Charamba must come clean on Mugabe’s trips


Whether out of docility or indifference, Zimbabweans have accepted that their leader, President Robert Mugabe, receives treatment in Singapore and if his government had any clue what the people think, they would not have thought of that Indian World Culture Festival ruse to cloak the President’s latest trip.

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Instead, Mugabe’s aides thought they could spin the story and withhold the truth from Zimbabweans, but in the age of social media, their folly has been exposed and they should hang their heads in shame.

It was first claimed that Mugabe was on his way to India to attend a culture festival and a simple Google search revealed who was attending and it showed that Mugabe really had no business there.

Then the aides tried to make Zimbabweans believe that Mugabe was entrenching diplomatic ties with the Asian country, but they should also have realised that even Indian President Pranab Mukherjee was skipping the do. Imagine attending a party that even the host is not going to — it must be embarrassing.

Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba then would have us believe that his boss was the guest of honour and had cancelled his attendance there due to a security breach, but again a search on the organisers’ website shows that the Zimbabwean leader is not even mentioned once, not even in passing.

While Charamba was quoted in State media insinuating that Mugabe was in India, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo was fighting another battle back home, intimating that Mugabe may not have made it to the Asian country after all.

What this betrays is that not only does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, it shows that the left hand absolutely has no clue of the existence of the right hand. Otherwise how else could we explain such blundering and bungling?

Imagine if the government was honest and said Mugabe had taken a few days off to visit Singapore — that way they would have been ahead of the narrative rather than this case where they are behind it and have to fight a raging flame with little more than leaking buckets.

There would have been grumbles about Mugabe seeking treatment in a foreign country rather than in his own, but those would not have been as embarrassing as the farcical Indian trip.

Mugabe and his aides seem to exist in an era where there was one-way flow of communication — from the top to the bottom, with a long line of gatekeepers along the way — but they must realise that the world has moved on and with social media and the Internet, half-truths and misinformation is easy to detect.

Next time Mugabe has a trip, Charamba and other bureaucrats are better advised to be honest about these trips, because once Zimbabweans detect a hint of dishonesty, they are bound to ask questions and this will leave substantial egg on the collective face of the authorities.


  1. I become suspicious when our president, as old as he is, still want to enyoy to be in the office. His office must be a disaster.
    He must understand that he wil never get young again.

  2. Aging is irreversible, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is very very old period and no amount of chemicals he applies on his skin will never turn him into a 50 year old person. Aging is the only disease that is incurable. We all know now that he receives medical treatment in the Far East countries particularly in Singapore. What is the reason for lying that he is in India? Like everyone else he is going to die one, the English people believe that ‘every dog has its day’. Pasi pano idandaro!!!!

  3. we sick and tired with mugabe let him go and rest. those who are next to him are very cruel ngavamuudze chokwakwadi azorore hapana kana umwe anomuda zvake

  4. And as you rightly pointed out in one of your reports flight history of UM 1 departed Harare and landed in Singapore. The flight path indicates that it flew over the sea and nowhere near India. With the advance in technology it is very stupid to try and lie to the citizens.

    • You and Charamba are the biggest idiots because you can not read between the lines. You can not even differentiate what Charamba and Moyo said. Moyo clearly stated that the President was never in India after the idiotic Charamba’s lies.

  5. Haiwa tibvirei apo. masaskamu. They will have egg on their faces and then what? MaZimbabweans kupusa mhani nxaa.

  6. Zvichafirako regai henyu.
    tione kuti vanozvivhara sei. Mandela akarwara and it was never a secrete. he was admitted in South Africa and everyone knew it..

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