I don’t care, Mutsvangwa tells Mugabe

Embattled War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, who was slapped with a three-year suspension from Zanu PF on Thursday, says he does not care for his Cabinet and former politburo positions.

By Everson Mushava

The outspoken minister and war veterans’ boss said prior to his suspension, he actually requested Mugabe to fire him because he voluntarily rejoined Zanu PF in 2000 to save the ruling party “ethos and not to be served”.

Mutsvangwa said after his “bitter” experience as Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to China, he now has a general loathing for assignments that solely depended on an individual’s discretion.

“I neither care for that politburo post, nor indeed for the ministerial appointment,” Mutsvangwa said yesterday.

“So Norton constituency, yes; war veterans’ chairmanship, yes; politburo and Cabinet appointments – I don’t’ really care. In fact, two days ago I asked His Excellency for the honour of dismissing me because I only came in to save the revolutionary ethos and not to be served.”

Mutsvangwa was suspended on allegations of convening a war veterans meeting without informing Mugabe, the war veterans patron. His wife Monica was also slapped with three-year suspension for allegedly undermining First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The two were reportedly linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste faction that is battling with G40, another Zanu PF faction which has Grace, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, in the race to succeed Mugabe.

The two were suspended alongside Zanu PF women’s league secretary for administration Espinah Nhari, while 14 party members from the youth wing were expelled for undermining Grace.

Mutsvangwa said when he requested Mugabe to fire him, the 92-year-old leader started reminiscing about their long association since 1975 when he and four other students absconded from the then University of Rhodesia to join the liberation war.

“I came back into politics voluntarily in 2000 to help confront the menacing threat of nascent MDC. This was after years in the lucrative cellular and Internet business,” he said. “Between 2007 and 2013, I was again out of government commission. As a war veteran-turned-businessman, I don’t have a craving for a public job if it is not elected. You will recall I spurned the offer of a second ambassadorship to Germany in 2006.”

Mutsvangwa added: “To understand that, over the years I developed autonomous self-actualisation capabilities stemming from the sustained hostility by his (Mugabe) government even as he showed partiality to me.”

“So I have no sobs over the abuse of his high office to hound me,” he said.

Mutsvangwa had no kind words for G40, which he said now had a “clutch hold of State House”.

“I am in a different mould from the vapid and vacuous ‘Gang of Four’ of Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Zhuwao. They are clutching on the robes of Jiang Jing and Mao era Gang of Four lunacy.”

In recent weeks, Mutsvangwa had nasty public exchanges with Moyo, who he described as the late Ndabaningi Sithole’s son and a thief who stole a radio from his “stepmother” Vesta Sithole.

He described Moyo as a Gregory Rasputin. Moyo fired back, also accusing Mutsvangwa of stealing female combatants’ undergarments and selling them during the liberation struggle.

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  1. Gandanga Guru

    Just wondering if you really made this comment Cde Mutsvangwa!! You say you requested to be fired; why not doing the honourable thing of resigning?? Anyway; time is still on yr side; go and apologise to Mai Mujuru. She is very motherly ; understanding and accommodative. Despite what you said about her; I remember at one point you did mention that “she was at one time your boss during the struggle and you still respect her”. 3 year suspension is not a joke cde especially Cde???

    1. in that institution they, usually to show deference to the great leader, wait to be fired. That way someone’s big ego is always kept bloomimg.

      1. Vultures are consuming each other. Watch………….

    2. Nyadzonya Breed

      I think mai Mujuru was more motherly to anyone who was not a War Veteran. She kicked all War Veterans far away.

    3. You are right…he bands with Mai Mujuru and they will become solid team with his war vets in tow. We all know that he didnt mean what he said about Mai Mujuru but was simply singing for the scraps from the master’s table which have now run out.

    4. why should he go to mujuru. Mutsvangwa was not expelled. DONt just write for the sake of writing

      1. Team lacoste is alive and kicking. why should he rush to another expelled Faction. he should now invest his energies full time. the fight for the throne should now intensify. The old man is now tired and dizzy. the only obvious thing about him is that he the end is nigh. dont give up Cde. Paaasii nemhanduuuuuuuuuuuuuu. charira

  2. yaa mutsvsngwa yu are getting the hostility and cruelity of mugabe


  3. Haaa chirungu chaMutsvangwa chine nharo.

  4. Hez ryt mujuru told us recently tht she resigned akarambirwa only to b fired.Lacoste resigned akarambirwa. The old man is cruel coward n ruthless.Viva mutsvangwa Viva Tsenangamu Viva all rising voices muzanu hatibude we wl fight.Now we fight frm outside bhora tirikutamba tirikunze kweground

  5. ummm pakaipa..so Chris has bacically told Bob to shove his PB and Cabinets post up his a**e. Handei tione

  6. batsie ngugama

    We don’t expect people who call themselves our leaders to scold each other like that. gentlemen you missed the footing.

