Latest: Another break in at Mnangagwa’s office

POLICE in Harare were this morning reportedly investigating another suspected break-in at Vice- President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Ministry of Justice offices.

VP Emerson Mnangagwa and President Robert Mugabe
VP Emerson Mnangagwa and President Robert Mugabe

Details of the alleged break-in were still sketchy with police detectives at the site refusing to speak to the media.
National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and Information minister Christopher Mushohwe could not be reached for comment.
The break-in if confirmed, would be the fifth since 2013 although no suspects have been arrested in all the cases.
Mnangagwa is currently locked in fierce succession wars with rival Zanu PF factions eyeing President Robert Mugabe’s post.

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  1. This is getting ridiculous! Didn‘t they beef up security after the previous 6 break in attempts!

  2. They do deserve it…maybe there is nothing like that bcoz it’s there statement when cases of political violence were reported .. so go ahead with it guyz wherever you are doing t from .. till you get them

  3. Shame a VPs office being broken into 6 times!

  4. Tanga Wakumbira

    Does the VP use a tent for an office?

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  6. These “selfies” are they really newsworthy?

  7. they need to get some infor kept ther

  8. He is breaking his own office to earn sympathy and public attention…kupisa motokari yako kuti insurance ibhadhare…munoti takapusa…succession battle using unlearned tactics

  9. rubbish thats being stage managed to cement his succession metrics. No issue

  10. Even an office in Barts House or Whitehouse downtown is more secure than this

  11. Stapleford Maswera

    Evert person can concur that there is inadequate security at the new government complex and that the VP is so poorly protected else this is nonsense. Where on earth do you have a government complex broken in if not bombed. Stop it! Do not publish such nonsense again whether true or false. I say, shut up and arrest Joice Mujuru for stealing timber at Maswera using a shelf company called Nyika Enterprises. Go for the CR14 and tells us what Mujuru stole. Ministry of Justice yacho haigone kubata mbavha kana inopinda maMinister of Justice here? How can there be rule of law or sense of security of persons and property?

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