Live updates: Zanu PF rally Chipadze Stadium

ZANU PF’s warring factions that are threatening to tear apart the former revolutionary party. Zanu PF has converged in Chipadze, Bindura for a rally that President Robert Mugabe will be attending and is expected to talk about factionalism in the party.

By Everson Mushava

Compiled by John Mokwetsi

Two factions, one backing Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Generation 40 (G40), a grouping of young Turks who have the support of Grace have been at loggerheads as they seek to control the party and eventually succeed President Robert Mugabe.

4:40 PM: The president narrates the history of the liberation struggle and justifies taking of land by force saying that the British had done the same. He added that war veterans should join the party and lead where they can and mobilise people to be united “not that they should single
themselves out of the party.” The president said they will have a day at the beginning of next month, April where war veterans will come to Harare to discuss problems bedeviling them.

4:21 PM Mugabe speaks about the history of the liberation struggle pointing out that Mash central was the pioneer of the struggle. He said the state should consider a monument or something that reminds the country of the role the area played in kick starting the war against colonialism.

4:13 PM‪ Mugabe is now on the stage and chants slogan. VPs Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko are absent. Mugabe praises Mash central
executive for fair distribution of food adding that there is plenty of food but logistical problems are affecting distribution. He said he was going to address the issue of transport problems.

4:05 PM Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere is on stage. Kasukuwere pleads with Mugabe to initiate income generating projects. He repeats a dominant message at these rallies that informs the party that any attempt to remove President Robert Mugabe from power was a cardinal sin. He immediately burst into song-Regai vatonge baba, VaMugabe (Let Mugabe rule)

4:04 pm As has become the norm for every Zanu PF member deemed politically incorrect, Matemadanda’s political history is being questioned with Chidewe calling for further investigations on whether he trained at all for the liberation struggle. He adds: “Matemadanda is a fake war veteran.”

4:01 pm John Chidewe, the war vets chairman for Mashonaland central says war vets in the province are united. He added that he was ready no name and shame errant war veterans singling out for War Vets minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and War Veterans secretary general, Victor Matemadanda. He said Matemadanda has reached a stage where he was ready to be punished. He added that the punitive action will be effected in light of his petitioning the president. He said Mutsvangwa should be grateful that the state has given him a Mercedes Benz and that his family was well looked after.

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  3. I greatly recognize the role played by our war veterans but we equivocally cannot subject the rest of our political livelihood to the war narratives. We can’t tether the rest of future on one subject year in year out unless there is much to it than meets the eye. Lets do a reality check and unearth this bitter truth.

  4. While war vets are honoured as a group but they are not a formular to the answer of absolute poverty bedelving the vast majority of Zimbaz because of misrule by Robert, Grace and their group of heartless and greedy studgies.
    We cant divorce the war vets from the povo.. Its just like using a mini cooper to tug a train.. hazvife zvakabudirara. Zviri pachena kuti Zanu Pf yasara the first family namipengo mishoma shoma yakaita sana Kasukuwere..

  5. hakuna munhu anofa nenzara nekuti takazotenga chibage from Zambia nekuti ndiko kune mawhite farmers atakadzinga muno! kkkkkkkkkkest

  6. Children of War Vets

    does every1 knows what we fought for? don’t remind us coz you need to be reminded for. What was our agreement at war? If we had agreed to have 1 person remain at the helm for so long no one would have gone to war. Even those who died wouldn’t have gone there.

  7. Its true the old man should consider the fact that if it were somebody in power for so long & seeing people suffering what would have been his response,leaving
    people like this no,no, think mhani makura imi

  8. So its the war veterans that should tell Matibili to resign?, which means the rest of the country are useless. It clearly shows that he hasn’t people at heart. He just doesn’t care about people. I used to like that Matibili, but I have realised it was a mistake, he is evil, and he is taking Zimbabweans for granted, he should leave office. Zimbabweans are dying of hunger and the food is distributed to zanu Pf supporters only and yet the maize is bought by govt money and some donated for free.

  9. He is taking us for a ride

  10. The mighty unconquerable lion of Zimbabwe.His exellence President Robert Mugabe. Ehe the unconquerable..ndowatakura tichinzwa isu,..tirimo muZimbabwe macho….Every opposition of the current governance has few facts/wisdom.I encourage all the youths of this time to put God first through the bible in truth and faith. And also to study hard in faith. So that when you reach the age of forty and wish to lead the people of ZIMBABWE in faith and your good works you shall prosper, and your name shall not be put to shame. amen.

  11. @Samson…Sheol is going to conquer the unconquerable. Or is it Gehenna…maybe Hell.

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  13. Tinoto mama nayo nhamo

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