    1. Nyadzonya Breed

      Being truthful is not scolding. I also thought Jonathan was clever, but to put up an argument provided to him by Mandi who came to the struggle in 1979 following murume and never met Mutsvangwa in the struggle is sad. For someone who calls himself professor I pity those students he supports and supervisors for research, they will get what we call “research under the tree”. It shows that his informant was I either misleading him so that he makes a fool of himself or that person has never been in the struggle, its those people who ran to cross into Moza when they heard that the struggle was over. We have many they will NEVER lead the war veterans NEVER! If you were in Mozambique and hauna kumboita CHIRENJE wanga urigwara, kana usina kumbo surrender dress rako for food you only heard about liberation war after independence, saka usakudze musoro uchitinyebera. You can NEVER go there or claim it zvakatopera. You can never take that away from us.

      1. Gushungo said noto insulting his wife.

    2. Mr Mutsvangwa, you are a technocrat, why wait to be fired by his not so excellency. What do you want to prove

  7. …Gang of Four’ of Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Zhuwao…

    I count 3

    1. Command Center


    2. The other one anotyisa kutaura

    3. He is a liar… hanti ndogen’a rekuramba elective congress here iri..? Akazofarira elected positions rinhi. iko kupolitiburo akaelectwa naani…. sour grapes.

    4. the fouth is GG her majesty

  8. The correct name is Jiang Qing, who was the leader of the gang of four in the republic of china.

    1. @ Sonkomose.The fourth is Jiang Qing, who was the young wife of the “great leader” Mao Zedong; so if you add this extra one you will be able to decipher the cryptic puzzle on who Mutsvangwa is referring to as the forth gang leader.

      1. I caught on. The Madame Mao analogy has been used before. Mutsvangwa should just be man enough to name all names without using puzzles.

    2. Garikai Chandiwana

      Bhora Musango nokuti aneutsinye ngaende ne Zanu PF Yake haana legacy yaarikusiya kunze kwe kutonga 35 years. this time hakuchina zanu pf nekurasa vakomana vanoshandira musangano mirai muone

  9. Wonders never cease, Mutsvangwa saying I don’t care about the suspensions cabinet and Politiburo suspensions but still wants to be the Norton MP of Zanu PF. If he truly doesn’t care why not pull out of the whole Zanu PF train. He now doesn’t care because he has been booted out hahahaha.

    1. Nyadzonya Breed

      Arikudawo kuti tidzidze kupedzisa puzzle

  10. Itai tione muchadzingana kusvika Kwasara Rasputin naCzar chete

  11. When you rejoined Zanu PF in 2000 to save from MDC as you might want us to believe thats when you also started preparing this bed which you are now being asked to lay on. Super hero at it again “I wanted to save Zanu pf”

  12. But chirungu chewar vet chine moto,hanzi ,’…autonomous self actualisation capabilities…’ Hanzi,’….vapid and vacuos Gang….’ Usadherere war vet unorumwa nemavocabulary. Anonzi madebudebu,

    1. Nyadzonya Breed

      Eheka, varipu puzzle vanoti hatina kudzidza kkkkkk VOCO yekwaKutama, Tsambe, University of Rhodesia (then) yabuda yese


  14. good riddance

  15. hehehehe pakaipa Mwari hona isu hedu zii sevanhu vakuru

  16. mati madini kana zvikanetsa Jesu omene achatonga agere pachigaro ,tichala huchi nemukaka muno nekut siriveri nendarama ndezvake. Handei tione survival of the fitest for u hv started the battle ,and the BIBLE says FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS

  17. Please “Honorable” Mutsvangwa i need clarity here, who is this Gang of Four because you only identified three?

    1. Read comment by @tmutekwe earlier on

  18. Zvomamirana,inzwa kunhuwa!

  19. Mutsvangwa mutandwa mudzingwa whatever

  20. How can Mugabe take this country as his personal estate, firing at everybody and shouting at everyone as if to lead a revolution leads someone to be a loose cannon. Pamberi nekushinga. Pamberi na Va Mutsangwa.

