Junior doctors threaten to continue strike

JUNIOR doctors at public hospitals have threatened to continue with their strike until the Health Services Board (HSB) clarifies some vague clauses on their new employment contracts availed yesterday.

By Phyllis Mbanje

The doctors said the revised contract was vague on conditions of service and remuneration.

“Our collective position is that we are willing to go to work as soon as possible for the benefit of the patients. They (HSB) should go through proper channels and communicate with our representative body,” the junior doctors said.

“The figure ($895 gross salary) is vague on what deductions will be effected and it’s all-inclusive of allowances.”

The doctors, who are also protesting against being engaged as contract workers, are demanding clarity on matters like repeating college classes and the period a female doctor should be on maternity leave.

“Previously, we signed an assumption of duty contract which automatically meant that one was now employed permanently,” they said.

Last week, Mpilo Central Hospital was forced to shut down its outpatient department following the strike by junior doctors, which led to a serious shortage of personnel.

Currently, the situation is dire at most public hospitals as the strike by the junior doctors has created a huge gap in service delivery.

“Medical and surgical wards are the worst affected because they are covered by interns,” another student said.

But HSB spokesperson Nyasha Maravanyika was optimistic the doctors would sign the new contracts.
“We expect them to sign the contract so that they can start their housemanship. At the moment, I cannot confirm whether they have signed or not,” he said.

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals chief executive officer Thomas Zigora said the doctors had just received the contracts and were still going through them.

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  1. Medical doctors go to college for 5 years to earn peanuts. Their gross salary translates to a meagre $179.00 for each college year yet they are the most brilliant a-level science brains. Second best science brains, i.e. engineers normally earn around $2 100 gross and thats arnd $$525.00 for each college year. Accountants earn around $800 gross and they are in the same college year earning as medical doctors. Our dear friends teachers earn around $600 gross and thats about $200 for each academic year. The bottom line is it doesn’t pay to be a medical doctor in Zimbabwe.

  2. mari yose iri kudyiwa na cheese burger na nhachi kkkk

  3. its a sad case that medical students are doing some of the procedures on our beloved patients but on sad note they lack proper experience and guidance when they carry such ……imagine doing a lumber puncher ,they causing more pain instead of helping a sick patient…..if the gvmnt was the funding medical student they could do whatever they want,,,,they want cheap labour ,,,honestly uyu ndoutsinye ukuitwa ….the bosses they go ku private some outside to zim fo medical care so they DONT CARE !only God’s grace ndoirikudiwa

  4. guys why bother. so many career opportunities in the middle east with very good perks. you can earn 40k aed per month

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