Kasinauyo suspended

. . . allegations of fixing Zim-Swazi tie

Zifa executive committee member responsible for technical affairs, Edzai Kasinauyo has been suspended by the football mother body after he was accused of trying to fix the result of the Warriors-Swaziland 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier in Mbabane on March 25.



The two teams are tied on four points at the top in Group L and both will be going all out for a win to enhance their chances of making it to the finals.

Zimbabwe will go into the match as favourites.

But Zifa allege Kasinauyo has been in contact with a syndicate in Asia in a bid to fix the result of that match, presumably for Zimbabwe to lose the encounter.

While details were sketchy, it was established last night that Zifa had received a tip-off that a match-fixing syndicate in Asia was in contact with Kasinauyo, who was supposed to communicate with the players.

Kasinauyo, who was elected as an executive committee member in December last year, expressed shock when he was contacted for comment last night, as he had not been invited for yesterday’s meeting or been informed of the allegations.

“I am just as shocked as everyone else as to where this is coming from,” he said.

“I have not made any contact with anyone in Asia about the match and, to make matters worse, I have learnt of these allegations from people that have read the statement. I was not told about today’s (yesterday’s) meeting and I was not informed about the allegations. I am trying to contact other board members to find out what’s going on.”

The Zifa statement on the matter read: “The Zimbabwe Football Association executive committee would like to inform the football fraternity, and the nation at large, that following its meeting held in Harare today (yesterday), it has provisionally suspended executive committee member, Edzai Kasinauyo. The suspension has been occasioned by allegations of match-fixing ahead of the 2017 Orange Africa Cup of Nations qualifier match between Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Kasinauyo has been fingered in the match-fixing scam and investigations are going on. Zifa president, Phillip Chiyangwa will issue a statement after consultations with Cosafa, Caf, Fifa and the government of Zimbabwe.”

Warriors coach ,Kalisto Pasuwa is set to name the squad that will do duty in this important Afcon tie this week.

The squad is expected to be dominated by Europe and South Africa-based players.

This is not the first time that match-fixing allegations have emerged in Zimbabwe after the infamous Asiagate scandal, which saw several players and officials being implicated in 2012, with no less than 80 people affected.

Some of the players and officials admitted to throwing matches, but there were flaws in the way Zifa handled the case, leading to its collapse.

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  1. Its still an allegation..zifa has the mandate to prove if this is true. It seemz like in Zimbabwe we no longer use the innocent until proven guilty approach to matters. People can just accuse you of doing something and go on to dismiss or suspend you without giving you the platform to defend yourself. Just because its allerged it doesn’t mean its true. Food for thought

  2. kkkkkkkk hamunyari yu are scared of this gentlemen hamudi vanhu vanoziva basa fixing how??mind yu 3/4 of the players are foreign based how will he convince professional players vane zvinhu zvavo already.pliz can we have detailed e-mails and other source documents chiyangwa hawutomboziva kuti caf/fifa zvakamirira chii.edzayi negotiated for pasuwas come back after the fallout with yu stupid elected executive nxaaaaaa hamunyari the man is professional he has soccer academies saka ari kudzidzisa chitsotsi.kurai mhani mashingaidze monopoly yako yanyanya one day you will be gunned down in the streets sekunana colombia,mexico kana goli sh******t.

  3. Haaa , Robson Sharuko was part of a syndicate that fixed warriors games and he is still chief sports reporter at herald. mushweki is still playing football. svesve has just resumed playing. selling out your country should be punishable by long prison sentences. Edzai should serve time in prison

  4. This is potentially libellous. Kasinauyo can sue these reckless urchins out of their skin. Even if the “allegations” are true you have to tread cautiously. You can’t allegedly fix a game that hasn’t been played yet and someone proves it unless they have a smoking gun. Ironically over at The Herald Chief executive at Asiagate wrote the match-fixing story

  5. I see someone apologising, or being sued by Edzai

  6. When Chiyangwa is involved you have to be extremely careful and cautious what you believe because he is genuinely a criminal who has ruined many people. This poor fellow might have been a stumbling block somewhere for Chiyangwa’s deals.

  7. Point of correction. Let the law take it’s course. If innocent he will be acquitted and if found guilty then he must be charged. Let not your judgement be clouded by how much you “like or dislike” the guy. To facilitate thorough investigation, suspension, in this case is proper, warranted and correct. Suspension does not mean dismissal. In the case of acquittal he can still get recourse through the courts by suing for damages. When you avail yourself for election to public office you have to be ready for scrutiny, evaluation and even unwarranted malice.

  8. Unfortunately these courts of law can be biased when dealing with powerful individuals and Chiyangwa has manipulated the system before

  9. Zanu PF yasvika zve kuBhora, suspensions!, purging!

  10. Why are we getting one side of the story. Are you telling me this paper is failing to talk to any of those fingered people so we get their side of the story. poor journalism NewsDay.

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