G40 leaders must go: War veterans

DISGRUNTLED war veterans have vowed to confront President Robert Mugabe, railroad him to restore “Zanu PF’s lost ideology” and turn the sword against the G40 leaders whom they accused of hijacking the politburo.



The G40 is a grouping of Zanu PF Young Turks believed to be fronted by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Of late, the grouping has led a systematic purge on Zanu PF founding members and war veterans perceived to be aligned to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa as part of a wider plot to remove them from the ruling party’s succession matrix.

Both factions are jostling to strategically position themselves in the Zanu PF succession race for the ageing Mugabe who turned 92 last month.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary–general Victor Matemadanda told NewsDay yesterday that his executive had launched nationwide mass mobilisation rallies to sensitise members on the gravity of the matter before their no-holds-barred meeting with Mugabe “anytime soon”.

“The party has been hijacked and that is what we want to tell our patron that we feel the party has lost it. We hope he will listen to us. But at the moment, we are busy mobilising and bringing back in the association every war veteran outside there who could have been forced out by this ill-treatment taking place in our party,” Matemadanda said.

Other reported G40 top officials include Zanu national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, politburo members Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao, although they have publicly distanced themselves from the faction.

Matemadanda’s remarks came after embattled war veterans’ chairperson, Chris Mutsvangwa and his predecessor Jabulani Sibanda jointly addressed a rally in Bulawayo over the weekend where they resolved to placate Zanu PF from the jaws of “malcontents who want to destroy it from within”.

War veterans, who have been the vanguard of the governing party since the liberation struggle and had violently campaigned for its victory in past elections, have lately been on the receiving end after being hounded by the G40 faction whose members reportedly now dominate the politburo.

“As far as we are concerned, the politburo should be the secretariat of the central committee, but has been reduced to become a disciplinary committee. More time is being spent on trivial issues while the people are suffering.

“The welfare of the war veterans has been neglected, but we will not sit down and watch. As freedom fighters, this is not what we fought for. We will force the party to do the right thing and those who are causing chaos in the party today will go,” Matemadanda said.

“We are currently going around the country mobilising our membership and uniting the war veterans so that we can approach our patron who happens to the leader of Zanu PF and tell him what we think about this party.

“There is discontent within the war veterans. War veterans feel that the ethos and ideals of the struggle have been missed along the way.”

Matemadanda added: “And it is our duty to ensure we take back the party to its original state. How can you have a politburo handling disciplinary cases meant for a district?

“How can you explain that a member of a cell is disciplined by the politburo? What is the role of the provincial disciplinary committee.”

New War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube, last week disclosed that he had asked Mugabe to delay meeting the war veterans until they have united. This was after ex-Zipra cadres had reportedly threatened to sever ties with the ZNLWVA and vowed to form their own welfare organisation.

Mutsvangwa was, two weeks ago, suspended from Zanu PF alongside his wife, Monica on allegations of causing divisions and factionalism within the party before they both lost their government posts.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday refused to comment on the matter and challenged Matemadanda to prove that the party had been hijacked.

“He (Matemadanda) should explain who has hijacked the party and what he means as losing the track.
“I can’t comment on his thoughts, it is his right to think like that as long as he has evidence to back up his statements,” Khaya Moyo said.

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  1. The warvets themselves have lost ideology along the way. Whenever they speak they emphasize their welfare. Is it not apparent to them that their state is the state of the bulk of the population yet emphasis is on themselves alone. The fight should be a demand on Zanu PF for Zimbabwe to get back to where it was. If they care not about the general population they are making empty sounds!

    1. “Embattled Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is feeling the pressure after more than 3 million people took to the streets across the country on Sunday calling for her resignation.

      Demonstrators, angry over corruption investigations and the work recession in years, added to the already-difficult position that Rousseff is in, as she heads into a tough week for her attempt to survive impeachment proceedings in Congress. She is also faced with a sprawling investigation by federal prosecutors into corruption at state-run oil giant Petrobras that has moved closer to her inner circle in recent weeks.”

      This is what we should be doing, not some stupid ZanuPF issues.

    2. It is you who has no idea what you are writing about nor what you are reading about. Right now $15 000 000 000 is unaccounted for. meanwhile people are starving. were you to trace that trail of money nobody with a head on their shoulders doubts the trail will end in Mugabe’s bedroom. Grace has the billions. thats why she is fighting tooth and nail. Mugabe uyu lost it a long time ago does not care about people. The war vets are spot on. What you should be doing is to support the war vets

      1. Where is the USD$15 000 000 000. This is a scandal of unimaginative proportion. People are suffering, infrastructure is crumblings, the country’s enablers are in dire straits, yet we could have received $15bln and would have gone a very long way to better the lives of our people. Who is Mugabe blaming when the state was having major stakes in these diamond companies. Now you look at Mugabe at easy and laughing, joking when he mentions this issue, without showing any remorse. That is a big insult to all Zimbabweans. We demand, where is the money, is it with Grace Mugabe, where is the money. We need a commission of inquiry and Mugabe would eventually RESIGN. This is no cheap talk because i know the ZANU PF charlatans will come to the defence, citing regime change mantra.

      2. It’s true that the money trail may end up in Mugabe’s own bedroom. She’s gone so far as to learn the Chinese language at degree level. Nonetheless these so called war vets, Mutsvangwa in particular are not clean. They shout with loud voices purportedly in sympathy with the rest of us now that they have been ejected from the gravy train. And it is absolutely true that Mugabe lost it many years ago but is kept on the captain’s seat to protect the interests of the greedy. Mutsvangwa among them.

