented by engineers Edmas Gozo and Jeremia Sundire displayed at a launch held in Harare recently

According to the engineers, the invention does not need a lake, river or a dam to run unlike other common hydroelectric power plants.

The plants are run using water tanks mounted on tall buildings.

“Between water tanks, we set our turbines, which together with other internal systems, are powerfully set in motion by the water,” one of the inventors, Edmas Gozo, told NewsDay Weekender.

“Unlike in other common hydropower plants, the water is not wasted away, but keeps rotating in the systems of our new power model, as it infinitely generates electricity.”

Gozo, an electrical engineer by profession, and Jeremia Sundire, a water engineer, started working on the model in 2010 and emerged with the complete concept in 2013.

The engineers launched the invention in Harare on Tuesday, where demonstrations were held at an event attended by representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Power Development.

The inventors were now looking for investors to turn the project into a commercial venture, which the say can produce 300 megawatts of electricity.

“Three hundred megawatts of electricity is our average production, but we can produce more electricity using our invention depending on the demand. We will be able to produce energy not only for Zimbabwe, but for the whole of Sadc,” Gozo said.

But the engineers said this was only possible if investors supported the programme.

“We need investors to help us produce a prototype for exhibition at international energy expos. What you see here, although running as you can see, is a dummy of our actual concept,” Sundire said.

With the demand for green technologies on the rise, the engineers said their power invention was a source of clean energy.

“The energy we produce is clean, We are not burning anything. We are not polluting anything and, therefore, ours is green energy conversion,” Gozo said.

The invention is now registered with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Wipo) under application number PCT/AP2011/000003.

Zimbabwe is currently importing 300MW of electricity from South Africa and another 100MW from Mozambique to augment supplies.


  1. Shinko Mantsoane

    Thumbs up guys ; this needs everyone s support. Wake Up Zimbabwe

    1. You just going to support something even if you don’t know it actually works?

    2. You can’t create energy from nothing. How does the water get pumped up into the tank. Excuse me for being sceptical but this sounds like bullshit. It reminds me of that helicopter inventor

  2. From the information given, this appears to be a simplified pumped storage system. There are thousands installed at different scales, including on tall buildings and deep mines. This story does not explain where the energy to replenish the tank comes from.

  3. “Engineers ” !!?? What rubbish..it does not work…Kindergarten kids stuff… you need minimally the same generated energy to put the water up in the tanks… and you cannot create energy…

  4. “Unlike in other common hydropower plants, the water is not wasted away, but keeps rotating in the systems of our new power model, as it infinitely generates electricity.”

    the FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS( also know as the law of conservation of energy) states: the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.

    this power generation system is bogus and only meant to hoodwink gullible investors to part with their monies. this power generation system purports to create energy, something that is not possible. these bogus power generation systems are similar to the bogus power generation systems brought to us by a company in bluffhill called SAITH technologies fronted by the church UFIC and a certain mr maxwell chikumbutso. this guy had the audacity to tell seasoned physicists such as myself that his power generation system could generate millions of volts of electricity from a 12volt battery via some magical cyrstalls he had discovered. ha ha ha ha ha. he also the “inventor” of an alternative energy helicopter, car and drone all of which could be and were imported from chin (check alibaba.com for his so-called inventions).

    1. Haha!
      I remember Saith Technology and Singulani Maxwell from a year or so ago. It was a green machine he purported could generate 500,000 W out of 60Ah lead acid battery pack…PERPETUALY!….Since then silence!

      Yeah this one sounds similar. But at least its patented and its inner workings are there to be dissected and appraised?

  5. “as it infinitely generates electricity” -?? As an engineer, I say this is against the laws of science.

    1. Ah! But ‘God’ circumvents that little problem!!

  6. Every invention the world adapted met resistance, even the laws of physics. If one claims to generate electricity in that fashion why not let him prove it? Solar and wind power started a long time ago and has improved significantly since then and very soon the world will depend on it but, it was not easy to convince everyone of the possibilities of utilising these energy resources, those who chose to investigate further are reaping the rewards now. I wouldn’t under-estimate such a project, its worth trying, even a human brain is being investigated and operated upon, that was considered impossible in the yester years. Laws can be changed or expanded, you just need the right proof and brains, gone are the days when the planets were only five, you can go beyond the past impossibilities.

  7. This ruse is nonsensical and very different,it is in the mold of church “miracles”. You cannot harvest more energy than the one you used to pump the water into the tanks. Smart Grade 7s will tell you that.

