Chombo chastises ‘overzealous’ Zanu PF MPs

ZANU PF secretary for administration and Zvimba North MP Ignatius Chombo on Saturday publicly chastised Chegutu West MP Dexter Nduna and his Makonde counterpart Kindness Paradza for getting “too excited” in Parliament by asking tough questions to expose the ruling party’s Cabinet ministers.


Addressing a Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial co-ordinating (PCC) meeting, Chombo said Nduna’s “too many questions” directed at Mines minister Walter Chidakwa last week had unsettled the latter.

According to Parliament’s Order Paper for last week, Nduna had asked 59 of the recorded 98 questions posed to Chidakwa over the mystery surrounding the $15 billion worth of diamonds, which went missing in Chiadzwa.

Although both Nduna and Chombo could not be reached for comment yesterday, a Zanu PF MP, who declined to be named, accused the Executive of seeking to stifle the legislature’s oversight role.

“We are now in a dilemma. How can a member of the Executive curtail us from doing what we were voted to do, to act as an oversight of the Executive? Besides, we agreed that we should not be overshadowed by MDC-T MPs,” a Zanu PF Mashonaland West MP, who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

Paradza, who chairs the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs, reportedly angered Cabinet ministers when he played a slide show, which painted a sorry picture of the state of affairs at the country’s Botswana and Ethiopia embassies.

The Makonde MP yesterday said he had attended the PCC meeting, but denied Chombo had ordered him to tone down his questions in Parliament.

“I know you are there to tarnish my name. I was never mentioned by name . . . Chombo named Nduna and not me. As for the report, yes, it was factual. That is the reason Cabinet acted on it,” he said.
But businessman, Philip Chiyangwa appeared to be backing Chombo.

Chiyangwa, who sits in the PCC courtesy of being a central committee member, said the MPs were embarrasing ministers by not sticking to caucus rules.

“My friend, we are veterans. I have been a Member of Parliament for Chinhoyi and accordingly, MPs should put their ministers to task during caucuses, not to embarass our ministers like what they are doing at the moment. They (MPs) are seeking unnecessary publicity by embarassing their party ministers, something that should be expected from the opposition. We are watching them,” he said.

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  1. This bunch is now really a liability to this country

  2. Why is it the the minister does not want MPs to be asked a lot of questions?

    This shows that they have a lot to hide. I think these people, the likes of Dexter and Kindness should be many.They do not want counterparts who sleep on duty.

    They do not want to be exposed since they are not working at all. This is what has caused Zimbabwe to fall into economic problems. Does it mean to say that the inquisitive MPs should sleep in parliament like vana baba vavo who were voted into power several times and doing nothing?

    Vakuru ngavanyare ava.

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  5. ofcourse they dont want to be asked Questions, SUPA Mandiwanzira ane yake nyaya, Chombo anedzake so they dont want Questions, they must RESIGN!!!!

  6. We need vibrant parly. Not the one dictated by the Chombos. Let the youthful Mps speak their views. Debate if fruitful and healthy. What are you afraid of. Without debates parly is as good as dead. We encourage debates, whether its from ZANU, MDC PDP, ZAPU or ZPF. Those who are allergic to debate must leave parly.

  7. Thieves and crooks and gangsters ready to intimidate, bully and frighten for being asked questions only. Who the hell do they think they are?

  8. Useless bunch of thieves i tell you. its now a problem to ask questions o what is this Cabinet for?
    takapusa vanhu wee ndokumamirwa takatarisa uku.

    we tired of this zanu BS.

  9. Wezhira wezhara

    15 billion yainyanyo bvunzwa yaka campaigner muna 2013 saka Nduna haafanire kubvunzisisa kkkkk. Maelections osvika saka they know how to twist maZimbos by declaring themselves clean. Endai kumusha mutaurire vabereki mumba menyu chete kuti Mugabe haachaite uye pakuvoter ngava vhote madiro hakuna macamera avano nyeperwa. Play your part now and re-emphasize on every visit.

  10. The problem is that those who stole diamond money did not steal to enrich other party members or the moribund party itself, it was for self-enrichment. As a result the guys from the moribund party who did not benefit from the grand theft are more interested than opposition party parliamentarians. Honestly if you are all thieves you expect a share from a score……Now you hear that another thief can afford a Bentley….and you cannot even afford a wheel barrow. You will naturally be surprised and enraged at how the other thief was hiding loot from you……I would be livid if I was from the Moribund party…..We must all be on the same page!! Nxaaaa!

  11. Now we need your vote. Just do Bhora Musango as usual

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