  2. Zvaiwana ngwarati. Used to hound your real comrade mai mujuru now you are crying foul for a civilian ngwena. You are guilty of what u accuse G40 of. Tibvireyi kumhepo. Matemadanda and Mutsvangwa dont constitute war vets.

    1. iwe ndiwe unoziva ma war vets?

  3. The war vets have indeed lost it. They are fighting for themselves like mercenaries. They should rebrand themselves and start to address National issues as opposed to partisan issues. As it is War Vets belong to Zanu Pf and not Zimbabwe as a country. War Vets should fight for national social justice as opposed to parochial selfish and partisan interests. Without change War Vets will remain Zanu Pf foot soldiers divided by factional wars. War Vets don’t want G40 which means they are aligned to the Lacoste faction. The War Vets are making a foolish request which will not be granted by the current one centre of power. Its like a goat asking a hungry hyena to be spared! The goat will be eaten in spite of the plea.

  4. True, the war vets have lost it by fighting for the wrong reasons
    * they fight only for themselves and are aggressive
    * it seems they believe the war was fought for certain leadership
    * they rigidly and mindlessly put themselves under the ruling party and they want to stay there
    * they believe the country belongs to certain people
    * they believe anyone who opposes their ideology is an enemy of the people
    * they always want to remind people of a war fought nearly 40 years ago
    ……the list is endless

  5. The whole of ZPF must go! They are a total disgrace to this nation and have destroyed it completely.
    And if Mujuru and her followers are serious they must come clean with ALL things: otherwise we will NEVER trust them. They can start with all the elections that have been rigged!

  6. he wont listen to you, what he will do is make you go to sleep so that you dont trouble him and his wife. and thereafter you will wake up to sing his praise and that of his wife. mugabe saw how weak you guys are when he printed money in 1997 and when he gave you useless farms. you easily dance to useless things. the more you think about yourselves the more mugabe will find something to make your stupid minds sleep. he is good at that.

  7. Ini zii zvangu semumhu mukuru

  8. COMMON PEOPLE refering to G40 I have this aka in funerals weddings as war vets prefere to call them even those in govenrment call them common people kkkkkkk scarry.

  9. “G40 leaders must go: War veterans”

    “The G40 is a grouping of Zanu PF Young Turks believed to be fronted by First Lady Grace Mugabe”

    and you think Mugabe will fire his wife? How possible is that?

    1. Firing his wife is entirely possible if ZPF’s so called stalwarts stood together and found their gumption and their consience and go to RGM and tell him that he is stepping down like yesterday. Margaret Dongo was and is 100% correct. They are all Bob’s wife’s and do not have a shred of courage and all have the yellow stipe of cowardice down their backs. They have sold their souls for money, position, power and somebody elses farm/property or business. It is never too late to repent until it is too late.

  10. NEWSDAY,which founding member of zanu pf has been fired?you mean mutsvanga who joined in 1978,0r mai mujuru who was less than ten years old when zanu was formed

    1. Dydmus Mutasa and Rugare are notable Zanu PF founding members Mr Truth lest you didn’t know.

  11. If you were the president and your wife was in charge of G40…would you fire your wife? War vets sound like they have air for brains.

  12. Chikonzero G40 nema war veterans vachibvutidzana vaMugabe harusi rudo aiwa, nhawu iripo ndeyekuti muZanu PF munobika, munodyiwa . Even Mai Russel vacho, chavakagarira ZVINHU, Gushungo akafa nhasi mangwana acho Gire anoswera apisa guva. Tarisai vana Obert Mpofu dzava nguruve nemari yemangoda. VaMugabe chete! Kkkkkkkkkkkk.

  13. They should have known that choosing to invade productive farms came with cinsenquences. Now they have to live with this for the rest of their live.

  14. War Vets are an affilitate org to Zanu.how come they think then can have powers to make decisions in Zani Pf.this matemadanda needs to watch out he is treading on trecherous ground.vazhinji vaida kukura mud
    musoro saye varipi?

  15. Anyway these war veterans must be told that G40 is not A POLITICAL PARTY, but any age group which happens to constitute the majority of the population now, all post graduates and under graduate
    men and women of Zimbabwe form party of the G40. In fact continuity of Zimbabwe’s political and economic revival now lies in that age group instead of diabetic old former freedom fighters. SO these two idiots Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda and their few idiotic followers are against the Nation, period. Lets leave or children, who are energetic and educated now take over the reigns, we have played our part and there is nothing to fear, unless you want to be told violently.

  16. Hatinawo imwe picture here yaPresident please

  17. For how long shall these war vets hold the country hostage in the name of the role they played to attain independence? Let them sue their colonial masters for compensation instead of these unwarranted demands they keep raising. Neither them nor the G40 gang have the interest of the people at heart besdes the “me, myself and I syndrome” that takes centre stage. Does the economic growth and democratic space on the ground 36 years after the war represent the real purpose of your struggle? Just asking.

  18. I am not sure of the average age of these war watchers self-styled warvets. from 1977 to 2016?? One should have been about 17 to understand what the hell was taking place in the war, so the youngest war ”hero” should be 17 + 36 = 53, the youngest so called warvet but what you see during their gathering are 35 or 40 year olds calling themselves me, myself, I fought for this country!!! Tough like…remember a condom …it does not matter how expensive it is, chinonakirwa mupfeki waro, it only carries the shit but at the end a condom is thrown into the drain and down it goes like any trash. VIVA bob pasi naGrace

  19. Saandiudzeiwo.Do War Veterans own ZanuPF? Is ideology of ZanuPF not shaped by its members?

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  21. Biggaz Mafirakureva

    These war veterans have been used in the past a political violence tools. What ethos do they know?


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