Breaking: Zuma ‘breached’ constitution

South Africa’s highest court has ruled that President Jacob Zuma violated the constitution when he failed to repay some of the government money used to upgrade his private home.


This was the pronouncement on Thursday by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng‚ delivering the Constitutional Court’s unanimous judgment in the Nkandla case.


The homestead of President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla.
The homestead of President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla.

Mogoeng said the president failed in his constitutional obligation when he failed to assist the public protector by complying with her report.

Zuma should have approached the Constitutional Court if he believed that he should not abide by the public protector’s report.

He was not in the position to simply ignore public protector Thuli Madonsela’s findings and should also not have decided to have the issue investigated by police minister Nathi Nhleko.

Madonsela found in her report in 2014 that some features included in the R246-million security upgrades to Zuma’s Nkandla residence in KwaZulu-Natal were not security features. These included a cattle kraal‚ chicken run‚ visitors’ centre and pool.

The judgment continues.

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  1. Hats off to the South African judiciary and Thuli Madonsela, the public protector. Can you imagine our courts bringing the president to account?

    1. Aye! We only have ourselves to blame on this score. We are the ones that bestowed upon him executive powers did we not?

  2. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Ah! of course,that is unheard of in Zim,you have even the President issuing threats against the Courts.In fact,most of Zanu pf chefs don’t respect the judiciary,a critical arm of government mandated to protect the Constitution and liberties of citizens.

    1. You are dead right and contrary to the hype that surrounded the case the ANC may have stolen everyone’s thunder with their response to the judgment. You have to give it to that Montashe of theirs..that is what a party manager should do. This is understandable, Montashe does not work for government he works full time for the ANC. As party manager he acquitted himself rather well in the press conference. To save the ANC perhaps the president might NEED to resign otherwise he has become an even bigger liability after this judgment but then Zuma has been doing this dance forever..He probably will survive this but whether the ANC will is another matter! At the end of the day ammunition has been given to the EFF as it was their application that caused this. With tact and better judgment the EFF can build on this BUTnot by continuously bashing Zuma who is on the floor at the moment. There are some unsavory names given to those who kick opponents when they are down..I think the EFF should just drink in their victory in silence after demanding as they should that Zuma step down. This way they leave the ANC to stew in this filth for a change. If anything they should be kicking their DA colleagues as a half-time diversion..the local elections are upon them! This way they appear like people who are seized with matters constitutional not personal…No need for them to shout the constitutional court has done this for them…They should not spoil this by adding too much spice and salt to the relish!


  4. Grace and Robert can do whatever they want in Zim, they are the one centre of power.

    1. The one center of power relates only to the party and Zimbabwe as a constitutional democracy has three centers of power namely the Parliament, the judiciary and the executive, anything to the contrary is therefore unconstitutional or illegal.

  5. Innocent Guzha

    Hats off to South Africa for public funds are really protected. In Zim its the other way coz public officials have unlimited access to public funds and are not questioned coz they died for this country.

  6. kkkkkkkk. Cry my beloved country Zimbabwe. When such things happen in SOUTH AFRICA you would WISH, if only they happened in Zimbabwe. Mugabe and his cronies would have been made to return the countless public funds they have [and still are] diverting to personal use. They are indeed all above the law. Should we really call the South Africans to come and make right the appalling Zimbabwean situation??? Respectable War Veterans PLEASE HELP put right our situation. Have courage to Condemn what is wrong. You should have listened to the Former Cosatu General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi as he spoke against the evil Zuma did. Thumbs up to the South African Public Protector. In Zimbabwe we cry, “Who will protect us?”. The army does not, the secret service does not, the police does not, the court does not, we are truly on our own. BUT MUGABE AND HIS CRONIES CAN protect you, FOR THEY ALONE ARE ABOVE THE LAW.

  7. Well done Concourt, EFF,DA and Public Protector. These are the checks and balances needed in a constitutional democracy. With such strong institutions South Africa will avoid Mugabe type of dictatorship. This is good for South African democracy. This is what is missing in Zimbabwe . In RSA the Executive arm of govt is being held to account. In Zimbabwe the Executive is not held to account and do as they please. The Executive in Zimbabwe stole $15 b worth of diamonds and nobody is holding them to account for this theft.

  8. R246million just for security updates?? some countries are stinky RICH!!!!!!

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  10. Yaa. Tok of 15billion disappearing in an economy worth 7billion and a president stl stands chanting rubbish.
    Where is the so.called intelligenc?.
    Some1 is sleeping on the job..

  11. zvinehasha wena.

  12. Zvenhando izvo hamunakana humbowo one kungo humana

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