Feuding Bosso coaches get ultimatum

HIGHLANDERS assistant coaches Amini Soma Phiri and Cosmas Zulu could find themselves jobless if they fail to mend their differences.


Phiri and Zulu have had a public fall out over a number of issues that also include squad selection which has also put new coach Elroy Akbay on the spot.

Highlanders chairman Peter Dube is said to have ordered the feuding assistants to write reports over their problems with one another.

“There have been two separate occasions that have been brought to our attention. The first was before the chairman (Dube) went to Harare for the PSL elections and the second time was on Monday,” chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede said.

“The (executive) committee decided not to open a can of worms by trying to get each individual to chronicle the misdeeds of the other but were told to patch up their differences and work together for the good of the club.”

Gumede said one of the coaches whom he did not mention responded to those calls saying he was not able to work with the other.

“Unfortunately the mishaps continued and there were scenes at the changing room with one of the senior players remonstrating to say they were embarrassing them by quarrelling in front of the players,” Gumede said.

They have been feuding over who is supposed to give authority to journalists to carry out interviews.

Akbay is also said to have raised concerns about the two’s feuding.

“It has become a problem on who gives authority for interviews. That has seemed to exacerbate the tension and acrimony to the extent (that) it went to social media and concerned members asked the executive to sort out the issue before it destroys the club,” Gumede said.

He said heeding the call the executive called the two assistants on Monday and asked them to write reports.

“The executive said they were failing to heed their advice so they should write reports on what the problem is and submit them by Tuesday which they did,” he said.

Gumede could not divulge the contents of the report saying the executive would have an emergency meeting today to discuss the reports.

The two combined forces and lifted Bosso out of the relegation dogfight before leading the team to the Easycall Cup.

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    At least you are a well managed club unlike at Dynamos where fake coaches are imported and the next thing they cry foul. Ndumiso, sit down with your coaches and iron out the differences.


    Amin Soma makes the game more enjoyable to watch. He is always up and about shouting lnstructions. The way he does things makes the viewers and spectators wanting to keep on following Highlanders.

  4. Willard Mubvumbi

    Bosso is a big well managed brand unlike Dynamos who imports fake coaches and later the management, fans, players and journalists (NB: there are journalist who are staunch dynamos supporters) starts to cry foul, blaming the coach for NO REASONS. YES, THE DYNAMOS COACH IS BEING FRAMED.

  5. Asomanji wallah

    Bosso is an organised club. Hapana imba isina bopoto sort it out Gumede and keep us enjoying. Bosso for life

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