  21. chokubooka nhongo

    a case of sour grapes yesterday you wer fine with it when you caused others to be fired, if you live by the gun you die by the gun what comes around goes around dindingwe rinonakirwa richakweva rimwe roti mavara angu azara ivhu ,but this a test of your own medicine Chris inguruve yazvikanga nemafuta ayo

  22. The fourth is the obvious one

  23. Yes cde kiri.pindai mudariro.cde chairman.hero,war hero.tapinda bhuti.roll up yo sleeves.

  24. these are the results of failing to reform and also failing to change leadership. What you plant is what you get .Zanu Pf is going to the grave yard, its intensive care even if you put life support its helpless


  26. kkkkkkkkkk seka zvako Teurayi ropa nhasi zvaiwana ngwarati kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. Observing from afar. Rega zvimamirane ikoko. Who z next to be fired/suspended. Taakungomirira 2018 cheteeee.

  28. “You serve at the pleasure of the Head of State. He is the the one Centre of Power you were talking about the other day. He can appoint and disappoint, as he did in this case. Taste your own medicine.”

  29. #TeamLacoste irikupera, saga rakapera ne teaspoon!


  31. Gandanga Guru I concur with you. Mutsvangwa is not happy to work with Mugabe so he should simply do the honourable thing, to tender his resignation. But now people will ask, ” is he mad or bad?” What he is doing is a complete and utter mess. At first, he went on a pawn in a chess game of three involving the G40. And later went on to single out Jonathan. You just have to look at all the people that he clashed with to see how bad Christ is. He is a man who needs to grow. Its really bad for him and his family. He fell out with so many people. Its hard to support him. You cannot blame other people who he is messing up with. Christ has himself to blame and he needs a life lessons. Many people have been stunned by his unpleasant behaviour. His friends were equally mortified by his transition into a bad man he has come. He is not a normal man. Mai Mujuru was dressed down. She got her share of a flurry of abusive and unpleasant words full of swearing and insults from the idiot – Christ. She was shocked. What had turned that formerly polite, mild – mannered man into a lunatic? She was constantly irritated by his attacks and constant allegations, especially about silly things, which in her opinion, never happened. The good thing, she remained a staid woman and kept her head down. Credit to her. She knew the rules of the game of politics very well. Sometimes one has to put cotton wool in the ears to avoid the noise when things turn ugly. And sometimes if one needs to win an accolade he/she has to take the abuse. So she did. She was always very reluctant to hit back, though she had all the ammunation

    1. Nyadzonya Breed

      Usanyepa hako gidza hapana ammunition. Hapana chaunoziva, If she is that innocent, good and repetant, ngavatipe mari yedu ye demob yavakatangisa mabusiness na Matemachani akaba mari yedu akavapa. Vamwe vedu vakatofa, saka ngavatipe isu tichirivapenyu. I respect that you know very little about them, so dont plead on her behalf. You will see how many True WAR VETS will be on her side. Ngavaise list yeparty yavo apo nezita re MaWar Vet ari kuvasupportta. Most of them will be bogus who benefitted from them. She didnt even have any one War Vet in her office or under her supervision when she was in power and you expect us to support her now.

  32. I shall ask again, where is the “leader” of Team Lacoste?

  33. Bhurumashanga

    When the tyran starts firing, sacking and suspending his aides, his demise ending is near. Shakespeare’s Macbeth could be an ancient Scotish story but it can be a very good lesson to authorities.

  34. l shall sadly miss Mutsvangwas English, it was very entertaining in itself

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  36. one centre of power

    gang of four,who is the 4th one Mr Mutsvangwa?if u dont care why are you in ZANU PF?

  37. If this idiot thinks by being loud mouthed , it will get him support then he is in for a dig. In fact, he was refusing to come back from China and now he wants us to believe he was suffering there. He embezzled funds from the ZBC, and in connivance with Chiwenga, sold vehicles at an inflated price to the defense forces. Am sure whoever said he is a lunatic who has stopped taking his medication was hundred percent right. tHE mATEMADANDAS AND mAHIYAS OF THE WAR VETERANS FAME ARE NO LONGER OF USE TO THIS COUNTRY, THEY ARE A FEW VULTURES TRYING TO SQUEEZE THE GVT IN THE HUNZVI STYLE AND GET SOME MORE MONEY, BUT NO, WE SAY ENOUGH. Mugabe clean up this mercy before you retire, you have nothing to lose mudhara.

    1. Nyadzonya Breed

      If you really want to be of help to the country, please provide us facts and solutions. Not here say and your fallen ambitions, if war vets dont know you they will never vote you in. The war Vets chooses their leaders not the patron. The most power hungry for these war vet position ndiana mafikizolo or the never went, who now want fame for themselves not the welfare of the TRUE War VET. Check how many TRUE war Vets have farms or any free lease land.

