Kereke threatened me: Subordinate

FORMER Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) senior official Munyaradzi Kereke allegedly threatened to fire his subordinates after they refused to falsify the date he returned the firearm he used to instil fear in his minor niece, whom he allegedly later raped, Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa heard yesterday.


RBZ director (financial intelligence unit) Mirirai Chiremba made the accusation yesterday while testifying in the trial of his former boss, who is facing indecent assault and rape charges.

Kereke is alleged to have indecently assaulted his minor nieces at his Vainona home in August 2010 while he was adviser to then RBZ governor Gideon Gono.

Munyaradzi-Kereke Munyaradzi Kereke[/Caption]

Chiremba said Kereke stormed into his office on August 22, 2010, and ordered him to sign a paper which indicated the gun was returned earlier, when it was not.

“He threatened that if I didn’t sign, he was going to sort me out. As an adviser to the bank then, he was a powerful man and we all knew him for that,” Chiremba said.

Chiremba added: “He said he was not going to leave my office until I signed. I was forced (to sign) although I knew it was wrong.”

The note was to the effect that the gun had been returned on June 14, 2010.

Chiremba also told the court that the alleged drama started on Sunday (August 22) when his mobile phone recorded a missed call at around 5:30am from Kereke.

On returning the call, he was allegedly ordered to meet his then boss at Bon Marche supermarket, Chisipite shopping centre.

Chiremba said upon arrival at the shopping centre, he saw Kereke waiting for him in his car in the parking lot and the latter handed over a pistol and rounds of ammunition, saying they should be taken to the central bank.

“He said he wanted them returned to the bank’s security as there were some people saying he had committed a crime using the gun. He also told me to enter a backdated date of return,” Chiremba said.

Chiremba said he asked Kereke the nature of the allegations, to which he responded that “it was a minor dispute”.

Chiremba alleges that he briefed Gono on the incident and the latter advised him not to tamper with the gun and tell the truth when asked about the matter.

Kereke’s lawyer, Eram Mutandiro, said Chiremba and Gono were trying to cover up for their misdeeds by framing up his client.

He alleged that Kereke had reported the duo for multiple fraud cases, treason and other cases and the matter was still at the Constitutional Court.

Harare lawyer Charles Warara is privately prosecuting the case.

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  7. Haa, the witness needs to prove that he was really forced to change the date by Kereke.This is very important in determining whether the crime did really happen because the weapon being mentioned here is the tool which is being alleged to have been used to commit the crime.sadly failure to prove so,the case may collapse even if the man might have committed the offense!

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