‘Charge Mugabe over looted $15bn diamonds’

Opposition parties and student unions say it is incredulous that President Robert Mugabe was unaware that the nation was losing billions of dollars worth of diamonds through looting of diamonds.



They said if $15 billion worth of diamonds were pillaged under Mugabe’s watch, then he should be impeached for failing to do his job.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Mugabe should not have headlined his 92nd birthday with a “message of shame” that as President, he did not know what was happening in his own country until it was too late.

“The national tragedy is when $15 billion worth of Marange diamonds disappears and country’s CEO [President] says he doesn’t know what happened. When a country’s President fails to account for $15 billion belonging to the State, he deserves to be impeached,” he said.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said Mugabe was being insincere in his pronouncements because even after discovering the alleged looting, he failed to act.

“He is scapegoating and is never sincere at all. How much has he cost this country himself in air travel and birthdays? They are trying to find an excuse to continue their crusade against party members, who have challenged his authority, but they know where the money is,” he said.

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi said it was shocking that Mugabe had failed to resign or, at the least, sack law enforcement bosses for presiding over non-effective security measures
“We have known that Mugabe only acts when his hold onto power is threatened, but to let the economy lose $15 billion worth of revenue should have jolted even the naive into resignation or action. At the very least, we expected Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri to be fired,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Nationals Students’ Union (Zinasu) also fired a salvo at the 92-year-old leader, saying today’s bad decisions were “an automatic liability to our future as students and young people of Zimbabwe”.

They queried why Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa would commit “a large chunk of our budget to the security sector when they are failing to guard against these thefts”.

Social media has been awash with comments from ordinary Zimbabweans, questioning Mugabe’s “business-as-usual” approach to the alleged looting of $15 billion worth of diamonds.

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  1. problem chemberaitis

    1. The horses have bolted out. The Chinese president was here last year to thank such a generous country that could inject $15bn into their economy just like that. He rarely travels to small countries like Zimbabwe but last year he felt he needed to that. Talk of look east and open legs to the east. All weather friends indeed. Shame on us!

    2. Chemberaitis kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Mugabe is so old he probably thought it was 15billion Zim dollars looted forgetting that its actually US dollars, that’s why he didn’t bother

  3. Nothing will happen guys until nature takes its course

  4. It’s unfair to entirely blame the police for this kind of carnage on our economy when we have a full fledged parastatal responsible for monitoring and curbing mineral leakages. What is the MMCZ doing apart from looting, boot leaking and spending tax payers money on useless international conferences. All we ever see from them is congratulatory messages for Zanu pf officials and scandals. Chidhakwa was right. Close this useless looting parastatal

  5. $15bn amana inga munyika medu munemari,dai tangogona kurega kubirwa chete

  6. Is it too late for him to act now or he has a chunk of the sum so he cant act.
    Wake up and smell the coffee Zimbabweans

  7. As soon Zimbabwe discovered diamonds Emirates airline started to fly to Zimbabwe…???????

  8. $15 billion is a lot of money in other countries the leader must step down due to lack of accountability.

  9. 1/1 Charging President Mugabe for rebuking & exposing the looting and tasking justice authorities to bring perpetrators to account is a stupid endeavour that can be done by people with open mouth & shut minds….fools to say the least

    1. spoken like a true thoroughly indoctrinated and clueless McGarbage sycophant.

  10. Code Humba you sound like the biggest fool of them all.

  11. Morons masquarading as leaders

    ask mnangagwa, chiwenga and their cahoots. they know where the money is

  12. Vakuru vakataura kuti ” Muchamama nemuhu wenyu uyu….

  13. varume mugabe akatengesa nyika kudhara ngaasa nyeba kuti mari yaka lootiwa sei asina kushamiswa nazvo?vaimboti tsvangirai arikutengesa nyika,ngaambo vabvunzakuti atengesa big potion ndiani.Mwari akapa vana vezimbabwe madiamonds achizivakuti munyika muchaita nzara ivovakupa vatorwa kudya kwevana shem;,; zvinorwadzza.tsvangirai must wake up we want to hre his voice toomuch kuti zzzz chete akagutiswa paaive pm

  14. Diamond theft was preprogramed. Mujuru got a lion share of the loot. Looting Configuration. 15 billion is the exact amount looted by Mujuru alone, being 10%. The total loot is actually $150 billion dollars. So, batai matemo muteme mbavha. Mutemo waramba. Demo.

  15. in terms of what law, section can the head of the state be charged. lets be realistic

    1. it does not matter that he is the head of the state coz wat he is doing is not honourable at all

  16. Lets start war because hapana kusi kufa

  17. all we need in this country is a new board of leaders who are willing and able to change this country for the greater good bcoz the whole of the government minister know exactly were the money is. $15 billion is a lot of money that cannot be hidden

  18. Peace b unto us…mbavha idzi they are goin to regret one day

  19. i doubt that they will regret…..i think we are the ones who are going to regret for sitting on our own heads by failing to think and man up

  20. why should we allow this government to control us whilst they are suppose to govern us

  21. smith ian douglous

    uyu haasungiki he is immune from criminal and civil prosecution plus haasiye akatiza ne ma diamonds
    however arikungotaura zvakewo semunhu angaitawo sei.muregererei akagara achiziva kuti ndizvo zvinoitika.look east policy is now bearing fruits?what a shame on our youthful president?

  22. smith ian douglous

    grace ngaachitauraka tinzwe kuti zvakafamba sei?aimboti mujuru ndiye akaba 15% ikoko iyi ndeipi manje?

  23. 2016 National budget is US$ 4 billion; The country’s (zvikwereti) external debt is US$ 7.1 billion. USD 15 billion yonzi yarasika!

  24. What happened to the auditing companies. They should be exposed. Zimra should know all about this.. It doesn’t make sense at all, he knows where the money went and he is choosing to act like he don’t know nothing..
    This calls for impeachment or he has to solve the mess as quick as now…

  25. He ( Mugabe and Zanu Pf) are the looters they know where the money went, they just need to be arrested and rot in prison

  26. robert mugabe is this biggest diamond looter!!! big liar

  27. So they know $15 billion worth of diamonds has gone walkabout.They also know where it went missing from and who was there. So why aren’t charges of grand theft on a monumental scale being instigated?….or am I missing something here?? ? *gasp!*

  28. nehanda nyakasikana

    I have a feeling that the 1stfam owns mbada diamonds, I have just been looking into some file pictures from the time mbada diamonds started sponsoring that soccer tournament. you will notice members of the family in leopard regalia and no one else dressed like that…. mbada diamonds is 1stfam private business enterprise

  29. haya kusvikira rini meso ichiona muromo usingazvitaure .

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