    1. You beat me to it RiRi!

      A vision from God lol!

  8. oh looks like they are just allowing the water to be recycled or to circulate in the sytem as opposed to Kariba which loses the water but question is can they do this at the Kariba scale i.e recycling the water back into the ‘power generation”system;I suppose this is what they call infinite.STEM.


    THEY SAY RECYCLING: where will they get the energy to pump back the water into the roof mounted jojo tank. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest ndaseka kumwe kudzidza zvakunoita. PHD in STEM Application

  10. give them a chance to prove themselves in front of an audience made up of experts, politicians should not attend the event because instead of listening to the scientists they will start chanting slogans and denouncing certain individuals they do not like, Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher once said THE WORLD IS ROUND and everybody persecuted him when in actual fact he was one wiseman amongst six billion fools

  11. Richard Knottenbelt

    Will Newsday have a new Headline article.” Free Energy Debunked”? Commentators above have made known the poor “science” of this so called invention. Something for nothing should always be scrutinized especially by reporters! To leave it as it is is dishonest journalism..

  12. Obvious fraud to anyone with even the most basic understanding of science.

  13. I suppose they left out the means of recirculating the water. Whatever method they use it will consume some energy of some sort at start up until the generator is on load. This power to the auxiliaries must be such that the sent out power makes economic sense. It would also be good to know their breakeven $ per kwh. They could have topped that by doing a Net Present Value (NPV) of the project given their Weighted Average Cost of Capital(WACC)

  14. Yah there is some missing information here…

  15. A lot of questions need answering here.Then again an inventor of something groundbreaking has every right to protect his/her invention from being ripped off.
    I have my doubts on this particular one though.
    An ‘invention’ of this magnitude in a poor country like ours – the mind boggles.

    Are these guys contactable?!

  16. This the same crap as the refined diesel from a rock. Designed to dupe idiotic ministers and gulliable and senseless Newsday reporters.

  17. One way to fill the tanks: rain storm. (-:


  18. This invention was reconised and patended by W.I.P.O. Before internarional engineers and scientists. Thats why its a new invention. New inventions defy known laws. Above all noone can reveal his secret in a newspaper but only to tell the world about the electricity revolution. Inventions differ very much from diesel mudombo and helicopter which were mere shouts, THIS IS AN INVENTION.

  19. In the news is where it written “What u can see here although running as u can see, is our concept” This shows the people present were seeing electricity being produced keep it up Enginners zimbabwe has guinueus guys among them masiiwa and tday these 2 engineers Telefon and electricity revolution MAKAIPA VAKOMANA FAMBAI NE NDIMA VANHU VACHINGOTI NDOCHII TAKUPAI SANDO DZENYU and this is from zim,

  20. U can neither create nor destroy energy. Let us get a bit serious.Diesel from the rock !

  21. “Three hundred megawatts of electricity is our average production

    saka vanhu ava varikugadzira 300mw nema jojo tanks

  22. my name is linos guys and i mansged to search where i can get these guys and luckly i found them and was lucky to see the prorotype live. Hey these people are serious the prototype really circulates water easily and simply and produce electricity nicely. i discovered that with their method water can be driven back very easily and fast and the way it is done is very different from the way we think and apply it in our known laws. Hey what i can just say is this is electricity revolution. I ask a question of tanks and talk of reservors on top of a building and were saying the building will be constructed being a powerstion already and everything is to be done accordingly having its reservor on top and bottom. hey this is out of this world guys

  23. BUT LINOS YOU ARE NOT DOING ANY GOOD HERE. You are not saying what you saw. Maybe you can help dispel the misconception we all have here. The question is how do they generate the power to recirculate the water back into the reservoir without using the electricity they are producing. How do they account for mechanical losses in the system.

    Its not that all the people commenting on this issue do not want new things by zimbabweans or from Africa but this invention defies logic. Energy at Point A = Energy at point B + Mechanical Losses. Confirm whether this statement is wrong or not. If so then we have managed to have our own Isaac Newton in our midst. Because they have managed to create a new law of physics in as far as energy is concerned.
    Still Linos I remain adamant that something is not right somewhere. I stand to be corrected here.

  24. One of the basic laws of physics says a perpetual motion machine is not possible. Maybe these guys have proved this law wrong. Let them explain. There are lots of engineers and scientist that can interrogate the theory not news day crew and Harare municipal police or war vets.

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