Chipanga infuriates Gramma Records

GRAMMA Records general manager Emmanuel Vhori said he was now tired of the accusations made by controversial and hilarious musician Hosiah Chipanga that the company was refusing to pay him his royalties running into thousands of dollars.


Hosiah Chipanga

Chipanga claimed that Vhori was using his Zanu PF links to frustrate him.

The Gramma boss however, said he was now tired of Chipanga’s frivolous claims.

“He can do whatever he wants and I think I have tried everything to explain and solve this matter with him. I do not know why he is pursuing this matter,” he said.

He said he would not be drawn into responding to claims on his alleged links to Zanu PF and advised Chipanga to read his contract.

The lanky musician alleged the recording and distribution company was pirating his music and attempts to get his money from them had been in vain.

“It’s very unfortunate and so sad that companies with their bosses in the ruling party claim to be above the law and human rights. They are refusing with my music and they have to pay me,” he said.
He said when Record and Tape Promotions (RTP), the company that originally produced his music, ceased operations in 2007, Gramma Records bought his music from them, but he did not have any contract with Gramma.

Following the closure of RTP, Chipanga briefly worked with Alick Macheso’s Last Power Studios, but when they also ceased operations, he signed a contract with Metro Studios in 2013.

The album Gushungo, which proved to be a major success, reportedly sold very well in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa under Gramma Records.

The album also received rave reviews from many music lovers following its message that said President Robert Mugabe was surrounded by selfish thieves and crooks who were busy amassing riches using his name.

“Having seen that my album had made it on the local and international market I went to Gramma and asked if they could also give me something out of the sales and they agreed,” said Chipanga.

“But what I find surprising now is that they are still selling my music without giving me any cent. They are saying they will not pay me anything anymore unless I stop working with Metro Studios.”

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  1. Some do the donkey work, in tears and sweat,,thats the norm in Zim, while others wait at the end of the que to harvest their crop. Ndiyo masimba kuvanhu yacho iyoyo

  2. Ndiyo “GUSHUNGO VANOPA” yacho ka nhai iwe Hosia yawakareva.

    Yes; Gushungo vanopa vanhu vavo veZANU PF masimba ekubira isu vekudya cheziya – may newevo futi.

    Did you ever thought Gushungo had powers to create Mannah like The Almighty God – no; never. He is just a mere mortal. So what could he ever give, really? Even his own salary is too little for him to play donor. Its all grab & take with Zanu pf. The sooner you know it the better.

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