Lacoste disowns expelled youths

ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly distanced himself from three youths fired from the party recently, saying the trio have gone rogue and no longer represent his interests, close allies of the embattled Zanu PF leader revealed.


Mnangagwa’s allies said the three expelled Zanu PF youths — Godfrey Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central), Vengai Musengi (Mashonaland West), and Godwin Gomwe (Harare), who last week authored a 12-paged dossier purporting to be defenders of Mnangagwa — had gone wayward.

“They do not represent the interests of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and, in fact, we think they are being funded to behave as if they are acting on his behalf, so that his name is associated with rebellion,” one of the Vice-President’s top allies said.

In a document addressed to President Robert Mugabe, the youths, operating under the Save Zanu PF Campaign banner, “revealed” how the Zanu PF leader used them to hound former Vice-President Joice Mujuru out of the party in 2014, on trumped-up charges of witchcraft and assassination plots.

They also claimed the 92-year-old party leader recently attempted, but failed, to use them as “dogs of war” to blackmail Mnangagwa and rule him out of the succession race.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said he was unaware of the allegations that the youths were backing Mnangagwa or anybody in the party.

“I am unaware of those allegations. If there is any truth in them. I will not comment on how it affects the image of the Vice-President,” he said.

Moyo said while he had not read the document, if it was presented to the party, they would look into it and see if it was authentic despite that it was authored by expelled people.

Tsenengamu, who appears to be the spokesperson of the group, refused to comment on allegations that they were not part of Team Lacoste, as Mnangagwa’s faction in Zanu PF is popularly known, and instead, demanded to know NewsDay Weeekender sources.

“Write what you have been told, plus that which you know and what you have seen…I don’t chase shadows. So unless you tell me who is your source in Team Lacoste who said that, then I can’t respond to unidentified sources,” he said.

Sources said the succession issue had sucked in the State security apparatus with a section backing First Lady Grace Mugabe and the G40 faction.

Midlands provincial spokesperson, Cornelius Mupereri, who has been linked to Lacoste, said attempts to link the Midlands political kingpin to a faction were myopic.

“We have seen attempts to drag Midlands province and the Vice-President to a Lacoste faction. Yet it is of public record who coined the term Lacoste, and G40, it was not him (Mnangagwa) and neither was it this province,” he said.

“We stand guided by the party. Those who were expelled from Zanu PF cannot purport to speak for anyone inside the party and from what I know about the VP, he is a loyal party cadre who can never support those denigrating the person of President Mugabe.”

However, the source said Mnangagwa remained close to others who were expelled, including Midlands youth chairman, Edmore Samambwa and fired War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, among others.

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  1. Coward! You hung ’em out to dry like you did Jona in 2004.

    1. History reaping it’s self. Instead of backing them and hit back also at G40, he is disowning them.

  2. They are on their own now. They thought it was going to be easy but its proved difficult and Team Lacoste will now have to come with plan B.

  3. if you speak from outside Zanu they won’t listen, if you speak from within they expel you, which way do you choose to GO ZANU?

  4. People don’t seem to understand a few simple thing about ED. All he wants is to be president. He knows he isn’t popular outside Zanu pf and therefore will never leave as he won’t survive once out there like mai Mujuru. He knows the VP is a post that exists purely for Bob’s pleasure and can be dissolved anytime. He knows that these zealous youths aligned to team Lacoste are expendable pawns along the ascendency road to the presidency. He knows he has the support of the only relevant state machinery that creates presidents being the military and judiciary. Not petty popularity politics. Put all that together and you realise ED ain’t going nowhere and has in fact survived yet another potential disturbance to his presidential ambitions. He is absolutely spot on target and a true political Croc who cares only about winning the war not petty battles along the way. Viva Lacoste!

  5. Instead of making noise why doesn’t the President just expel ED from the Party and Govt? We are told ED is the instigator of factions and source of disharmony in the Party. Since the President is the one centre of power he can dis-appoint ED from VP from both the Party and Govt. After that the President can appoint his choice of VP in the Party and Govt. This way we will have unity and peace in the country. We cannot go on fighting like this and distracting leadership from attending and fixing the economy.

  6. Viva Lacoste.Thats the deal.yu spot on.when yu go into battle and get shot ,dont expect the general to come to pik yu up.yu pik yoself up n get on wth the war or run.why shuld ngwena risk his plans for 3 youths?not that they r not important bt casualties of war.he will see them later,when the war is won.

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