Video: I am ready to fight Zanu PF –Joice Mujuru


People First president, Joice Mujuru has today declared she was ready to fight an unjust system.

By John Mokwetsi, Online editor


Speaking at her first press conference since her ouster from government and Zanu PF last year, the former Vice President, who was flanked by Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo said: “I was once a part of Zanu PF, but our new party People First is completely a new entity with new values and followers. Our desire is to transform and build.”

Mujuru added that she has been reading a lot about an opposition coalition, but insisted she was yet to meet MDC-T president, Morgan Tsvangirai.

She said PF was ready to work with anyone who shared a similar vision with them and would engage any country even those perceived to be hostile to Zimbabwe without putting to the alter the country’s values.

She said PF has people-centred power, and that although she has only known one political party since joining the liberation struggle, she would never return to Zanu PF.

The presser was attended by former Manicaland Zanu PF provincial chairman John Shumba Mvundura, ex-deputy information minister Bright Matonga, former MDC-T Harare councillor Friday Mleya, ex-minister Sylvester Nguni, former Masvingo provincial minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Colonel Claudius Makova.

Mujuru later addressed scores of supporters outside the hotel who braved the rains and reiterated that she was ready to fight the unjust system under the values of PF.

She urged her supporters to work hard to peacefully wrest power from President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF in the 2018 general elections.

Details to follow…


  1. you know quite well that zanu employs carrots and sticks tactics to woo voters. were are you going to get mandimba to go out terrorising people and the mealie meal to entice voters zvamangamajaira kuzanu? she even doesn’t want to get very far from zanu pf, and hence zpf. ndomachira chete aya hapana munhu.

  2. Metarmophosis is the tactic being used by Mai Mujuru. The people want justice first(Justice First) for the People. Establish a Truth and Reconciliation platform. Confess your sins and retire from politics.

  3. Pliz let this woman tackle this monster the way she sees best,and she needs our support.Matotanga kusvora zvisati zvadii.Everyone was Zanu Pf in this country.Saka kana wabuda muZanu Pf hauchatanga zvako here?Don’t blame her coz the head coach has the final say.Gushungo is the head coach.

  4. this is bullshit…you suddenly see the light nekuti makamhanyiswa kuzanu kwenyu ikoko.. dont take the people for a ride.. I dont think anyone in their right mind should be supporting this woman!!

  5. Mai mujuru imbavha. Dambudziko riri munyika muno nderekuba. Kuba mari yenyika yose. Kuba. Kubira vanhu mari. Kwete zvemaparty izvi. Mai Mujuru, “Where is our money?”

    • Chiyangwa now want money from people that he did not work for. If he is fired from Zanu he will also say People First. bull shit

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  7. Muchasara mega musinga supporte amai mujuru. Right now we have no better option no one is really stepping up to challenge RG except her. Tsvangirai has sinked into oblivion we no longer have hope in Tsvangirai and his M.D.C. He failed to win the presudential sit but what’s worse is that of his members of parliament very few of them are doing anything in their constituences they are very ineffective and haven’t delivered on any of their promises to the people thy represent. They are busy enjoyimg the cars they get as and forgeting why in the first place they were put in government. People first is a new party that is re igniting hope in our people. Once more we can believe once more we can hope for a better zimbabwe and a prosperous nation. Let’s wait and hear what these guys have to offer first befor dismissing them.
    Pamberi ne people first

    • that you own opinion ,we would rather have a goat instead .you can not have change by simply bringing back the very people that were responsible for the rot that we now have in gvt and country,mai mujuru has not been in gvt for only a year,yet the problems we have are those that have been there since she was cabinet minister and vp some 30years,didymus ,butau ,nguni,mavuya,and company included nothing is new ,when did she ever voice otherwise.we struggled in 2008 her husband ,gono ,mutasa and company where chief in black market dealings,was she not in her yourself and let not your blindness lead the nation to a zanu pf turn coat,same faces ,same systems.this lot was the most corrupt

    • tsvanirai failed to win because of a rigging system were mai mujuru was second in power , so she has stolen our votes before and now you want us to blindly give our vote to her… what for? she has been at the helm of a sinking ship and has not done anything to convince the ordinary zimbabwean that she is a good leader except the blind followers ofcourse…….

  8. These comments wont count as votes neither are they campaign materials. Go out there and shout your Anti Mujuru or Pro Mujuru you keyboard politicians.

  9. support you 100%, if you can get get rid of these clowns that have stuffed this country up for 36 years! 100% support

  10. same zanu pf style and chief thieves that we have seen for ages,mutasa,butau and company .i dont think we should usher the same faces back into gvt,the very same gvt that they failed to deliver in.i think if this woman cared for this country having been in cabinet for 24yrs and being vp she should just not aim for the same position otherwise she is appearing very selfish and self centered what can she do now which she failed to achieve as minister or Vp .she is the same woman that fought to have econet not licenced in 1997.manifesto is nothing we have seen corruption ,looting and gross maladministrationby this gvt under her watch,to turn and claim iam new is but only acceptable in a winky D song as”” habrakadbra zanu pf disappear!!!!!!! ini nda people first iam happy ndisiye,happy happy ..isu toti uri zanu pf you fought hard to retain ” PF” because you are still zanu pf

  11. I believe in people who can stand. The woman has stood up and is walking. Thumbs up. These are the people who can turn our lot round. Zvinoita amai

  12. People of Zimbabwe if we dont strategise we can never make it. I know what Mai Mujuru has done and nyaya dzisingapere but if God gave u a second chance after we sin i think a million times i think she deserves that chance also. I am for People First i believe we need a new political wheel to oust the old government and i feel MDC cannot do it they have failed. They even went for the elections 2013 without the voters roll iwo vaiziva kuti vakuzobiridzirwa but they went into e elections and they got humiliated. Mai Mujuru People First i’m for it.

  13. my problem is these people have formed a party because they have personal scores to settle with zanu pf and not because they have the wishes of the people at heart or neither have they changed from their unending desire to rule for life …………

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