Chapeta elected Central Region president

VETERAN football administrator, Stanley Chapeta was elected Zifa Central Region president in an election conducted in Gweru yesterday.


ZIFA asipiring President, Philip Chiyangwa addressing delegates at the launch of his manifesto on Saturday [Pic Shepherd Tozvireva]
ZIFA asipiring President, Philip Chiyangwa addressing delegates at the launch of his manifesto on Saturday [Pic Shepherd Tozvireva]
The post fell vacant last year after Felton Kamambo was elected into the Zifa national executive committee.

Two candidates, inaugural Central Region chairperson Patrick Hokonya and WhaWha chairperson, Musa Ntonga contested against Chapeta for the region’s top job.

Chapeta won with a two thirds majority in the first round of voting, sealing his place as the duly elected regional boss.
He garnered 15 votes, Hokonya was a distant second with seven and Ntonga came third with one vote.

Speaking after the elections, Chapeta promised to fulfill his pledges.

“I want to thank everyone who helped me win today. I also want to thank voters for their faith in my capacity to lead the region. My promise to the football fraternity is that what promised during our campaign will be fulfilled.

“To my colleagues, who lost every race has a winner and a loser. It’s unfortunate you are on the other side today. I will continue working with everyone. Football is not about enemies,” he said. Losing candidates, Hokonya and Ntonga congratulated Chapeta.

“I will not begrudge him, he deserved this victory as he worked for it. To him I want to say, congratulations. To the region I will continue helping in the way I can,” Hokonya said.

“He (Chipeta) won the race today and I want to say congratulations to him,” Ntonga said.

Chapeta promised the electorate that he has sourced sponsorship for the region and if the pledge comes to fruition it will be a monumental achievement for the administrator.

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  2. Charles Manyaya

    well done comrade Chapeta

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