CSO trains rural youths to tackle community challenges

ZIMBABWE Civic Education Trust (Zimcet) has taken an initiative to prepare youths in rural areas to rise to numerous challenges faced by their different communities and develop their leadership skills.


Zimcet director, Gladys Hlatywayo told NewsDay Weekender that five groups of youths, between the ages of 15 and 20 years graduated last Saturday after participating in the pilot programme held in Domboshava from January to March this year.

The youths, in groups comprising at least 12 members each, were working with three adult coaches to identify community challenges and come up with strategies to address the identified challenges.

“The teams collaborated with government departments and organisations such as the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe, which provided 50 trees for youths in Ward 2 to plant at Mutake Primary School,” Hlatywayo said.

“The Environmental Management Agency provided bins, bin liners, information and education materials and cleaning equipment, while the Ministry of Transport partnered the Ward 4 team in repairing dilapidated roads. The Adult Rape Clinic assisted a team in Munyawiri Ward 1, among other stakeholders.”

Each team met for 16 sessions between January and March under the public achievement programme.

Hlatywayo said the programme had been successful and Zimcet would be taking it to other areas so youths can take charge of their challenges at community level.

“The objective was to build a culture of participation and engagement in young people for them to take initiative and provide leadership to the challenges their communities face,” she said.

“The programme was meant to make young people see that they are leaders of today and not of tomorrow and for them to realise that they can also meaningfully contribute to the development of their communities.”

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