    2. thruths chausingazivi ndechekuti mutsvangwa une support ye the majority zimbabweans. Mugabe wako unosupportwa nani pasina kumanikidza?


    A persona non grata.

    Maybe its to do with the people he butchered during the liberation war. The spirits of the dead wont rest.

  39. His Excellency has replaced him with Rtd Col Dube in a record time which means he was fired long back unless picking a Minister has become so easy

    1. Nyadzonya Breed

      Rtd Col Dube was the Deputy and he is a well respected War Veteran too!

      1. iwe Chris and Tshinga ar different sides of the same coin

  40. Chatungambudzi

    mufambe zvakanaka vaMutsvangwa. Ndicho chakapedza mbudzi chakuwanai. ZANU PF haiperi kunopera mujuru unoda kuimunya. believe me or not munopera team lacto sare kasukuwere namoyo kunosara Gre naPat Zhu. Unconcourable kkkkk when the going gets tough….

  41. Mutsvangwa cares otherwise he would have resigned. He got too excited and forgot who owned the party.
    If he keeps talking like this he could be expelled from the party and hence lose that rigged Norton seat.

  42. here is a forthright prophecy from a reader posted last year on an article about Mutsvangwa and Grace.
    Moyowaonda October
    12, 2015 at 8:12 am #
    Mutsvangwa must
    restrain himself,
    otherwise he is going the
    Mujuru way. There is no
    way the war veterans are
    going to dumb Grace for
    Mnangagwa, no way
    ,never!!! Mnangagwa is
    now perceived as a power
    hungry person, His
    appearance at Mugabe’s
    n’anga in Mt Darwin has
    exposed himself and
    damaged his reputation
    as someone who has
    patience. Mutsvangwa
    needs to learn to control
    his temper and choose
    his words correctly. The
    G40 is the faction of the
    First Family. Calling the
    group ‘lunatics’ is to say
    the President and his wife
    are also lunatics.

    1. well the prophecy was wrong . the war vets dumped grace na Mugabe wacho

    2. do war vets support grace now?

  43. cde Chris maenda muri kuonererwa kana babarasi rapera muchabengenuka henyu ndopamuchaona kuti zpf chii (chiwororo) chirungu muchachitaura muri pa halfway .

  44. Ndabazezwe Viki

    The fourth one is the former typist from Mavuku who I guess is bedding the Mozambiquean nephiew to the dellussional President of Zimbabwe by default.

  45. Ummm Cde Mutsvangwa should tread carefully. He is wishing Mugabe dead and Dr grace Mugabe to suffer Jiang Qing’s fate. Jiang Qing was Mao’s third wife. Qing is pronounced Ching/ Jing. It’s clear Mutsvangwa was referring to Dr Grace Mugabe. In his anger he should retain an element of respect. Dr G Mugabe is still the President’s wife. Mugabe is still very much alive and his sting still venomous. Mutsvangwa be reminded.

  46. What is a politician? Asi munoda reminder….POLITICIANS SERVE THE PPLE BUT IN ZIMBABWE PEOPLE SERVE THE POLITICIANS.surprisingly as educated as we are tinongondenderedzwa (we like it actually).we don’t learn … @bobo .I thot kt Im the only 1 akaona chirungu chaMutsvangwa …..kkkkk

  47. Mutsvangwa akadzidzepi?

  48. At least in S.A. We r still able to get our points out without fear. The only people who can free Zimbabwe are the Zimbabweans themselves, that country is ruled like a dynasty. Wake up Zimbabweans u r the only ones who can liberate yourselves ,BoBob is very old now he thinks like a child he no longer rules u but Grace does.

  49. This is a bittersweet experience for the fallen from grace..

  50. chris waifunga kuti haudzingiki here ? enda unorima mbambaira uko nevamwe pako papera madhoti chaiwo.

  51. I like what bob does to fools

  52. 1 empower thieves,.2 indeginise crooks, 3 employ more dictatory methods and 4 develop new rigging tactics. mutsvangwa aive nawo maqualities aya bt moyowaonda developed a new theory, as a prof hanzi todzinga mbavha inoba zvatakaba kare neinoba ichibatwa red handed. mutsv manje wakasafisa maagency erigging sec neZRP crossword puz. murege ose maZANUists aende kupeople must die first b4 we steal their poss. mutasa said that “mugabe told us thries that tsvangirai got 73% “. almost 10 yrs back bt only after being exp mtasa want to confess with intend to cheat suffrng zimbs. wake up zim, say no to PFs.

  53. uuhm,whither zimbabwe,heee vote of no confidence hee lacoste,hee G4 what a disGrace

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