Chitungwiza Hospital officials ‘dupe’ aspiring lab trainee

Two senior Chitungwiza General Hospital officials appeared at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court charged with fraud and criminal abuse of office after allegedly swindling a prospective trainee of $1 000.



Trust Mpelo (35), who is employed as acting chief medical laboratory scientist, and Appronia Nehohwa (44) pleaded not guilty when they appeared before magistrate Takundwa Mutetwa on allegations of duping 28-year-old Chipo Muvimwa.

The pair had promised Muvimwa a laboratory medical scientist training post. The matter was remanded to March 22.

Prosecutor Takundwa Koropi told the court that sometime in July last year, Muvimwa saw an advertisement in a local newspaper indicating Chitungwiza Central Hospital was recruiting laboratory medical scientists.

It is alleged Muvimwa approached Annete Chipiti, who is employed at the hospital, and gave her $1 000.

Chipiti is said to have passed the money to Nehohwa and Mpelo after assuring Muvimwa she would be enrolled to train under a government-sponsored programme and would receive a call inviting her to attend interviews.

In October last year, the court heard, Muvimwa received a call advising her to attend interviews at the hospital and in February this year received another call inviting her to collect her acceptance letter.

The State alleges, Muvimwa was shocked when she was informed she had not qualified to be on the government-supported trainees list, since the government was broke.

She, however, was informed she had been accepted as a private trainee and that did not go down well with her, prompting her to file a police report.

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  1. These guys even want a bribe to give you a bed when you are sick, they lie the wards are full but when you see a nurse she will ask how much you have which they then share and suddenly the ward has beds. They have destroyed a once beautiful hospital.

    1. u just want to complain about hospital complain abou kanuru police . etc its hapenning every were this guy need to be jailed too he initiated the corruption….. she should loose his money too

  2. “It is alleged Muvimwa approached Annete Chipiti, who is employed at the hospital, and gave her $1 000”. I think before complaining, we need to see that our backs are clean. Was she forced to surrender the money or what?

  3. Crazy !!! Does she has where she signed when the money was received or serial numbers?How can she be so desperate to that extent!She could have started something like a business if its true that she surrendered that money.

  4. Devastating. The first person who should be arrested is this so called complainant for bribing hospital staff to give her a place. the first question however should be: was she forced to pay? If not, then its obvious she willingly parted ways with her money though expecting a pl;ace. In these games its do or die. She has to join them in the accused dock as the first suspect.

  5. just by reading your comnents makes me see that we are doomed. you guys seem to be condorning corruption insteady of conderming it. yes she paid the money because she was desperate and she was promised to get a place. Now she has done a good thing to expose it. So whats wrong with that. I am happy that people who abused their offices will be investigated and justice done.

  6. Muvimwa anopenga,wakawana nzvimbo wani.It seems you want to go to school nekuti kunopihwa vanhu salary.if you want to be a true student why are you refusing a private place.It seems you have some personal nevanhu ava kana kuti wakatumwa nevanoda kukanganisa training programme iyi.Hw can you say Government is broke,you expressed what you wanted wonyepera vanhu kuti ndovakadaro.I believe this institution is the only in Africa and Asia training and they are people and organisations Anti Dr Moyo and this school.we have been seing from different medium people critisizing the course.I want to tell you this and your freinds,this is a Government programme you won’t stop it.Bury your thoughts.ndipe hangu nzvimbo yacho ye private.

  7. shame on you Muvimwa,go to school.uridofo

  8. you aproached them,they didn’t knock at your door step.why didn’t you go back and ask for refund?,panezvawaitsvaga kwavari kwete going 2 skull.

  9. OG lab scientist wechitungwiza

    Muvimwa huya kumba kwangu ne $2000,nzvimbo iripo.usanyeperwe neavo,ndati yako iwe chete iripo.nzvimbo yevaya vakaita O’level hapana asi yako iwe Muvimwa grade 2 iripo.mhanya pano tipedze madhiri.plz maRANDS handitori.

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